Men Fined For Robbery With Fake Gun


A 21-year-old man was fined a total of $700 for his role in a robbery in 2017.

Patrice Christian pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery in the High Court yesterday.

Christian was 18 years-old when he and his uncle, Wadabe Roberts robbed two people while being armed with an imitation firearm.

The men stole a Samsung cellphone and over $300 cash during the incident.

At the sentencing hearing, Christian’s lawyer said his client had a difficult upbringing with an absentee father and a mother who suffered from a mental condition.

The lawyer blamed Roberts for failing to set a good example for his nephew.

On the charge relating to the stolen cash, Christian was fined $200 or two months in prison.

On the second count, relating to the cellphone, he was ordered to pay $500 cash or spend three months in prison.

After assessing the defendant’s financial situation, the judge gave him until the end of October to pay the fines.

Roberts, who pleaded to the same charges on an earlier occasion, was fined a total of $1500 and ordered to pay $500 compensation.

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  1. There should be no sympathy for people that does these types of crime, fined and confined should be the result

  2. Young man, I hope you SEEK HELP in order to turn your life around. You are 21 years old with your life ahead of you. Please try to engage in PRODUCTIVE, LEGAL behaviour. Do NOT go any further down that road you’re on. Please jack. me a beg you hard.

  3. So these guys one 18 use a weapon and Rob someone admitted to it and was fined?

    An 18 man broke into a house, no one was home stole some items admitted to it, items recovered and was sent to prison for 36 months.

    By the way 36 months is half the time a man got in prison for taking the life of man.

    The justice system is screwed up…..

  4. Fathers please do your best to bring up your male children right. Too much of our male children are becoming criminals at an early age.

  5. Why did man did not get a custodial sentence?He was involved in a robbery with a fake gun.How would those robbed knew the gun was fake.Persons seems to be doing a whole lot of bad stuff in Antigua.Only to be released with time served of a fine and be left to walk the streets of Antigua.

  6. Maybe if some of these old ass public servants, who are due for retirement, would vacate the darn spots, instead of begging for additional two years every time to do God-knows-what, then space would be made available to hire young people before the frustration leads them to steal.

    Government is paying Board members and Consultants, who are way over 60 years of age, $5,000 and up just to keep their “friends” hired. They not even as much as advise or consult a fly, nor show up for duty for months on end. That could be two young people’s salary right there.

    This is the type of nonesense happening in societies, then these old buzzards claim young people do not want no work to do. Move your old asses out of the way to make way for young people to be trained and hired.

    Do not get me wrong, not saying their deviant actions or behaviours are correct, but food for thought.

  7. Oh gad, man. What is wrong with our Judiciary? Real gun vs fake gun… it matters not. The weapon produced the same amount of FEAR and TRAUMA to the victim. It’s the same as using a real gun without bullets. Their intent was to rob someone, using the threat of DEATH for forcible compulsion. Where did these men study law? There are so many cases where robbers, using fake guns, ended up getting REAL long sentences.
    LAWD? When will justice in Antigua become real?

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