Mehul Choksi: Kidnapped – Battered- Bruised And Bloodied


by Rawlston Pompey

Clearly, apart from difficulties that often impact negatively impacted   on both genders,’ that which often feature prominently in some relationships, have either been ‘Deception and Treachery. In every sphere of human socialization, man has been victim, either to his own folly or through to ‘Deception and Treachery.’  It has been so in family life, as it has been in all walks of life. In given situations some will be used as the ‘Devil’ to operate in the ‘Dead of Night,’ while some will project themselves as ‘Saints’ behaving right in the ‘Light.’ Organizationally, it has also been so in political and other affairs. The Scripture has long confirmed these truths. The biblical story of ‘Samson and Delilah,’ so edifies [NIV: Judges 16].


Expediting the ‘Economic Citizenship’ application process, by ‘November 15, 2017,’ Indian Billionaire businessman ‘Mehul Chinubhai 62,’ satisfying the requisites, and bestowed the ‘Economic Citizenship.’’ Loud enough for ‘Indian President Narendra Modi,’ to hear; under dictation, humbly and solemnly, he repeated, ‘…I Mehul Chinubhai Choksi, do swear that I will faithfully bear true ‘Allegiance’ to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second; …Her Heirs; and …Successors,’ according to Law. ‘So, help me God.’ [NDTV: August 9, 2018]. Not, yet a ‘Republic,’ this has been the ‘Oath of Allegiance’ [Constitution Order: 1981: Schedule 3]:


This commentary specifically looks at the developments form a professional perspective (Law enforcement: Criminal investigations; and Police prosecutions). It seeks only to provide a procedural insight from practical experiences in the areas referred above and; (i) ‘…The experiences and plight of Indian Billionaire diamond tycoon ‘Mehul Chinubhai Choksi 62; Behavior of ‘Antigua and Barbud and the Commonwealth of Dominica; (iii) …Suspect attitude of ‘Law Enforcement’ towards his alleged ‘Abduction Report;’ and (iv) …A look at the particular Sections of the ‘Immigration and Passport Act’ [Chapter 18: 01: Dominica]. It also looks at the embarrassing ‘Botched Attempt’ to have him repatriated to India’ from the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica’ [May 23, 2022].


Information on the subject and ‘Fact in Issue-Abduction’ has been extensively researched, sourced, verified and referred. No attempt was made to engage the attention of the ‘Abductee-Mehul Choksi.’ A brief interaction with ‘Prime Minister Gaston Browne’ revealed nothing complicit or incriminatory or different to that which has been published by the Indian news portal [May 27, 2022]. The conversation was open and forthright, yet forms no part of this commentary. It contains no personal opinions. Dedicated to Students of Law everywhere.


In some ‘Clandestine Operations,’ it was not always how a plan works, but to devise strategies, ‘Legal or Illegal,’ to achieve the desired objective. There may be no need to climb up into a mango tree, if a stone could bring down a few. There are some theories ‘Criminal Investigators’ usually work out. Usually, they set the pace for the investigative approach. Given that which unfolded [May 23, 2022], it necessarily meant that ‘St. John’s’ and ‘Roseau’ were to act complicit roles for ‘Mehul Choksi’ to be removed from; (i) …Point A: (ii) …Point B: to (iii) …Point C,’ that is from ‘Antigua and Barbuda; via Dominica; to …India.


Well, see how this works in an inquisitive mind –Facilitators and Players.’ Roseau’ more than St. John’s’ that facilitated no ‘Entry/Departure Ports,’ would have provoked international uproar, since: (a) …Pilot must; (i) ‘…File ‘Flight Plan’ with Air Traffic Controllers: (ii) …Submit ‘Passenger/ Cargo Manifests; and (iii) …Complete Immigration and Customs Formalities.’ They know not what they have done. The authorities on the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica’ may give the international community that the leadership of that nation was engaged in ‘Cross-Border Abduction.’ One might be inclined say ‘Pity’ their simplicity, their ‘Procedural Ignorance’ and/or over-anxiety.’


