Members Of A Yacht Fined For Hosting Barbecue


The captain and crew of a yacht docked at Falmouth Marina were each fined $2500 for participating in a barbecue over the weekend.

Vessel Captain Barnaby Depledge, First Mate William Gibbon, and crew members Hayley Lawrence, Hannah Goldsmith and Martin Dunston were charged with failing to comply with the 24-hour mandatory curfew and the ban against social distancing.

All the defendants pleaded guilty to both charges in the All Saints Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

They said they were having the barbecue on the dock outside their yacht, which is where they usually have their dinner.

However, the defendants said the gathering ballooned out of control when crew members from nearby vessels came over.

Police, responding to a report, arrived on the scene just after 12:00 am on Saturday.

The Magistrate agreed with the defense council, who argued the dock can be considered part of the dwelling space for the occupants of the vessel.

The defendants were therefore reprimanded and discharged on the charge of failing to comply with the mandatory curfew.

However, for failing to comply with the ban on social gatherings, they were each ordered to pay $2500 in seven days or face three months in prison.

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  1. Oh so they aren’t demanded to the defense force ??? Or prison like the black folks ?? They have 7 days to come up with the money ???? Asking for a friend

      • So what about the folks from Prickly Bay? Mr commiss this one is in your court and will not go away.

    • How is that different than the people that have had a week (in a couple of case a couple weeks-see the church violators story for reference)? And if they don’t come up with the money, they will go to prison. And I ask, how is this different than the other ban violators that only had a fine of $1000???? Some folks just want to turn everything into a damn race issue.

  2. Antiguans who break the rules are charged $5000.00and some sent to prison for three months, but i guest the penalties for the elite is totally different,SMH,poor people never get a break.

    • This is such a pot stirring comment. I’ve seen a few articles that have listed the fines are $1000 for some (especially first time offenders) and have seen charges listed at $5000. As for the three months, it says right in the article that they have a week to pay or will be jailed. So they are first time offenders whose fines were set at MORE than the $1000 minimum that have been on several news articles. How does their $2500 fine add up to them being “elite”????? It seems pretty friggin fair to me.

  3. They should pay the same penalties as locals this clearly shows the discrimination against Antiguans an barbudans! The justice system sees locals less than animals, an looks up at the white man as superior!

    • They ARE paying the same as locals! Do your homework and get the facts before you make reckless comments like this! The only people discriminating are you and your cronies here in the comments!

  4. I don’t understand why ppl are being hounded charged and jailed for these infractions.. I don’t see this level of law enforcement for even murder and rape… Why all of a sudden ppl are endangering the lives of others when they are on a private dock…in a church…at the beach driving alone in their car ….but it’s ok doing it in a supermarket and at the banks and service providers every freaking day…🙄🙄🙄 can’t be constitutional and should be challenged!!!

    • First off, it IS potential murder. If someone is being reckless (such as the people that have been violating quarantine and/or curfew) are out in public and transmit the virus to an elderly person or immunocompromised person and that person dies…. as far as I’m concerned, that is reckless disregard for human life and has earned a murder charge. As for not seeing the same action for murder and rape…. you have every right to be upset about that. Seems that the issue shouldn’t be with the current action over coronavirus but the INACTION with other issues.

      Second, if people don’t want to be “hounded for being on a beach or going to church, then they should probably obey the law and stay home.

      Third, an emergency order by the government in order to protect citizens is absolutely constitutional and again, if they don’t want to be charged, they should stay home.

  5. You’ll Antiguans are so small minded and just like black people think everything is a race or economical class issue. They were on the dock of their boat and others came over. Yes they should not have allowed it to happen but how can you compare that to persons blatantly driving around for nothing or just to see if “police really doing their work” or having a mini party in a government building “just because”. Come on. I stood on my gallery in Cedar grove and watch the police and a vitz have a high speed chase in the village. This issue has nothing to do with poor black people or rich white people. I personally think, given the details in this article 2500 was enough as one of the charges had no weight (they were technically in their home).

  6. Peanuts to pay for yachties hanging in English Harbour. They should pay far more and be sent into the Atlantic to find another port. Crew are very well paid and couldn’t care less. Loathsome greedy behaviour.

