Mehul Choksi’s visuals from hospital contradict claims made by his legal team at Dominican court


The latest exclusive videos of fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi at Dominica-China Friendship Hospital that have been accessed by TIMES NOW reportedly contradict the claims made by his legal team at Dominican court.


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  1. This is the man Tabor, the pedophile(magical tricks), Harold Lovell and the rest of the UPP fighting up for.

    • I-Man for your information if you have not gotten it as yet we are a country of laws. Look up the principle of the Rule of Law and learn something today. Gaston Browne at the beginning of the Choksi matter when India requested his return vehemently argued against it by indicating to the Indian government that the due process of the law must be given to Choksi. Now Gaston has changed his tune and want to send Choksi packing back to India without his due process rights being honoured. Nobody in the UPP is fighting for Choksi like Gaston did initially. Our principled position is based on the Rule of Law is that the legal process must run its course before Gaston Browne can deport Choksi. He protected him before now he wants to deport him without following the law. History certainly will not absolve Antigua and Dominica for their involvement in Choksi’s kidnapping either as a result of their omission or commission. Now, speaking for myself I do not know Choksi or give one hoot about him other than the law should be applied to him fairly. Is that too difficult for you to understand I-Man?

      • No. You’re the one that didn’t get it. The man is a trickster, I don’t believe he was kiddnapped, but you that have no evidence other than his word, swallowed that story HOOK, LINE AND SINKER because y’all just interested in a SCANDAL against the country you claim to love……… burn the dawn place down and rule the ashes

        The man is a trickster…. the fact is his A&B citizenship will be revoked, and know he’d get deported from Antigua to India, so in my opinion he decided to run to a country where he would not have been extradited back to India. That’s the motive.

        • I -Man you may be right he might get his citizenship revoke but before getting there he's a CITIZEN UNTIL THEN . I -Man you may be right he might get his citizenship revoke but before getting there he's a CITIZEN UNTIL THEN .

          @ I-Man I have no idea why Tabor sometimes waste his time with knuckle heads like you . He’s A TRICKSTER HE’S A TRICKSTER what the hell does that have to do with all the facts the man’s laid for you Wow !

          • I was only showing the man(choksi) had motive to leave Antigua and Barbuda before being caught in Dominica- after he was caught in Dominica, he and his Lawyers cooked-up a story about being kidnapped with no evidence other than his word … this video promotes his credibility…
            You’re the knuckle head here- the trickster(choksi) tricked you.
            Constitutional right are to be protected- but if you chartered a boat and got dropped off in Dominica, got caught having entered the country illegally- how should Antigua government respond?

  2. That video is neither here or there to me walking on his own in the hospital doesn’t means he is not sick please give me an aspirin

  3. When will they all realize this man is a fraud and that only the UPP and all its LLCs are the ones who have compassion for him.

    • JUST SAYING Gaston Browne had more compassion for him when he became a CIP citizen of Antigua and Barbuda even more than his wife.

  4. Just Saying your Govt took the man’s money and he’s an Àntiguan citizen period .
    Whatever you feel,think, believe or suspect he’s protected as every citizen by birth or Naturalisation . Stating his rights as a citizen is having compassion for him ?
    Even for your standards that’s LOW .

  5. I’m just waiting for the day we hear of a hospital break (jail break ) and he winds up in india

  6. According to the rule of law (Dominica) it’s time for this fat boy to get into a cell in State Prison, as he awaits his deportation to the land of his birth, of which he is still a citizen. Get that guy outta here.

  7. That video does not prove a thing. However the timeline of events prove world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne and Roosevelt Skerrit are partners in crime.

    Abduction, kidnapping, human trafficking, physical abuse and denial of basic human rights are all the things both pieces of shit are guilty of.

    Then there’s the matter of Nigel Christian who was abducted, kidnapped and murdered execution style for investigating the “forged” signatures at the Port. Ministers hands as well as Telemaque’s are dirty. Benjamin the so called AG has nothing to say about any of this or the abduction of Choksi.

    World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne thinks he’s above the constitutional laws that protects a country’s citizens regardless of their location. The woman from Bulgaria was also a part of the plan along with the Indians to abduct and kidnap Choksi and take him to India. All involved are part of the plan to circumvent Choksi’s citizenship rights. Criminal or not back in his birth country, he still has rights as a citizen of Antigua. All in the CIP processing did not do their due diligence and gladly accepted his money. Now they have to deal with the consequences and go the entire legal process that’s afforded to him as an Antiguan citizen.

    World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne and his comrade is arms, Roosevelt Skerrit have to deal with this fiasco the legal way not their outlaw ways. Both of them are guilty of crimes against humanity and will be brought to justice.

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