As debates continue on a reasonable suspected ‘Hatched Plot,’ between ‘St. John’s and Roseau,’ reports suggested that the latter had acceded to a request by the ‘Republic of India’ for ‘Repatriation.’ When the early ‘Extradition Request’ [NDTV: August 3, 2018] appeared to have failed, the ‘Ways and Means Committee of India,’ appeared to have counseled a ‘Non-Judicial Strategy.’ Given that which eventually developed in ‘St. John’s and Roseau,’ reasonable inferences may have been drawn that the ‘Mehul Choksi’ was to be ‘Abducted and Repatriated to the ‘Indian Continent.’


Researching for this commentary, this statement was readily observed. Obviously, a person deeply stressed. By photo and name, the media identified him as ‘Immigration Minister. Rayburn John Blackmoore.’’ This is what he said then; ‘Whoever diggeth a pit shall fall and bury in it’ [DNO: January 7, 2019]. Deeply perturbed by allegations of ‘Moral Misconduct’ and troubled by accusations of ‘Abuse of Power’ and called upon to resign.’ Mehul Choksi painfully and desperately endeavoring to impress on him that he was ‘Abducted; Battered; Bruised; and Bloodied,’ then brought to the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica,’ instead himself, and ‘Chief of Police/Chief Immigration officer Lincoln Corbette and  Macmea,’ believed he ‘Entered Illegally’ [May 23, 2022]. Though still traumatized, the ‘Abductee’ may find solace in the Holy Scripture; ‘…All things work for the good of them that love ‘God’ [KJV: Romans 8: 28].’


Sailing under cover of darkness, undetected and un-intercepted, the ‘Abductee’ neither knew those abducted him, nor ‘Toucari Bay,’ geographically located some 6 kilometers north/west of Portsmouth. Then in the wee hours of the morning, it entered into ‘Toucari Bay.’ Then reportedly released into the inescapable hands of the dualled-positioned ‘Chief of Police/Chief Immigration Officer, Lincoln Corbette’ [Sunday, May 23, 2021]. If a ’Acting Chief of Police/Chief Immigration officer’ was on the lookout for ‘Marine Turtles,’ then ‘Toucarians’  and the wider populace, may have had very little to say to their ‘Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt.’ The community and Bay, geographically located on the north western tip of the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica,’ and north western coast, some 6 kilometers of ‘Portsmouth,’ ‘Toucari Beach’ was said to be ideally suited for snorkeling’ [Wikipedia]. Today, another activity might be added. Seen from the ‘Mehul Choksi Fiasco,’ it might now be seen as ideally suited to ‘Human Smuggling and deposit of abductees.’


There has been wide dissemination of news on the ‘Mehul Choksi’ calamities and dilemma. Misguidedly, several news portals have reported as intended to block ‘Extradition.’ Instructively, such proceedings have yet to be instituted by the ‘State.’ The bedeviled diamantaire was made very much aware of the exploits of two ‘OECS’ Governments.  It was obvious that with affluence and a seemingly competent and efficient ‘Battery of Attorneys,’ he could mount as many legal challenges against them. To all intents and purposes, he did so in both ‘Antigua and Barbuda and the Commonwealth of Dominica.’ In the former, he instituted litigious proceedings to fight ‘Extradition,’ while, ironically, in the latter to fight ‘Repatriation’, following his ‘Battering Abduction.’


The affluent ‘Jolly Harbor Gated and Yacht-berthing Community,’ has been the home to the wealthy diamond jeweller, ‘Mehul Choksi’ [2018]. Such community provides seclusion from the hustle and bustle of city life or other communal activities. Psychologically troubled, he found it ideally suited for residency. From the perspective of persons criminally-accused, and on the run from the ‘Arm of Law,’ it offers a ‘Stress-Free Environment.’ Such an environment where residents concern themselves with their own affairs.


There is a time that a Prime Minister shall stand up and be ‘Counted.’ Invariably, such counting could be associate with ‘children ‘Counting sheep to fall asleep.’ There may be no problem because they may be on the bed. For governance, it is about considering what may happen when a ‘Citizen- Birth, Registration or Economic’ is ‘Missing or Abducted’ and the citizenry of a ‘State’ believes that ‘Law enforcers’ has done nothing in attempting to ‘Rescue’ him. When news of the alleged ‘Abduction of ‘Indian/Antigua and Barbuda Billionaire, Mehul Choksi 62,’ and a foiled attempt at ‘Repatriating’ him to ‘India,’ citizens of both ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ and the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica,’ became incensed.


