VIDEO: Female reporter belittled by Antigua government Minister at news conference


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  1. Very well said Minister Nicholas. Although, I don’t agree with the practice, you are correct in your explanation of why individuals jump party lines and are accepted into the opposing camp. The public’s concern is and will always be how trustworthy someone who does not understand or appreciate basic standards of loyalty will be in office. It’s all good and well that one wants to serve, but should that be at the cost of integrity?

    • Integrity? How does changing party damage one’s integrity? I may only question one’s loyalty. Cause the same way you left the other party, the same way you can leave my party.

    • Again don’t worry yourself Ms Nikki Phoenix, you obviously have a way with words (a bit like Brixtonian😁), but remember, not all HEROES wear capes.

      Like a good surgeon, you are dissecting and extracting these awful politicians well …

  2. melford nicholas, gaston browne and their whole cabal full of s**t.

    Nikkie doing real work. Congratulations.

    The gastonites have been exposed as total failures.

  3. nikki out of touch with Antigua politics. she no understand the past nor present politics in Antigua. maybe she can try out for she homeland GUYANA politics. paul on observer knew dis all too well.

    • No, she is not. She doesn’t have the relevant training. Many these days are pretending to be journalists because they are talk show hosts.

      • Nobody can go as far up the journalistic ladder as Ms Phoenix has without the appropriate education, research and due diligence.

        Are you ignorant, stupid or both @ Body hard?

        The ignorance on these ANR threads is mind-boggling …

  4. Well done Ms Nikki Phoenix, you have really got under the skin of the ABLP members of government. All because you are holding these misogynistic basket cases to account.

    You and George Wehner are amazing Antiguan journalists, by asking the questions that the public really want to know about – what a dynamic duo!

    George Wehner takes VIDEO evidence to the citizebs of the country, and highlights the government wastage of taxpayers money on incomplete works/projects; and you Ms Phoenix continually make politicians SQUIRM with your outstanding journalistic skills in DIRECT questioning, and in such a deferential and gracious manner. Wonderful!


    • Yes, she really got under his skin, and I thought he would lose his professionalism. But he kept his composure and gave her a good licking. She is not a journalist. She is Sean attack dog, and the dog got a good licking from Melford today.

      • I hope when she starts to ask these Nonsense questions to Upp candidates, it won’t be an issue. She is clearly being facetious.

  5. Melford transfer from his party was completely different. In fact as ardent as I am politically I don’t even remember the name of the political party Melford had belonged to before ABLP. Moving along – ABLP is a one man party. It is no executive decision. It is the decision of the top dog , the world boss. Then all mongrels defend.
    A bunch of hypocrites and yes man. When the big dog talk no dog answer.

  6. I heard melford trying to belittle Nikkie at the post-cabinet briefing and I was so ashamed for melford.

    Then I remembered that he and the guy dwayne George are both what I would refer to as sell-outs.

    I can be corrected but I seem to remember that melford was with U.P.P. then O.N.D. then to the party that he had criticized for so long (the a.b.l.p.).

    Not to worry melford. God will repay the likes of you, dwayne George and all the other flip-flop pancakes.

    God word cannot lie and he will bring justice to you all hypocrites.

    • Have you heard Jesus saying the First will be the Last and Last will be the First. Many who are now sinners will be converted to the Kingdom and will be full of fire of the Holy Spirit. The ABLP is like a church. And the last are becoming the first. That is biblical. God doesn’t punish people from conforming to Christianity.
      And certainly not for changing political alliance.

    • @Former A.B.L.P. Voter…. Your comment is the best example of a nincompoopery I have witnessed in a long time. As a voter you, Former A.B.L.P. Voter, have the right to switch allegiance and support another party, and you somehow feel special for doing so. So much so that you proclaim yourself as a former ABLP voter. But when an aspiring politician switches allegiance, then they’re sellouts? If Melford and Dwayne George, “and all the other flip-flop pancakes” will be repaid by God, then so will you because you’re no less of a flip-flop pancake. God will bring justice to you, you self-righteous hypocrite.


      • James 3:14-16 “But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth. This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. FOR WHERE JEALOUSY AND SELFISH AMBITIONS EXIST, THERE WILL BE DISORDER AND EVERY VILE PRACTICE.”

        I do Pray that the Lord will open your understanding to understand what is really going on with your traitor friend.

        You don’t see how Shugy is prospering? Where you think that prosperity comes from?

        Time will tell for you and your traitor friend.

    • Leave God out of politics . There is nothing godly about politics. We all know politics is a dirty game . It’s all about survival of the fittest . The few decent men that try to truly make a difference gor genuine love of community gets swallowed by sharks. Ask men like Cortwright Marshall . Politics is not for the clean of heart . Politics is a dirty , selfish game of deception and the promotion of self interest.

    • I guess Sean Bird and Errol Cort are not flip flop pancakes. They did the same thing. But of course not….we only have tunnel visions and limited memories in Antigua

  7. ANR why did you change the title of the story? At first it was he finally tells her what he thinks of her. Now you are picking a side Editor. C’mon dont be like serpent

  8. Nikki…well done!! I have a teenage daughter and you are an excellent example of standing up to male bullying. Minister Nicholas being a sellout himself would obviously have been personally hurt and aggravated by your tough line of questioning. Also, he is uncomfortable with being challenged by a woman. Keep it up please. We are proud of you and disgusted by the likes of Nicholas and sellout George.

