MICHAEL BROWNE: ‘I am a sinner but I am praying man’


Michael Browne speaks for the first time since being found not guilty.

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    • You is God mouthpiece? Do you know or understand the will of God for another man’s life?
      Has god given you a mandate to determine what another man’s portion is?
      Have you checked yourself lately?
      Shut you airhole and let the man praise the Lord if he so desires.
      The Lord showers the rain on the just and the unjust, who are you to judge another man’s shortcomings?

      • Hey Quann, so I guess, by the same token, the people involved in the bus situation are praying people too, right?? So why is there not the same sentiment shared? Why an appeal? Give me an aspirin.

  1. Hon.Michael Browne..You’re a Christian Person.Our prayers work. Hon.Gaston Browne should Reinstate in EDUCATION. You have done a good job and will continue to do so. We are ready to campaign for 2023.

    • Thank you Father that you are not like man. You are love and merciful. You alone are God.

      “And David said unto Gad, “I am in a great strait. Let us fall now into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are great; and let me not fall into the hand of man.”

  2. Not saying he is innocent or guilty, however that is the system we live under. Someone can have a strong legal team that put forward a good case and even on technicalities get them off the hook. We also know in Antigua the police and the DPP always screw op cases. Saw how they were operating like headless children’s trying to change charges in the middle of the three bus trial.

  3. I hope that he also prayed for costing the country millions, for ebooks that is worthless during the pandemic school lockdown. The same ebooks that people are using as door shopper’s

    • You want them to use Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS as a maypole? And the Can’t Park as a ratta condominium or the Wadadli Power Can’t as a trampoline?? “The engines are NEW, the engines are NEW. Ring the alarm the engines are NEW” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Taxpayers money well spent eh? Blood in hotel lobby press conference part II?

      • Smh, you act like a dam pot spoon, dipping your beak in everything. You even come on here with multiple pseudonym to chat crap.
        Are you a real human or a bot? No real human can be yapping in every comment, every day like you,unless they don’t have a life and have no work to do.

  4. Careful. Woe comes suddenly. If you did the crime the Lords judgment will come swiftly. If you didn’t then you have been set free.

  5. @Mel. The very words you wrote also applies to you and your family, so YOU be careful of any secret sins 😉

  6. *I’m a sinner…. blah blah blah ” Just a worthless confession of sins committed and those that he will continue to commit. The hypocrisy and arrogance continue. Sounds like something out of a Jerry Falwell re-run. Chuptz!

  7. The spike in consumer prices that left inflation at a four-decade high of 6.8% in November prompted the Federal Reserve to dramatically shift its approach as it eyes earlier and faster interest rate hikes.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock!
      “The value of etymology, that is, the origin of terms and words is in the proper identification and location of concepts. The Afrocentrist seeks to demonstrate clarity by exposing dislocations, disorientations and decenteredness. One of the simplest ways of accessing textural clarity is through etymology.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change!

      Having been found innocent of all charges levelled against him and having completed the Privately Funded Child Care and Health Centre, Mr Michael Browne should show the Political Directorate how important Chronology is as important as location and how closely is the intersection and analysis of those two aspects to a proper understanding of the history, socio-cultural personality of the constituency!

      APUA is crying out for a Strategic Plan with input from All Stakeholders, Total Transformation of its Structure, Systems, Policies and Operating Procedures and an All Encompassing Change Management of Personnel and Skills!

      MP Browne, you only get one shot before the next Election!

      Mr. Michael Browne, as the Representative from the Center, it is a fact of Nature that all relationships are based on centers and margins and the distances from either the center or the margins. APUA is at the center of … History has made you Central and centered you as a true agent, actor, and Champion with the political and foundation financial planning, creation and implementation of the economic and educational experience! From your Central perch of the Saints, Let Friends and Foes alike know you will settle for none other than APUA! Let All who have ears to hear and eyes to see that you see that as a fundamental necessity for advancing the political, economic socio-cultural, technological, legal and environmental process. As the Ancestors taught, from the rich clays of your birth, “Work The Pestle in The Mortar!

      Oh Gad! You have the Capacity to Work The Metaphors! Go Get ’em like da mastah blastah!

      “Neither stubborn courage not fine slogans are enough.” – Dr. Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

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