Not only the citizenry appeared confused, but also suspicious and speculative over the unfolding developments. Most quickly pointed fingers in the direction of the leadership of ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ and the ‘Sister-Islands’ [Dominica News Online: May 25, 2021]. That which may have been most disconcerting to the citizenry and more particularly the ‘Abductee,’ may have been this chilling statement; ‘…My dispensation is collaborating with the Indian government, neighboring countries and Interpol’ [PM Browne: The Hindu: May 26, 2021].


Though ‘Indian/ Antiguan and Barbudan Economic Citizen Mehul Choksi,’ may never have harbored such illusions, he had envisaged no acts bordering ‘Conspiracy’ being perpetrated against in this. Moreover, he never anticipated that his life ‘Luxury’ would have dramatically turned to ‘Misery.’ For the nation’s only known ‘Billionaire, ‘Money’ and a very deceitful and treacherous ‘Woman,’ appeared to have been among the reasons, known or unknow, for some of his miseries. Now, ‘…Befriended by; …Acquainted with; and …Gravitated to,’ Hungarian-born ‘Barbara Jarabic,’ had apparently worked her way into his ‘Trust and Confidence.’


Man’s susceptibility to the ‘Flesh’ was said to be as strong as it is his desire for ‘Song, wine and Food.’ The experience of ‘former United States President William ‘Bill’ Clinton with ‘Monica Lewinsky,’ makes the point [Wikipedia: 1995-1997]. It has been the saying if a crab doesn’t crawl from its hole, it cannot get fat,’ and if it crawled away too far, ‘it may fall into a pot.’ It has been said that the way to a man’s stomach is ‘Food.’ Conversely, the way to a man’s heart is ‘Romance.’ These are dependent upon hunger and other feelings.’ The ‘Indian Billionaire’ may not have been too stressed to be in any such frame of mind. That which the ‘Indian President’ wanted him to answer and that which he had mounted several legal challenges, were more of a concern than ‘Food and Romance.’


Biblically, in the case of ‘Samson,’ unsuspectingly, a ‘Seed of Seduction’ was collusively planted in the ‘Soil of Deception.’ The calculated intention was reducing his ‘Super Strength.’ and ultimate capture. That ‘Soil’ was the heart and soul of a ‘Deceptive Delilah.’ Connivingly and persistently pursued by this woman, he eventually revealed the ‘Secret of his Strength’ and fell victim to her deceptively exploits. For ‘Mehul Choksi,’ a trap had been secretly laid. If for any reason, he thought that ‘Barbara Jarabik’ was the ‘Sweetest of Damsels,’ then he was mistaken. The truth is, he knew not that he was flirting with ‘Abduction Danger.’ He was he ‘Duped and lured to her Apartment for dinner.’


The communal enclave, not only allowed for peace of mind, but also escape and ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ [1874: Thomas Hardy]. Even so, dependent upon mood and need for outdoor socialization, a dinner at some exotic restaurant might be considered. Unfortunately, ‘Dominica Immigration Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore’ appeared to have been unmindful of his [YouTube] Press conference and believed ‘Chief of Police/Chief Immigration Officer Lincoln Corbette’ that ‘Mehul Choksi’ ‘Abducted and Battered’ himself, then sailed his Yacht to ‘Toucari Bay, Commonwealth of Dominica’ to steal ‘Antigua and Barbuda’s Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney’s ‘Mountain Chicken and Green Banana.’


The multi billionaire- diamond jeweler, ‘Mehul Choksi,’ was very much aware that Indian authorities had ‘Special investigative interest in;’ (i) ‘…Apprehension and return to India; (ii) …Restoration of monies allegedly obtained fraudulently from the ‘Punjab National Bank:’ and (iii) …Being criminally interrogated by the ‘Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).’ Thus, he knew that such was intended to make him ‘Amenable to Law.’ He has made it demonstrably and sufficiently clear that he has no interest in being interrogated when, advisedly or ill-advisedly, he pre-empted the institution of litigious proceedings against the ‘State.’ Though seemingly not a bother, this came with substantial ‘Legal Fees.’


