Melford Nicholas is still trying to figure out how to bring number portability to Antigua


Cabinet Notes: Three expert consultants, recruited by the Ministry responsible for Technology, to advise the Cabinet of the steps to be taken in order to bring about “number portability” in Antigua and Barbuda, joined the Cabinet by Zoom for about 30 minutes.


The experts advised on the approximate cost which the 3 firms in the Antigua and Barbuda telecommunications market would likely be required to expend, in order to make the technology workable.


The Caymans, with a population of 60,000 has achieved number portability; so too can Antigua and Barbuda, they surmised.


The consultants also advised on the manner in which the existing law would have to be amended, in order to level the playing field; a regulatory body would have to be created, for example, separate and apart from the current arrangement.

The testing of the system could be ready in 4 months, and the entire operational system could be implemented by year end 2021, or by an outside date of June 2022.


Number portability allows a cellphone customer to switch to any of the three carriers operating in Antigua and Barbuda, without having to change his/her cell number issued by the original carrier.

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  1. I thought, that this was accomplished months ago.

    OK! So, they’re still at the resesrch/planning phase where the one(1) percenters collects their finders fees and perks.

    KEEP! KEEPING ON, and on, and on and on.
    EMERGENCY help is on the way 🚔🚑🚒🚒🚓🚓🚔🚔

    • @Maynard…Hmmmmnnn! More like Harold “Mr. Stoic – Pull Your Pants Up” Lovell did that to himself.
      The “Roots Peeps” can’t and won’t trust these chamelons. One example, The HEMP Family felt betrayed by his stoic rhetoric, as he’s always tucking in his starched shirts and pulling his pants up, as if he can’t walk barefoot, and #NyamRoastCarn!

  2. Seems to me this is a simple software solution, where a server is spun up locally and a backup in the cloud, and all the carriers share access to common database with the customer cellphone data. The issue in Antigua is that there is no independent consumer protect agency. The closest is APUA, but there is an inherit conflict of interest with that agency, as APUA acts a provider and regulator for the services that is provides.

  3. LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES and more LIES (ANR please desist from printing articles in a vacuum)
    Cabinet Notes: The Minister of Information and Technology reported that mobile number portability has begun.When a customer chooses to move from one cellphone service provider to another, that customer normally has to change his cellphone number.Mobile number portability allows the customer to keep his old number but to switch from one provider to another.
    All member states of the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), will have acess to Mobile Number Portability (MNP), as of Monday. Mobile Number Portability enables consumers to keep their current mobile telephone numbers when switching from one mobile telephone operator to another.This service removes the inconvenience of phone users having to inform their contacts, family and friends of a new number after changing their mobile service provider.
    The Government of Antigua & Barbuda is moving ahead with plans to implement number portability here.This follows a recent announcement by the regional telecom body ECTEL that it will be doing so in member states next month.At the moment, a customer who is dis-satisfied with the services of a provider must change his telephone number if he wishes to switch to another provider.
    The highly anticipated bill which will allow residents to change their mobile providers while keeping their number is expected to be considered by the parliament today.This follows a meeting to the Cabinet last week by the APUA General Manager and a telecommunications expert to address the amendment to the Telecommunications Act.The 1951 law is to be amended in order to allow the portability of cell phone numbers

    • MELCHISEDEC how could number portability have started when they are going to Parliament to amend the 1951 Telecommunications Act so as to allow for the said number portability. This is similar to the Parliament meeting remotely to consider a Bill which will give Parliament the authority to meet remotely. We live in an upside down country with respect to the Law.

  4. I have relocated several times and carried the same number.So what is obstacle standing in the way in Antigua. Is it Melford himself.

  5. All bullshit. This govt is nothing but a waste of time. Every minister on the take and using our tax dollars for their creative self enrichment schemes.

    However keep voting them in and watch this nation get owned by another nation. Then the same thieves you voted in will jump ship and go to another country leaving you behind. They will now enjoy their spoils.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? Why haven’t they been caught? No one seems to be doing anything about finding his murderers now. This stinks of high ranking officials involved.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? Why haven’t they been caught? No one seems to be doing anything about finding his murderers now. This stinks of high ranking officials involved.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? Why haven’t they been caught? No one seems to be doing anything about finding his murderers now. This stinks of high ranking officials involved.

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