Mehul Choksi says alleged abductors included a woman

Mehul Choksi

Mehul Choksi says a woman he was with when he arrived in Dominica was not his girlfriend.

Sources close to the fugitive businessman told reporters that the woman was a part of the team involved in his alleged abduction, torture and arrest.

The sources further said the woman was staying in Antigua where she started meeting Choksi during morning and evening walks and befriended him.

On May 23 she allegedly called him to an apartment to meet her. It was at that apartment that he says he was abducted.

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    • Good question. This old fool isn’t stupid. May he never set foot on Antiguan soil again. India is calling him home. Do we really believe anything this guy says???? Chuups.

  1. The twist and the weave or is it a jam and wine? Every day another piece is added to the puzzle and yet still the chess game becomes more intriguing. As it I have before, this is two games being played on one board.

    There is a GREAT NEED for an investigation to be started by the police force on Antigua & Barbuda. I hear the police commissioner proclaimed that he is waiting on the police in Dominica to give information to guide him as to whether or not to commence an investigation here. What BS! Were you trained in law enforcement?

    This is definitely not a real nation. Something is immensely not right with the mental faculties of the people who hold these top-ranking offices.

    The mere fact that someone was able to leave the borders of this island; showed up in another territory and was arrested; should be sufficient for a serious investigation to begin forthwith.

    Just like so many other issues, there is a real need to get not only to the bottom but also to top and sides of this matter.

    I am calling on the police commissioner to begin a real investigation now. You have that power to do so and do not need to wait for instructions from the attorney general or prime minister. For once man, do something that suggests that you were trained in law enforcement. HECK….IT IS JUST SICKENING!

    One thing is quite pellucid: is that all TRUTH WILL COME FORTH FOR ALL TO KNOW. SOONER OR LATER.


    • The police commissioner cannot do any investigate under Gaston watch unless he is told to do so by the Top Dwag. If he makes the move without the PM and AG authorization, he will be on the next fig boat heading back to his home country Dominica forthwith. He was given that position to be the ABLP yes man. You don’t see up to know he can’t arrest the 4th person in Neil Christian murder. He said that the force has enough evidence to make an arrest.

  2. World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne getting desperate to save his own ass. 1st the “forged” signatures and the execution of Nigel Christian and now the abduction of Mehul Choksi.

    Yet there are some complete ass kissers on this forum who still kiss his ass and will vote for the cesspool. You all will go down with him.

  3. Actually, Choksi said there was an alien spacecraft there as backup outside the apartment of the female “stranger” he just met. We all leave our spouses and visit members of the opposite sex we barely know in their apartments. It must be true and it’s all Gaston’s doing….

  4. Plausible, many men have been setup, murdered and robbed by assailants who used attractive women as bait, “It’s impossible only if you believe it is.” Alice in Wonderland, and what a Wonderland we are in.

  5. Guess she will be easy to find, especially since he knows her and seen her on may occasion.. next things that baffles me is …

    How gaston know he was in the company of a woman ???

    Does gaston have something to do with this ?

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