The ‘Indian/Antiguan and Barbudan Billionaire’ had reportedly retained the services of prominent ‘Legal Practitioners.’ They were reportedly not retained for merely ‘Court Fixtures,’ but on full-time ‘Monthly Retainer’s Fees.’ Given his adversities, one might be inclined to say these ‘Legal Practitioners’ were retained only to represent him legally, and not necessarily to render ‘Security Advice.’ Likened to the ‘Doctor/Patient’ saying, when ‘Lawyers differ, Clients suffer.’ Though he was not in combat, he was required to ‘Stay in the Trenches.’ With his ‘High Profile Status,’ and that which ‘President Narendra Modi 71’ wanted him to answer, then ‘Mehul’ must ‘Keep Low.’


Recognizing the right to the ‘Presumption of Innocence,’ the diamond merchant ’Mehul Choksi’ ‘Stands Accused’ of fleecing some ‘Rs 13, 500 Crore’ off the ‘Punjab National Bank (PNB) [India]. This reportedly has the equivalency of ‘US$2Billion.’ This was said to have been operated by himself and others known. Fearing the worst was poised to descend upon his ‘Liberty; …Freedom: and Lifestyle,’ he opted for a ‘Safe Haven’ in the ‘Caribbean.’ The Indian authorities appeared to have been slow in closing in on the diamantaire. With satellites scattered across the ‘OECS,’ ‘President Narendra Modi’ knew his every move. 


By the time Indian authorities may have asked ‘Where are Mehul and Nirav,’ both had taken long flights out of India to ‘Safe Havens’ [January 4, 2017]. The former disembarked at the ‘VC Bird International Airport (VBIA).’ After completing ‘Immigration and Customs’ formalities and accorded ‘Legal Entry,’ he was now at a place where; ‘Land and Sea makes Beauty’ [January 15, 2018].’ Having reportedly renounced his ‘Indian Citizenship,’ he was approved for ‘Antigua and Barbuda Economic Citizenship’ [November 2017],


Arguably among the safest places, not necessarily to hide wealth, but very often to hide ‘International Criminals-some fraudsters; Some Swindlers; and some, Money Launderers.’ Occasionally a ‘Fugitive from Justice,’ might just drop in. Whenever one is traced there are usually a ‘Two-in ‘ONE’ request. If it is through the judicial process, that one will be ‘Extradition.’ Conversely, if it is to circumvent the ‘Judiciary,’ that one will be ‘Repatriation.’ Where the situation is not complex and has no legal implications for ‘Requested State,’ a simple ‘Executive Decision’ is taken ‘Morrad ‘AYOUSHE’ Ghonim […]. The ‘Fugitive’ is simply taken into custody. The relevant authority then declares the person ‘Persona non Grata’ (an unwelcome person).


The ‘String of Islands,’ some with lush green mountainous vegetation; some boast picturesque and breathtaking sceneries; and some with the black and white and pink sand beaches. Contrastingly, others, sun-drenched, drought-stricken, with scorched vegetation, but still visitor-friendly. To those, not necessarily bona fide visitors, but forced to ‘Run from Criminal Justice,’ these island-nations, with open-door policies, provide more of ‘havens’ than coffins need in some nations to bury the dead. The several tiny impoverished islands scattered across the ‘Eastern Caribbean’ have often been chosen to provide residency for wealthy businessmen.


Seemingly responding to Indian authorities on a ‘Plan of Action’ was to be executed on ‘Dominican’ soil. Quoting ‘Prime Minister Gaston Browne,’ the Indian media published; ‘…We have requested that he be detained and to make arrangements with Dominica to have him returned directly to India’ [Mint: ANI: May 27, 2021]. Such brought him very little comfort, as he was apprehended on the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica’ [May 23, 2022]. Apprehensive that his liberty hangs in the balance, the ‘Indian Billionaire’ felt compelled to escape from the clutches of ‘Indian Law, Jurisdiction and Justice.’


