Melford Nicholas accuse Harold Lovell, campaign committee of leaving garbage on Fort Road playing field


Melford Nicholas:

“So Harold Lovell and his campaign committee organized a 5 person Kite Flying event on the Fort Road playing field for Easter Monday and left their garbage behind.

This photo was taken on Saturday 14th May, some 27 days after the event and neither him nor any of his committee members have returned to clean up their mess.

So typical of the UPP and its operatives.

Just like they did with our economy, our finances and our infrastructure across the islands, they left them in a mess and it’s left to the ABLP to clean up and restore after them.”

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  1. Melford Nicholas please blame Solid Waste that failed to collect the garbage and not the the Harold Lovell campaign committee. As you can see from the picture the garbage was placed in one location for ease of collection. Melford you ALP guys are getting so desperate that I would not be surprised if you blame Harold for getting a flat tire while driving through the constituency.

    • If Harold Lovell was true leader, he would ensure that the garbage was disposed of. Clearly seeing the rubbish at the same location days after, is an indicator that Mr. Lovell does not care of the area or he is definitely not a regular visitor of the area. SAD!!!

  2. A drowning man will hold on to a straw to save his life. Melfraud looking to blame to stay in power. The reason solid workers and other workers have not received monies owed to them is because of UPP also?
    A government that always looking to blame and find excuse for its incompetence is not worthy to remain in power. I reckon if this administration stay in power for 10 more years they will still try to fool the people talking about former administration.

  3. A little piece of advice to my friend Melly …..BETTER TO REMAIN SILENT AND BE THOUGHT A FOOL THAN TO SPEAK AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT. Too late in this case but in the future.

  4. What a tenuous link, this has no Strength or substance whatsoever … SMACKS OF POLITICAL DESPERATION, DEVIATION AND DEFLECTION BY THE ABLP.

    ABLP talk about tidying things up, then tidy up Antigua 🇦🇬 as you all promised!

    JOKERS …

  5. Where is George Wehner to give us the VIDEO of the nastiness left behind by King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe??? Same situation on the 26 ACRES of FARMing FOOL land for the 🐍Algernon Watts. OLD FRIDGE, OLD STOVE, DIRTY PAMPERS, RUBBISH AND SMELLY CLOTHES.

  6. Where was CBH to remove the rubbish?

    No where around because they were on strike AGAINST THE WICKED ABLP GOVERNMENT FOR NOT PAYING THEIR OVERTIME.


    • @Numbers Man aka Stand Tall aka ANNA SALOME

      Why u didn’t call Jonathan Joseph to get the garbage??? He is nuff and edge up and likes to be in things.

      • But is nuff and edge up time. Elections are here. But Melford can’t do like Jonathan because he would make his government look bad.

  7. No pay no work pay de people Dem money CBH to Long u na pay how we Fu eat wicked set a people Dem be 🔥🔥🔥⏳⏳🔥🔥🌄🌄

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