    • But you love the income revenue that we bring to your island. You can’t have it both ways.

  7. So I guess y’all rather we have people dying by the thousands then a few selfish person paying a fine for expising others to danger?? OK got it.

  8. The elite and the white boys need to do some jail time. Time to “get those crazy baldheads outta my town.” Lock ’em up in 1735 so they will learn the laws of Antigua are for everybody, with equal treatment for all.

    • These guys and girls are not elitist they are hard working crew for the owners of the yachts. They spend their time scrubbing decks, polishing stainless steel and being good hosts to their owners and people who charter the yachts. When they go ashore in normal times they spend a load of money in restaurants and bars having fun and relaxing. This brings money into your economy. So darling try not to be quite so prejudiced. We are all humans of the same regardless of colour. The guys who were charged were sitting in the equivalent of their own back yard eating.

  9. They were eating dinner at 12 a.m.? These self entitled crew need to be fined to the full extent. They’re all elitist pigs who have walked all over the locals and care zero about the local rules. Throw them in jail is what I say

  10. U all didn’t even read the thing properly and u all done judging. It’s so sad, and shows how small minded ppl are. They were charged for only social distancing not for violating the curfew. Curfew part was drop.. please ppl read before u drop u disturbing comments

  11. Clearly these people got away with preferential treatmemt.. They should have been arrested and placed in confinement. The boat should have been impounded. And the crew at the first opportunity deported and banned from re entering the country indefinitely. We as a people need to come down hard on non nationals who come to Antigua and feel that their money somehow entitles them to exceptional treatment. Too many of these crews act as if they are somehow special. They way they carry on in English Harbour, the drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, their rude attitudes to locals is totally unacceptable and needs to come to an end. We need to put them in their place, They are guests and should act accordingly, if not then get the hell out.

  12. I believe the article doesn’t specify if the fine was charged in US or EC currency.
    Everybody get your facts straight before your so quick to judge other individuals actions or decisions.

  13. Why are you turning this into a race issue? These people were caught and given an appropriate fine. If anything, it proves the opposite of what you’re suggesting.
    At least 76 people have broken curfew, with punishments ranging from 1-6 months prison or fines from $1000-$5000. Do you think the person receiving 6 months prison was simply at a social gathering?? As Jane Doe mentioned above, at least one case involved a high speed chase with police! The punishment must fit the crime.
    Get your facts straight. Jumping to conclusions and your appalling comments reveal you’re as ignorant and racist as those you claim to be.

  14. As a yacht captain, it is very nice to lift up the skirts and see how locals really feel about us being in your country. I’m not currently there, but will remember these comments when we are considering our next Caribbean itinerary. “Elitist Pig”, “White Boys” !!

    I’m not condoning breaking the laws. But consider this- everyone is in lockdown. That means that all these crews are confined to small living quarters and must remain in the marina. So, what harm is it for them to associate with other people on the boat right next to them- in the same situation and in the same marina! Also consider that each of those crew members is stuck in Antigua, away from their families and friends. They didn’t sign up for this any more than you did. But you get to be home with your families!

    • Luckily not all locals think that way about the yachting community. Those are ignorant and jealous. If they only think about the impact of this community in Antigua they would realize someone in their family bring bread in the table because they have one of the many jobs related to yachting. There are plenty antiguans including me ready to welcome you back, keep safe captain.

    • Most of these boats are much bigger than the average Antiguan home. Yachties are guests and before you sail off to your next destination, the international rule of thumb is when in Rome do as the Romans do. Respect the country, its people and its government because it is not equipped to handle a pandemic and the vast majority of people can’t afford good healthcare like yachties can. PS. If you tried it in Newport your fines and public outcry would be worse.

    • Captains are ridiculously inept these days. English Harbor is over run with these self entitled yacht crew elite who are under the impression that the rules shouldn’t apply to them
      Like everyone else because they spend money. The captains are just bus drivers who either can’t control their crew or are in there with them. It’s pathetic

  15. Once again the Caucasoid continue to laugh at us….

    No remand to prison like the pastor, no maximum fine like precedence previously set, wow.