From ‘Grenada upward to Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda,’ there may be ‘No Safer Place’ on earth than this part of the world. These island-States that make up the ‘Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), are all heavily reliant and dependent upon the fragile ‘Tourism Industry.’ As it has been for many non-industrialized nations, ‘Economic Prosperity has been a constant struggle.  For this reason, those so reliant on that industry, their borders are often open to all persons. Some have been bona fide visitors and some, fraudsters, swindlers. Money launderers or crooked investors. Even though those on the run from ‘Criminal Justice,’ may harbor fear, or gripped by uncertainty, still the ‘Criminally Wealthy’ are financially well-positioned to live quietly in secrecy and seclusion. These impoverished, economically-displaced islands, invariably do not necessarily discriminate.


In spite of a ‘Brutal and Bloody Abduction,’ a lingering ‘Covid19 Pandemic’ and an unrestrictive ‘Monkey’ on the way with ‘Pox,’ ‘Mehul Choksi’ has expressed no desire to travel back to India. Fully aware of ‘an Extradition Request’ made to his adopted country [India Today: August 3, 2921], He knew that his troubles are far from over. Thus, given that which precariously looms, and though he risks further attempts, ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ is a ‘Home away from Home.’ Whether or not he was wanted in ‘Grenada, St. Lucia, Dominica or Anguilla as a Saint or sinner,’ he has no desire to return to ‘India.’


Even before he was inoculated with the ‘India-gifted AstraZeneca Vaccine,’ he was ‘Abducted’ from Antigua and Barbuda’ and reportedly forcefully and unlawfully taken to, and handed over to waiting ‘Police officers’Toucari Bay’ [CoD: May 23, 2021]. Though reportedly abducted and sustained visible ‘Grievous Bodily Harm,’ authorities were said to have ignored his report, refused to ascertain his identity and his ‘Economic Citizenship’ from the ‘Antiguan and Barbudan’ authorities. Such ‘Citizenship’ provides constitution and statutory protection to those that have acquired such status. The vicious ‘Sunday Night Abduction,’ was said to have left him painfully and psychologically traumatized [May 23, 2022].


Such reportedly descended upon before he was even administered the India-donated ‘Second Dose of the AstraZeneca Vaccines.’ Fate was said to have intervened, derailing efforts by ‘Immigration Minister Rayburn John Blackmoore and Chief of Police/Chief Immigration officer Lincoln Corbette’ to ‘Repatriate’ him to India.’ Anticipating domestic response and seeking to ease their anger and outrage, Prime Minister ‘Gaston Browne’ quickly debunked suggestions of ‘Collaboration.’ Indian media quoted him saying; ‘…There has been no such collaboration between the Antiguan Government and the Indian Government’ [India Today: June 7, 2021].


There has been very close economic ties and harmonious relations between the’ Prime Ministers of ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ and the ‘Commonwealth of ‘Dominica,’ Gaston Browne 49 and Roosevelt Skerritt 55.’ In good times and disasters, they have been there, and supported each other. From this perspective, except distrust, there may have been no reasons not to have shared economic successes with each other. Characteristically, the former, fearless, articulate and assertive, and invariably, reckless with his utterings, yet ‘Brutally Frank.’ Never seen to have exhibited timidity.


Thus, sensitive or provocative, controversial or confidential, if only for public information, that which shall be heard, will be heard. For instance, when his administration sourced and acquired a ‘Fire Tender,’ he expressed the view that it would be better positioned at the ‘Cooks Sanitary Landfill.’ It would be viewed more like an eyesore to be positioned anywhere else [ANR: May 29, 2022]. Contrastingly, the latter ‘Prime Minister-Roosevelt Skerritt,’ seemingly more reserved, often appear guarded. Savoring the moment to be heard, he often guides his responses, tempering it with ‘Tact and Discretion,’ particularly when situations demand or circumstances dictate.


The ‘Abductee’ knew that within 48 hours after his abduction [May 25, 2022], ‘Joint Director of the ‘Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’ and the ‘Special Investigation Team, Shri Anurag,’ hastily dispatched a ‘Written Request’ to the ‘Dominican authorities.’ Irrespective of health conditions or concerns, Indian authorities reportedly sought his immediate ‘Repatriation’ to India. In his bid to secure Bail, this was among other documentary information reportedly submitted through his attorneys in filed affidavits before the ‘Dominica High Court of Justice’ [ANR: July 11, 2021].


