Michael Browne found NOT guilty

Former Education Minister Michael Browne

Former Education Minister Michael Browne has been found not guilty of a serious offence.

The judgement was handed down moments ago in Court by Judge Colin Williams.

Browne has maintained his innocence. His bail conditions have now been lifted.

The Not Guilty verdict paves the way for Browne to contest the All Saints West seat in the next general election although a final decision has not been taken as to the candidate.

Browne was charged back in November 2020 with a serious criminal offense – which cannot be disclosed for legal reasons – and gave sworn evidence to the court last Monday.

The offense is said to have been committed one month prior to the charges being laid.

Following his charge Browne was removed as Education Minister.

More details will be provided later.

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    • The comrade is free at last. Thank God Almighty. Free at last! Forward Ever. Backward Never. His Truth is marking on.

      • The “Comrade”? Are you a forking communist there? There is nothing like a Maurice Bishop defenestration to make you be aware that the western world don’t do “comrade”… babe.

        Still, it should be troubling to anyone who has lived with the origins of Magna Carta, law and open courts that the man has kept it all on the down low. British Law demands openess. Only Red CHina opposes. well, and TUrkey.., Iran, …never mind. I digress

        • Mike, where in the world are you from anyway. Apparently NOT Antigua. EVERY member of the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party, since athe revolution of 1939,addresses one another as “Comrade”. This term is deeply rooted in the labour movement, and was and is a common form of address, since the Antigua Labour movement was founded by Black Democrat Socialists and Social Democrat labourits. The Prime Minster of Antigua and BarbudA even uses this term. Educate yourself. This is NOT Trump country, and the memory of Maurice Bishop and Tim Hector are highly revered in this beautiful land.

  1. K@$% me now if you want me vote for him either way. Fling him on a board or something and done please.

    Also how di a@s his case got so expedited and others ah languish waiting, on bail but suffering through the slow process?

  2. Congratulations to you MP Michael Browne.
    God is great and he will always be on your side.
    As VC Bird does say ” The dogs will bark, but the wagon rolls on”………..
    Big up to you comrade Michael Browne.

  3. NOT GUILTY OF WHAT? What will the constituents of All Saints West make of this ‘REDACTED/INVISIBLE’ court case?

    If any politician puts themselves up for public office, I want to know everything about them – good, bad or indifferent.


  4. Congrats brethen, get your armour and sword ready it’s election time. Let’s go and kick some more.upo a**.no doubt this experience has made you stronger

  5. Congratulations. The man was found NOT guilty. Time to reinstate the comrade to Cabinet. Whether we like it or not, or disagree or agreed, the judicial system works. I’m sure the “bus people” will agree. What a country!

  6. Women out here dumb enough to put “god” into this bullshit. Y’all too dumb to use discernment outside of religion. What if he did indeed commit the act? You’re thanking god that he got away? To hell with Michael Browne.

    • Chups, it looks like you could use a good salvation experience. Time to get cleaned up. Watch your language, please. Sheesh!!! The man was found NOT guilty. There was lots of tesimony but nothing that stuck. He’s free.

  7. How Gaston and Daryll feel lol..smh y’all wicked!
    Karma for she, and u two!

  8. Praise the Lord!!!! 🙏🏿
    Continue to trust in the God of your childhood. Let this be a lesson that “the arm of flesh will fail you, ye dare not trust your own”

  9. D. Gisel Isaac get quarter million dollars the system works. UPP trio get away with the stripper pole bus the system works. Michael Brown found NOT GUILTY the system don’t work the system corrupt only the poor man goes to jail blah blah blah guess the system only works for UPP elites.

    • Come on dude, Michael Browne is NOT one of the UPP “elites”. Justice has been done, right across political lines.

      • My point is when the verdict came out in the bus case and D. Giselle Isaac case it was justice and the system was right now in the case of Michael Browne the system is suddenly corrupt and it only works agniat the poor man. Hence why I said the system only works for UPP elites.

  10. Now Michael is back, like Winston Williams and Nambabumbu Adams , Lamin Newton you will be the next butler. Well if I start naming the about of UPP chameleon I will not have enough space to write , right Ever green and Spliff .

  11. I wonder is the DPP will appeal this ruling? I doubt it because he will not be getting a dog whistle from rumshop radio next Saturday.

  12. Lamin ALP do not allow challenges to the incumbent. UPP stood by you after you made your self an jackass at multipurpose. You had the perfect opportunity to make further gain on Michael Browne but you are nothing but a flight by night opportunist.

  13. Well serpent would have wasted the Bow tie Money as he was planning on going court to jeer the Minister!!!!! Life full a twist and turns.. Hush you mouth!!! You just never know even more so when you have children. You just never know!!!!
    He had his day in court now move on!!!! Michael neither do I condemn you go and sin no more. Stay humble brother man!!!

  14. They tried to bury you; they didn’t realize you’re a seed.
    All the best moving forward “in ALL the ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path”

  15. All thanks and praise due to the Most High God, Creator of heaven and earth who neither slumbers nor sleep.

    “Plead my cause, O Lord, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.” Psalm 35:1


  16. FREE at last ….FREE at last. Now All Saints West We are ready. Michael Browne the Brightest Politician in Antigua. Blessings

    • no! He has an OVERWHELMING SUPPORT BASE in All Saints West. Not having to fulfill Ministry duties gave him MORE TIME TO LOOK ABOUT HIS PEOPLE!!! He is very much LOVED and RESPECTED by his constituents. He would definitely WIN HIS SEAT if he chooses to run again.

      • Yes, Comrade Michael will win big time. His support base is growing and growing. He remains very popular with the people. Welcome back. He innocent, and he free!!!!! Justice has been done.

  17. What of the accuser? How is she handling the court’s decision? Can she afford to appeal?

    This is Justice for whom? We have a twisted society.
    Why was he accused by the young one? Surely there must be some history…..

    I saw a string of what’s app messages between another parliamentarian and a female and it was disgusting…..These male parliamentarians are nasty, the public knows it, and conveniently support the nastiness.

    Our parliamentariansis a reflection of the society.


    • If you knew the REPUTATION and CHARACTER of the áccused´, you wouldnt ask those questions. But carry on …..

    • Where is the proof of that? Had she been so violated why not go to the police right away? Why wait so long to report the matter? There are so many stories about this case. Is it true she was extorting him and her demands were so high he told her she was being ridiculous?

    • @Cool Ruler. Oh please! I guess you don’t live in Antigua or know of the “poor woman” REPUTATION and CHARACTER. Hope when your baby momma banns you from seeing your kids, you won’t cry foul

  18. A very serious crime. Likewise claiming….when the other party is innocent is a very serious crime. So in most cases where their is lack of convincing evidence, the outcome of the case depends on who is considered more credible. I will suggest to anyone who has been raped to seek immediate medical attention and engage a lawyer immediately. That way there may be some physical evidence. When you scratch a person deep enough, do you know that DNA evidence is left under the fingernails. Of course at a time of heated passion, DNA evidence can also be left under the finger nails and otherwise. If you are raped, you shouldn’t wait days to report it to the police.
    The change should not be levelled lightly, as it leaves a stain on both the accused and accuser.
    We don’t know what really happened and the learned judge has decided. That is why we have judges to adjudicate. The case is over so move on. Unless the DPP appeals.

    • Why was your comment published? It said serious charges that cannot be named, so why did the Editors publish your comment given its implications?

  19. No judge can rule over a case like that. The matter was between Micheal the woman and God. So let God be the final judge. And soon…Very soon…The Lord God Almighty will judge. Whoever is found guilty will be suddenly cut off. REMEMBER THIS POST!!

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