    And, how in the world can any lawyer convince a magistrate that a dock forms part of the boat. This is laughable. hahahahhahaha The dock is part of the boat digest that for a second people.

    The dock immediately next to the boat that is referred to can’t anyone access it at any time without consulting the boat captain?

    Now if I go on the dock next to one of these yachts and a rotted board gave way and I went through and seriously injured myself should I send the bill to the boat captain or the dock owner? Mr Pompey this one is for you……Since the dock can be considered as part of the boat, the boat captains must be responsible for maintaining their yard enough said.

  16. At the end of the day they broke the law (social distancing, curfew and ban on alcohol on good Friday). And really, is the back of the boat where they “usually have dinner” until 12am? Dock brai is occasional and not a card to play during a lock down. They know better…and it makes it difficult feeling sympathy for them.
    Worldwide thousand of ppl are losing or going to lose jobs and business due to the lock down. Every time we disrespect social distancing we lengthen the lock down and the struggle of all these people…yachties including.
    Many yachties are struggling right now…either got cut down or just waiting for ‘season’ to start to find a job. For the lucky yachties that are still employed during this pandemic, they have it in the best scenario possible: a wage, food and accommodation provided. Being away from family and living in small quater has always been part of the deal: lockdown or not and therefore should not be pitty for that.
    It’s not just about yachtie getting a slap on the hand. Everyone needs to drop their sense of entitlement, respect the law of the country they are in, grow up and see the big picture.

  17. Perhaps, the wise Antiguan Government should be concerned with real health threats, such as: Malaria, Zika, Hepatitis A-B-C-E, Dengue Fever, Encephalitis, Chikungunya, and Meningitis. Those ailments actually sicken, hospitalize, and kill many Antiguans and ‘whitey privileged tourists’. However, when one gives a sip of ‘power’ to despots, they crave more…

  18. I’m appalled at some of the comments here
    These “yachties” are employees and unfortunately are confined to a small environment, which does not belong them, but which they must treat with respect at all times. They have chosen, on this occasion to cook their dinner outside, rather than onboard whilst remaining in their quarantined group.
    The court had no issue with this.
    As A Captain said previously, if there is such hatred for an industry which brings in millions of dollars, and directly as well as indirectly employs thousands of Antiguans, don’t be surprised if they start to disappear to jurisdictions where they feel more welcome.

    Apologies on behalf of sailing professionals for those who may have tarnished our reputation

    • This attitude is pretty typical. “We spend money here so we can do what we want”. I say wrong answer mate. South African yachties have grown up in a culture of white privilage where bigotry, racism and elitism based on economic status is the norm. It’s inbred in them. It’s taught to them from birth. Why do you think they treat the locals like trash? They do this at every island in The Caribbean friends. They’ve ruined English Harbor with their drinking, their drugging, their rudeness and general ridiculous behavior. Maybe it’s time to throw the fox out of the hen house and take back control of the island

  19. I never realised what appalling racism existed in this country. I am here on my own yacht with my wife and we have respected all the rules. We are always polite , courteous and respectful to locals and go out of our way to use as many of the small businesses as we can to try and “do our bit” for the economy. We are not obliged to come here, there are plenty of other lovely places in the Caribbean that offer everything Antigua does. Sadly, from now on, they will be getting my business instead. This is the last time I will frequent these shores and I won’t be the only one I can assure you. This is one” elitist pig white boy” you won’t have to worry about again!

  20. My heavens there are some bitter and twisted souls leaving comments.

    What terrible resentment against people just because they come from a different place than us.

    I must always remember that resentment is the poison I take hoping it will kill the other person. Such hate and bile kills the soul.

  21. I am a white Antiguan and I glad to see that foreigners “the yachties” are seeing how black Antiguans are the most racist set of people in this region. Learn the lesson properly. That hatred also goes unfortunately for us white Antiguans also.

