Men in Vitz rob fish market vendors

Two armed men reportedly made off with money and other valuables after robbing vendors at the public fish market around 6 am on Tuesday.
According to reports, the men drove to the market in a Toyota Vitz vehicle, which had two different licence plates.
At least one of the men reportedly discharged his gun as a vendor tried to escape with her purse.
There were no reports of injuries.
Police are investigating.


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  1. Situations is out of control….500 ec for not wearing a mask, harassment right and left for the CRAPPY PROTOCOLS…people are struggling in their daily living life and now this???where are Mr moustache and his framboilant C.O.P??? untill when this scumbags of society turning their heads into them…their will understand if it’s was chewing gum the goat was chewing all the time

    • Where were all these gun men when people were being tear gassed
      Where are the police when there is real criminal activities that needs their bad and boogie attitudes?

      Police only have strong for anti-vaxers and people not wearing masks or they can only find the ganja but to solve real crimes they stay in their stations shitting their diapers

    • You have no idea whether these people were native Antiguans or not.

      So ridiculous to continuously read nonsensical comments like this about other Caribbean islanders as if Antiguans are morally superior or something.

      • I most certainly do. 10 to 1 it’s a foreigner, and yes, we are. That’s why they’re here and not in Jamaica or Guyana or the DR or Lebanon.

    • Sound like a real raw sole bout foreign criminals 🙄 Antiguans no commit crimes? How many of them in prison for murder and gun crimes? Look carefully in your yard

  2. West Bus Station is akin to travelling New York’s subway transit, you can get robbed, stabbed or killed, maybe even mauled by stray dogs. Yesterday, a little after 5 am a vagrant experiencing a decompensation episode was hurling glass bottles in the terminal, no police presence, anything goes.

  3. Lock these damn fools up before somebody just beats the living hell out of ’em. The people will not continue to put up with this.

    • I just came to say that it’s not surprising they were in a Vitz when 80% of the cars on the road in Antigua are Vitz’s

    • The police that are posted there are only interested in one type of fish and it’s not sold at the fish market, its the type that takes the bus, Foolie Fish.

    • The UK has to deport plane loads of Jamaicans every few months. Never had that problem with Antiguans or people from the Leewards. Jamaicans give WI a bad name everywhere they go.

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