As it affects ‘Deportation,’ the Section further states; ‘…In addition to such penalty, and order may also be made.’ That which has been sufficiently clear, has been the ‘proviso that restricts deportation of ‘Commonwealth citizens;’ (a) ‘…Without an Order of the President; and (b) … ‘SHALL’ not be deported within 30 days’ [Section 36 (2)]. Inferentially, this time frame allows for; (a) …Filing an appeal; and/or (b) …Instituting legal challenges.’ That which appeared obvious, was that the ‘Minister,’ very carefully omitted the country or destination for the alleged ‘Illegally-entered and brutally battered, bruised and bloodied’ ‘Mehul Choksi’ [May 23, 2022].


An Indian news portal reporting on the ‘Botch Repatriation Attempt,’ published for the Indian public, and more specifically, victims of the alleged fraudulent activities; ‘…After Choksi was taken into custody in Dominica, a private jet with Indian officials reached the Caribbean island-nation on May 28 last year to bring him back; …After the illegal entry case was committed to Court in Dominica, the jet had to return [India Today: May 25, 2022]. Still among the intrigues has been the inordinate delay by ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), ‘Sherma Dalrymple’ in issuing ‘Notice of Discontinuance’ of proceedings for the ‘non-Indictable- that ‘Illegal Entry’ [The Tribune: May 22, 2022].


Had the private jet arrived on time, then some name other than ‘Mehul Chinubhai Choksi’ would have been documented on the requisite ‘Departure Passenger Manifest.’ Reasonable inferences may have been drawn that his ‘Forced Repatriation’ had high level collusion. Documents to be provided for ‘an Out-bound International Flight’ shall include; (i) ‘…File a false Flight Plan; (ii) …Submit a false ‘Passenger Manifest to Immigration; and (iii) …Submit a false General Declaration to Customs and Excise.’’ The private jet had arrived ‘Five Days Late’ [Indian Express: May 28, 2021].


The ‘Commonwealth of Dominica Parliament’ anticipated that some; ‘Immigration Ministers’ may give unlawful instructions to; (i) ‘…Chiefs of Police; and (ii) …Chiefs of Immigration.’ A s a consequence, it placed an overriding power in the ‘Penalty Section’ in the office of ‘President.’ It speaks to persons committing offences against the ‘Immigration and Passport Act.’ For instance, an offence of which a person has been convicted, it stipulates an imposable ‘Fine of $3, 000- or in default a-term of imprisonment’ [Section 36 (1)]. Such is imposable by a Magistrate.’


Instructively, ‘Mere Two Days’ after he had allegedly entered into the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica’ [May 25, 2021], instructions purportedly given in an authored ‘Prohibition Letter’ to ‘Mehul Choksi by the ‘Immigration Minister Rayburn John Blackmoore.’ Given his Immigration responsibilities, such will have been passed on to the ‘Acting Chief of Police Lincoln Corbette’ [NO: May 25, 2021]. Seemingly mindful of two things; (i) ‘…Illegality of the instructions; and (ii) …Consequences for ‘Ministerial Wrongdoing.’ In matters like these, it takes a non-testicular fortitude ‘Police Chief, or Commissioner of Police’ to make those with no training in, and practical experience in ‘Law Enforcement,’ to so comply.


There may be no doubt that the ‘Choksi Abduction Fiasco’ is filled with ‘Mystical Intrigues.’ Except docility and/or forced into a ‘Role of Servility,’ the professionally competent ‘Chief of Police or Commissioner of Police, Chief Immigration officer and Immigration Minister,’ shall demonstrate knowledge or familiarity with the ‘Immigration and Passport Act.’ They shall know what ‘Powers’ resides and exercisable by each, respecting their positions. The decision to declare ‘Mehul Choksi’ a ‘Prohibited Immigrant,’ was legally and properly in order [IPA: Chapter 18:01: Section 5 (1) (f)]. On the other hand, the decision to instruct Chief of Police/Chief Immigration officer,’ not only speaks to ‘Starvation of Knowledge,’ but also unlawful. The case of ‘Queen v Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Raymond Blackburn’ has been settled law. A Chief of Police would be seen as reckless not to know the dicta of ‘Lord Denning, Master of the Roll [1968: Queen v Met COP].