  9. MALIKA MOFFETT couldnt even get the chance to question anyone in Irfaan Ali cabinet. She manifesting that infamous “guyaneez spirit”

    • Young left, Lamin left, Colin left, Winston left, Cortwright left and others left and now Dwayne… Or were they ousted out because they didn’t bow down… Anyways, 60 million French men cannot be wrong… Something is clearly not right in the UPP Cult… People have a right to make a decision best for themselves… So whether it’s for money, or for fame or just plain service… It’s their given right.
      Some of us all up in here talking about loyalty and all kinds a shit and I’m sure we would have done the same, but I guess the shoes is not yet on the other foot… Some of ya’ll sick darg tummuck… I’m guessing ya’ll vex cause your party not in power…
      The pig or pigs that squeal the loudest, is the one or ones that git hit.. Guess plenty got hit..
      Carry on!

  10. Word on de street is dat be big black bull write she questions fu she. He just a jump from pillow to post. Last heard calling Bro. Roy live on air to embarass Sean Bird dem say buddy. Now a who boots u think he a lick?

  11. Melford is just playing with words. Nikkie is correct. Two completely different situations. This guy was with Simon even the night before the announcement as a supporter. Fool may be talking but not all fools listening . The manner in which he did it leaves a lot to be desired. I see a Judas here.

    • Go back and Listen to Dwayne George interview. The guy was forced to support Simon after UPP ousted one of their founding member Cortwright Marshall. They lied and said Marshall was too sick to contest the seat . The way they ousted and discarded of Cortwright Marshall was an act of betrayal. Replacing Cortwright Marshall with Simon was an an act of betrayal committed by the UPP . You cannot sow betrayal and reap loyalty . Everybody looking out for self .That’s politics for you.

      • I’m saying… I don’t see the need for all the fuss… We all make decisions for our own gain and benefit…

      • YES!!! so right this guy George looking out for HIMSELF not for the constituency of SMS.
        Shame !! Shame!! Shame!! Good thing my vote counts in SMS

    • Exactly I agree with you 💯 % ……… He George was right there with Shuggy, was the chairman at the town hall meeting. My gosh for 30 pieces of silver???

  12. There is no such thing as integrity in politics. Politics is not for saints . Politics is a game of self interest . It’s a game that promotes and serves selfish agendas. people need to get real . Jumping party lines is nothing new . Both major political parties have utilized the game of switching party allegiance. It doesn’t make one better than the other. It’s what happens in politics.

    There’s no such thing as loyalty in politics. People gravitate to the party they believe will serve their own self interest . Plain and simple . Candidates are discarded, bad played and looked over by their own party if the hierarchy as the hierarchy of the party sees fit . These are the things that are natural in politics. So all this talk of integrity is plain bs because integrity and politics don’t go hand in hand . Every politician or aspiring politician in Antigua and Barbuda is there to serve an help self first and foremost.

  13. Kudos to Melford Nicholas. Her questions are usually loaded and accusatory in intent. He handled the matter well. We need professional journalists not bitter and ‘Horrible’ wanna be

  14. This should be a concern for all and eye opener of worse things to come, when you have a country running by one crazy man.

  15. Wow! These comments indicate why it’s so easy for politicians to be corrupt and get away with it.

    Interesting when there are issues which has longstanding effect on the commenting community wellbeing, little or nothing is said.

    Ignore the failure negative effects of your failing institutions and argue on issues of little consequence

  16. I do believe her line of questions were relevant, news worthy and material.

    There were zero issues with her questions, the general public, I am included, wanted answers to those exact questions.

    The first I thought when I heard this was not that he was being uses for any talent but to cause disruption in the UPP so that eventually Ms. Marshall is able to win again.

    It is not talent politics in Antigua is about but popularity. I guess that may be a talent to be popular.

    Talents are those who came from from nothing, and achieve something. That definition is also just of the definitions.

    Take those folks who took zero dollars and turn it morally and legally into $13 million.

    Someone that the government refuse to pay for his law degree in 2009 saying there are too many attorneys/law degree holders but this individual still find a way to complete such law degree and other degrees, without help from their government paying for his college. A man who paid to complete his law degree out of pocket without help from family or government. Must state that mother and father did help with the degrees prior to the law degree.

    Talent is being able to open am office and employ Antiguans even when the government is delaying and refusing to help.

    Talent is not just or mainly about popularity, but it is about being able to do things that has substantial merit and National importance (impactful).

    Those are the folks the government who truly cares about its people focuses on and not just popularity because it increases the chance of only of staying in power.

    But politicians are not only to be blamed but those citizenry who literally care zero about substance. About folks who cares so much for his family, friends and country that as soon as he achieved some finances, they are the first he spend it on, instead of himself but the same country who said, we can not approve you for any grants or loans for lawschool because there are to many of those in Antigua and Barbuda.

    Talent is not about popularity mainly, it is about the heart and my people need to stop being ignorant and focus on the pith of things.

    The endeavor of mine is to establish a trust for the village of Bolans with $100,000.00ec and the villagers can petition for money to be used for village purposes, for grants, and for small loans with either no interest or about 1%.

    I do not want to be in politics because of how ignorant, not base on merit and hostile the public is towards each other and I am a man that wants to be friendly and have friendships with UPP, ABLP, NDA, CIA, FBI and any other party I am missing.

    I am remember in about 2009 while blogging on various online newspaper I said that ALP should be renames ABLP so that the people of Barbuda can feel includes. Look at ALP now, it is ABLP. I never seen anyone prior to my constant posting of ABLP in 2009 who did that to me.

    I am willing to sacrifice myself, for nothing, for the betterment of my family, my family friends, my bolans village, and my country of birth, the United Islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

    Now, focus on the pith of things.

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