Mehul Choksi’s wife Priti says his life may be in danger if he is sent to India


Priti Choksi, fugitive Mehul Choksi’s wife, in an interview to Hindustan Times, has said that her husband is being treated like a criminal in Antigua because of the statements given by the island’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne in the past and that she fears for his life if he is sent back to India.

Calling her husband’s disappearance a ‘hostage situation’, Priti Choksi said the Antiguan government should be focussing on bringing its citizen back.

“We, as a family, are deeply anguished by PM Gaston Browne’s statements. My husband is treated as a criminal here (in Antigua) because of the statements that Mr Gaston Browne has made in the past of calling him a ‘crook’, etc. etc; and on what basis I have no idea. A man who was trying to live his life quietly is being targeted in this manner,” Priti Choksi said over the phone from Saint John’s.

She also discarded Browne’s statements that Mehul Choksi had political connections within the opposition parties and had bribed them. “My husband is not in touch with any political party.”


Asked about the sequence of events from May 23, Priti Choksi said that her husband had gone for dinner and met this woman, Barbara. “When he reached her house to pick her up, she asked him to come inside saying she wanted to show him something. It was daytime so my husband went inside. As soon as he entered, he was accosted by men with Indian and Antiguan accents, they tased him, gagged his mouth, tied him in a wheelchair and put him in a boat. Then he was transferred to another boat. His last seen image is from 5.11 pm on Sunday (May 23) and his phone was last on at 5.16 pm.”

She added that all the CCTV cameras of Jolly Harbour were off around that time.

Choksi went missing on May 23 and was taken into custody by Dominica police two days later. His lawyers have filed a habeas corpus in Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court at Roseau, which has stayed his removal from Dominica for now. Indian government officials have reached there to seek his deportation.

Priti Choksi said – “A crime has been committed. My husband has been taken hostage. It’s an international crime and Interpol should take note of it. And I think that the entire focus of the Antiguan government should be to bring its citizen back. I also want to ask why the Dominican police hasn’t registered an offence of kidnapping.”

On Indian officials’ claim that Choksi continues to be an Indian citizen, she said – “The Indian Constitution says that the moment you take citizenship of another country, you cease to be an Indian citizen. And his Indian passport was suspended in February. So there is no question of dual nationality.”

She said that if the Indian government gets custody of Mehul Choksi, he will become a hostage there.

“After seeing the pictures of his torture, don’t you think we have every right to fear for his life if he is sent to India?” she asked.

She added that Indian agencies till date have refused to take statements from him even though he has offered to give his statement many times.

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  1. One should know, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. This man lived in wealth back then. He therefore must be well connected and may be spilling the beans on others.

    • If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime ? And what crime has he been convicted of name one ? Some of you have relevant info that’s not in the public.!

      • He is a wanted criminal running from the law. So if he so afraid to do the time he should not have done the crime. Just read the India media or talk some Indians here and they will tell you about him. As we say in Antigua he used to shit in high grass. Verywell connected all the way the Queen.

        • She knows full well that her old man is being treated like a criminal because by all appearances he is one. This woman looks young enough to be his daughter or grand-daughter. Or was she a child bride? Just askin’.

  2. Is that his actual wedding photo? He facial expression makes it look like he was tricked/forced to marry the female next to him.

    What about the sidechick that he apparently warmed up to and enjoyed her company? Choksi just proved that “men are hoes” is a universal issue and not just Antigua man dat like to have more than one woman.

    Wifey best of luck to you. Hope yo are not involved in his shenanigans either.

    Your darling Mehul is robbing you of time and affection boo. Don’t be a fool for “love” dear.

    • Havent antigua and caribbean women on a whole have ” normalised cheating” as soon as they see men with money they more friendly to them much.? I seriously doubt he is cheating does he even have a dik to satisfy anyone .BLACK WOMEN..?…

      The ONLY reason were having all tnese variables is bcos the wife and him knows upon his return to INDIA life as she knos it would be OVER. And she aint about that life right now.

    • Wedding photo? 😂😂 Does he look like a groom?

      It’s photos of their 25th marriage anniversary celebration photo which itself is more than 10 years old. At that time he was a star diamond businessman and inspiration to many in India.

  3. But Hmmmmm, I have gone to men” s home for a meeting and it had absolutely nothing to do with sex. Didn’t you read, “she invited him inside to see something” that tells you that he did not go for sex. .y significant other goes to friends houses that are women to have a drink and I am fee to walk in or drop by . Is there a sexual relationship? No.

  4. Most of us are brain wash we hear things take them and start to run with them, Let’s start to see things understand what’s happening, and think for ourselves.

  5. How many times is world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne going to be caught with his lies?

    • No one. And I mean no one holds a candle to Lovell when it comes to lies. It’s why the people continue to reject him over and over.

      • I just say think for yourself, stop saying what people say, with your fact tell us one for the lie you know.

    • Wait Gaston lie for calling him a crook, yet the man refuses to go back to India to answer the charges against him? One would think if he is innocent and since he has no problem getting good representation, he would quickly try and see this matter resolved. Instead the man can’t legally leave ANU, there is a interpol notice out for his arrest, yet you see this fugitive in a better light than your PM. You must be one of them UPP hungry dogs

  6. This lady seem not to live in this world. Here we have this wanted felon enjoying what may be stolen loot and his enabler pretending this is is a normal situation. Regarding his citizenship, the courts in India have ruled that until whatever state agency charged with dealing with citizenship, initiates and completes the process of ending his citizenship, he remains a Indian citizen. They can even hold off until after he has served his prison time (if convicted)e. Chances are once convicted, he will lose A&B citizenship (he would have breached a major condition of his citizenship). I hope his entourage (including his new found supporters) follow him back to India.

    • Tenman can you see the wealth displayed on the picture. This man was not an ordinary citizen.
      When Indian have wealth, they really display this.

  7. For God’s sake, he is a LAWMAKER. As a member of Parliament, by the will of the people, and Prime Minister, he is responsible together with his members of Parliament to actually make the laws. Lawyers simply represent the law to the citizens. What else do you need to know? Chuptz.

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