For clarity of understanding, specific to any person so declared, the relevant section of law speaks to persons, not belonging to the State, and are subject to prohibition. The Sub-section states; ‘…Any person, who from information or advice received from any Government, and deemed by the Minister to be an undesirable inhabitant of, or visitor to the State.’ Such declaration necessarily means immediate ‘Repatriation’ from the jurisdiction. For reasons of his ‘Abduction Report’ and given the legitimacy of ‘CIP Status,’ there shall have been no other place for ‘Mehul Choksi’ to have been repatriated, but back to ‘Antigua and Barbuda.’


In the instant case of the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica,’ ‘Supporting this Assertion;’ (i) ‘…The Minister of Immigration; (ii) ‘…Chief of Police/Commissioner of Police; and (iii) …Chief Immigration officer,’ shall be guided by provisions contained in the said ‘Immigration and Passport Act.’ Somehow, Parliament anticipated that some office holders may act unlawfully got to be s ‘Superior Power,’ either to support or confirm or reverse decisions that lacked ‘Reason and Conscience.’ Moreover, for decisions affecting or likely to affect the ‘Fundamental Rights, Liberties and Freedoms’ that shall manifestly be seen as allowing for the ‘Principles of Natural Justice’ to be at work.


Reportedly acting under that nation’s ‘Immigration and Passport Act’ [IPA: Chapter 18: 01: Section 5 (1) (f)]. The Minister, having declared the ‘abducted ‘Mehul Choksi’ purportedly wrote; ‘…You are, therefore, not permitted to enter the Commonwealth of Dominica and the ‘Chief of Police’ has been instructed to take all the necessary actions to have you repatriated’ [Hindustan Times: June 10, 2021]. Seemingly acting under figment of imagination, and had these instructions been followed, the both the ‘Immigration Minister and Chief Immigration officer’ will have been ‘Usurping Powers,’ residing only with ‘His Excellency, President Charles Angelo Savarin].’


In support of the ‘Spirit of Sharing,’ one might be persuaded to look at ‘Prime Minister Skerritt’s’ timely donation of some ‘5, 000 Doses’ of the ‘AstraZeneca Vaccines,’ interestingly, gifted to his nation and ‘40, Doses to Antigua and Barbuda’. [February 9, 2021],

by ‘Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi 71’ [Loop; March 1, 2021]. Likened to that ‘Spirit,’ though not necessarily often, there has also been the ‘Spirit of Reciprocation.’ Whatever, if anything, turns on this, only these three ‘Prime Ministers’ and the people of ‘Antigua and Barbuda and the Commonwealth of Dominica; Immigration Minister Rayburn John Blackmoore and Chief of Police/ Chief Immigration Officer, Lincoln Corbett,’ know.


When the ‘Indian Billionaire’ opted for ‘Economic Residency’ in ‘Antigua and Barbuda.’ Little did he know that likened to the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica’ ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ it was also one of ‘India.’ International partners’ What he may also not have known, was that ‘Prime Ministers Roosevelt Skerrit: …Gaston Browne: and …Narendra Modi,’ are all friends. Though not necessarily for his return to the ‘Republic of India,’ their ‘Friendship with India’ will have been further deepened when their respective nations benefited from its generous donations of the ‘AstraZeneca Vaccines.’ Clearly, if return was contingent upon ‘Full Vaccination,’ given to the ‘Ant-Vax Sentiments’ then being expressed, both nations had adequate supplies.


This shall not reduce the significance of those pertaining to their ‘Economies, Security and matters of Crime and Punishment. This also include the return of ‘FUGITIVES’ on the run from Justice. The ‘Indian President’ knew a few things: (i) ‘…Mehul Choksi’ whereabouts; and (ii) …Prime Minister Browne and Prime Minister Skerritt’ were well-positioned to facilitate his return to India. The authorities, firstly turned to ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ for ‘Extradition.’ Though ‘Repatriation’ may not necessarily have been an alternative plan, when ‘Extradition’ failed, reasonable inferences may have been that ‘an Abduction Plan’ may have been conceptualized and brutally executed.