  22. Shocking to see how some local Antiguans feel about the yacht crew community.
    I surely feel a sense of reversed racism here – and frankly with that in mind, I will be speaking to
    the owner of the yacht I operate if we can consider St Maarten as a base for the next Caribbean
    season. Your comments make me feel unwelcomed on your otherwise beautiful island.. Shame on you!

  23. Utterly disappointed in all the racist ‘jealousy’ comments coming from the locals. I have always loved Antigua over all other Caribbean islands and I always big it up to people who have never been here. But as a yachtie who grew up in the Caribbean, I am embarrassed by this in Caribbean like attitude.
    I’m assuming most of the nasty ones are people who haven’t actually had much real contact with the yachting world. Some of my closest local friends are Antiguans who come and work on the boat and they all shake their head at your comments as they are the ones who know better.
    For many of you who don’t know, not all yachtie are white … and not all are entitled. Or even have money. Many have worked hard and spent a good chunk of cash to get to the qualifications to enable them to work on boats. Some of the crew are bread and butter for families as far as the Far East, unable to see their kids for months and chose this career because they wanted a better life for their family. Yes, rent and food might be covered but not all boats have big pay packets … to the lady who said that most of the yachts are bigger than most Antiguan houses.. I guess you don’t spend much time in Falmouth- there are some mega yachts, yes, but statistically- don’t be foolishly blinded by just the big boys – there are many more smaller yachts with crew having to live in a space sometimes less than 60ft. And many of these crew had no choice to go home. They were told to stay. And many would give anything to go home but can’t. And don’t know when they might see their families again.
    The guys who got fined are not on a mega yacht …and to have a bbq on the dock isn’t far different from having one in your garden- they just don’t have the hedges/ fences that makes you look ‘innocent’ and legally distant from a gathering.

    And to that fool that said they were like murderers and deserve to be punished like so for breaking the rule .. are you for real? Screw lose man! They were cooking dinner in a confined space that had literally no exposure to anyone Antiguan at the time (as due to curfews no workers should have been on the dock near them) and I am 100% certain the food and hands would’ve been washed and more hygienic than the average person that pops into epicurean…

    I really hope the real Antiguans please stand up and represent the goodness you all actually are and make these small narrow minded jealous folk disappear- and become the insignificant ones – as they can influence the popularity of this beautiful island and potential destroy a very big financial benefit for Antigua. The yachting industry creates jobs. Big money is spent by the yachtie and their bosses on local businesses. Scare them away, you take that away.
    This is supposed to be an island of happiness and friendliness. Make it so.

  24. I’ve been a yotty on Antigua and visited l by air on holiday since. Never again. Some of the statements here reinforce my view about how surly and resentful some locals are about white visitors.

  25. I am a ‘visitor ‘ now national who has lived and worked here for 14 years with my family and intend to stay for many more.
    We havent found it a racist place to live, or at least any more than anywhere else in the world. I would urge those posting that they wont return on the basis of comments on an unmoderated notice board to look at the wider picture and the relationships that you may have with the people and businesses of the country. If you still think its racist and unpleasant please make your decision on that basis not on comments here
    I believe that the whole yachting sector has a more positive perception than ever and that its a very welcoming country to live in and do business.
    The courts decided on the merits of the case, they were found guilty and fined. End of story

  26. It is so sad to hear but not surprising at all… Most of us have inherited our mentality and decide not to learn or try to experience other cultures and lifestyles… or embrace other races… we don’t even like our own… Half of the people on this don’t even visit EH because of preconceived notions of “white people”.. I like to visit EH because of the lack of judgement and it’s just a place to have fun without wondering who’s watching..
    I would love to apologize because so many of these comments were uncalled for… and look forward to next season when we are free from this disease and restrictions.

  27. All you hear about Antigua on sailing websites are getting quite real by this comments… People being overcharged at hospitals when they need, during corona a lot of tension with the locals. We’ve been traveling hoping islands this season and we’re going to be here for next season. Unfortunately, this took off Antigua from my list. Hope all yatchies do the same. There are so many other amazing islands where we can make real friends for life, learning about their culture, their life… just stop going there.

    By the way this news is all over Facebook. And no, this is not about race or money. Its just about being kind to human beings that are supposed to be equals.

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