MEMO: Proof of vaccination or negative PCR test required for practical driving exam


All Approved Driving Instructors (ADI)

In light of the recent Covid – 19 situation and the government policies in force, the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board is taking the necessary steps to ensure that all protocols are followed.

This will enable the safety of all stakeholders Listed below are the following policies for Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), accompanying drivers and prospective candidates, effective Monday 29 September, 2021

• Candidates booking practical exams are required to submit proof of vaccination

• Candidates who are unvaccinated because of medical issues are required to produce a medical certificate approved by the Chief Medical Officer Office (CMO) along with negative Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR).

• Other unvaccinated candidates must present a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) before the practical exam

Candidates who do not present proof of vaccination or a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR), will not be taken on the practical exam.

Please be guided accordingly.



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  1. Mr. Jarvis, stop letting politicians make you look like a fool.

    In which world do you reasonably believe one have to be vaccinated to take a driver’s license test?

    Did you even read the latest regulations?

    Stop making yourself look like a r**s.

      • Proof of VACCINATION does not mean you DON’T have the VIRUS….so actually, you’re the RASS! Fair enough what? I see the vaccine has demolished your brain cells…poor thing. Definitely won’t take it now cause a common side effects seem to be stupidity.

        • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so easy you corn get mash??? Relax kid. When you become an adult, there is a thing called responsibility. You are part of a community and your mommy and daddy dropped the ball in letting you know that the world doesn’t revolve around you. You have to respect others little one.

          -proof of vaccination
          – negative covid test

          You can’t have your cake and eat it too (like you did at your 5th birthday party). Mommy and daddy ought to teach you that choices have consequences. I know consequences is a big word for your little young brain, but with time (hopefully) you will understand its meaning. But real quick example – if u continue to stuff your face with too much cake, you will get fat overtime. Trying to break it down for you so that it doesn’t fly over your little young brain. So we adults can choose to get vaccinated or present a negative covid test if we want to take the driver’s test so that we can transport you little ones. Go do your homework now little one!

          • Lmfaooo you’re hilarious. But to those who have COMMON sense would know proof of VACCINATION is not reliable neither is the pcr test. Vaccinated people are more like to catch covid and a lot of VACCINATED people are dying of covid because their immune system is so weak. I dont know where mommy and daddy and community comes in to what facts in saying but okay😂😂😂 and once again you proved that a common side effect of the vaccine IS stupidity. So how about you go do your homework and research since you’re clearly lack knowledge. My point that your underdeveloped brain couldn’t process before is that simply everyone should have to bring a test when it comes to that cause if it was really about covid, they would test vaccinated because they can still CATCH AND TRANSMIT IT. Do you comprehend? Or did the vaccine damage too much of your brain cells?🤔

  2. Smfh. Little by little he’s taking everything away knowing damn well pcr test will say positive so bottom line is just get vaccinated. it’s time for Antigua to protest and riot over this mandate just like a lot of places that are realizing that this is no longer about covid but abuse of power. That same vaccinated person can give the driving instructor covid so this is BULLSHIT. Why the vaccinated dont have to bring pcr test too? When it’s PROVEN that they can still catch and transmit the virus? This is simply a way to divide people. Vaccinated or not this has to end. Vaccinated or not, everyone should be able to know when enough is enough. Simple rights are being taken away and for what? BECAUSE I refuse to take an experimental drug that failed and still fails to fulfill its duty? Nonsense. And to you vaccinated individuals who get a good laugh from the government doing this, you’re just as bad as the beast himself. But one day the tables will turn so have your laugh while you still can but just be prepared for what comes next.

  3. Soon and very soon we will have to be vaccinated to :-
    *go to the beach when it is open
    * go from one community or vil-
    lage to another.

  4. And the so called “educated” people in this country still refuse to see this for what it truly is. It ain’t about no damn invisible virus, it’s about a vaccine. A vaccine that doesn’t provide immunity (of course not) but everybody needs to take it so we can achieve herd immu… I mean stupidity. Then after you take it and think you’re better of than those who didn’t take it because you still have your job, you’re told you have to take second, third and booster shots galore no matter what your side effects were to keep that job or else you’re back to square one with no job, a lot of jabs, a messed up immune system and all sorts of complications.

    • And who knows? Maybe the variant is in the vaccine or maybe the vaccine is the variant. After they start to inject people with this poison is when we start to hear about variant. Give me a break!

      • finaally 2 ppl who has enough commonsense and eyes to see what this is really about. for over 2 yrs myself and others like me have been bashed being called conspiracy theorsits and spreading false information.

        all those who dont believe will fall into the trap of being slaves to the system and also the famine thats coming.
        the food shortage that is coming started when the prices of things started to go up.

        the ppl better heed the warnings and start to prepare

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