Men knocked unconscious after accident


Two men are being treated in the hospital after a serious accident in Bolans.

They were unconscious when Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene.

The crash occurred in Bolans close to t the old Radio Lighthouse.

According to reports, the injuries appeared serious enough to be deemed life-threatening.

The men were injured after the cars collided head-on.

More details later

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  1. I bet these are two men who like to say “woman can’t drive” eh? I bet statistics will show that the majority of road accidents/fatalities involve MALE drivers. No amount of warning and other motorist dying will deter some people from driving recklessly. As granny does say “who nah hear will feel see dardee”

  2. 1. Better road conditions
    2. Better road signs
    3. Better road markings USING THE PROPER PAINT
    4. Better / more street lights
    5. More policing
    6. Rougher penalties

    Just starting what I see as lacking

    • How about:
      1 common sense driving,
      2 cautious driving,
      3 driving with the 40 mph speed limit
      4 patience
      Just stating what I see is lacking.
      All the things you mention will result in more accidents.

      • I agree with both of u but towards Tony the end statement about causing more accidents basically means that you are saying Antiguans are too stupid to have batter road conditions because all that will result in is more accidents……So lets have the pot holes and so on to keep the drivers driving slow……..SMH Small Island Small Minds……

      • I think bad roads attribute to most of the cases of “loosing control”
        Just saying. Even last night the accident with the police vehicle. Hitting a pothole and crashing. Providing all officers were unharmed. I am actually happy this happened. And it needs to happen to more vehicles on closer ties to govt fleet.

        This will show them that the roads needs to be fixed the plight of the lil man, if not heard by govt should be felt by govt.

        (I pray no one is injured )

    • @Wadadli Man – if the roads are so bad then why not take your time and drive carefully on them?? Put the responsibility where it belongs – the driver!!

      @Tony – exactly!!!!

      • How does driving 40mph on a good piece of road feels for the driver behind you or infront of u. When they suddenly slows to dip a pothole and someone blinks ? Not so much the wreckles driving it not paying attention, but the panic. Omg the panic. The poor newbie driver or the old woman or the seasoned driver who has never had the situation. Think about the rapid heart beat. The adrinaline. What if they catch a heart attack. Why wait till it happen. We all pay taxes and we all cray taxes high. Why not cry we need better roads.

    • So based on your opinion, it can be concluded that:

      (1) women are smarter
      (2) males are too easily distracted by the opposite sex?

    • Agree 100000% .Drivers already have potholes and other drivers to look out for. Pedestrians should take caution and stay on the safe side of this mess.

      After all mi Neva see a car Pon hospital bed. A fined or jailed driver or insurance money not worth ya injures or even your life.

  3. After reading the heading line I thought the drivers had a fight after the accident and one got knocked out. LOL these head lines can be so misleading…..

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