Additionally, an ‘ABDUCTEE’ legally bestowed ‘ECONOMIC CITIZENSHIP’ by the nation and people of Antigua and Barbuda (ix) …Possessed no travel documents: (x) …Possessed no change of clothing: (xi) …For reasons of his ‘Forced Abduction, possessed no immediate means of sustenance; and (xi) …Officially, Magisterially and Judicially. Judge deprived of liberty and freedom of movement; and (xii) …NEVER had any desire to become a ‘Public Charge.’ The situation appeared to have been made ‘Aggravatingly Worse’ by the making of several administrative and procedural, by officials that appear reckless not to know or be familiar with the ‘Immigration and Passport Act’ [IPA: Chapter 18: 01].


Reasonable inferences might also be drawn from that which unfolded on the ‘Night of the Abduction’ [May 23, 2021] to the day of the ‘Discontinuation Notice’ [ MSN: May 21, 2022]. A very competent, efficient and shrewd ‘Crown Prosecutor,’ may not have taken almost one year to realize that; (i) ‘…There was no ’Prima Facie Evidence against the Abductee; (ii) …No reasonable ‘Prospect of Conviction: (iii) …No deepened public interest, other than the citizens desire not to see the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica’ not be seen as a ‘ROGUE STATE: (iv) …The defendant was physically and forcefully abducted, brutally battered; (v) …Sustained ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’ -seriously bruised; (vi) …Left bloodied; (vii) …Denied medical attention for ‘more than 48 hours; (a) …Denied bail and contradictorily deemed; (a) ‘Persona non grata; and (b) …Fight Risk’ for a minor offence with an imposable penalty of EC$3, 000, incarcerated only if defaulted- an ‘Abducted Billionaire?’ Laughable, yet still painful.


No pun, nor disrespect intended. Respectfully requesting a former professional colleague ‘Asquith River’ to go down to ‘Roseau,’ simply to ‘Talk to them.’ The ‘Judicial officer’ that appeared to haves saved the independence and integrity’ of the ‘Judiciary’ had been the distinguished Judge, ‘Her Ladyship, Justice Birnie Stephenson-Brooks.’ Though not necessarily known in some ‘OECS’ jurisdictions, the conduct of the proceedings, was said to have been highly commendable. She has not only shown ‘Judicial competence and fortitude,’ but also strength of character. She was said to have drawn the demarcation line that others have failed to make legible and visible. Such, distinguishes between the ‘Judiciary’ and the ‘Executive.


Given the twists and turns in the ‘Choksi Abduction,’ likened to conjoined-twins, citizens harbor strong feelings that both shares, and possibly hold frighteningly ‘Dark Secrets.’ Dominica has ‘Rivers of fresh water,’ while ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ has ‘Drought and Sea water.’ These are ‘Open Secrets.’ Both Prime Ministers seem to have deep respect for each other. Even so, ‘Friend or foe; innocent or guilty; Saint or sinner; Christian or Backslider,’ should a trap be set be set to ensnare a ‘Prime Minister’ in the ‘Choksi Forced Removal,’ from this jurisdiction, some ‘Dominican Lamb or Mountain Chicken’ shall be ‘Altared or Barbecued.’ Assessing the two distinguished regional ‘Prime Ministers Gaston Browne and Roosevelt Skerritt,’ there may be no doubt that both leaders have respect for differing views and approaches to matters of national interests.


On the domestic front, strong suspicions saturate the minds of the populace that both ‘Island-States’ have been conspired and that they have collaborated and had acted in complicity to have the wanted ‘Indian and Antiguan Billionaire’ ousted from their respective jurisdiction. These nations need no reminders of their ‘International Obligations’ to the international community, particularly members of the ‘British Commonwealth.’ The wider regional ‘CARICOM’ body appeared to have no involvement in the apparent two-nation ‘Repatriation Scheme.’ The ‘Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi 71,’ by now possibly seized of ‘Debriefed Facts’ pertinent to; (a) ‘…Non-Extradition from Antigua and Barbuda: and (b) …The botched Repatriation Attempt from Commonwealth Dominica.’


Ensuring that it had extracted sufficient and credible information, the Indian news portal continues; (c) ‘…The Dominica Government is cooperating with the Antiguan and Indian Governments.’ Most ‘Revealing and Damning’ may have been the contents of a paragraph, quoting PM Browne as saying ‘…We have asked the ‘Dominica Government’ to detain ‘Choksi’ for entering the country illegally and make him ‘Persona Non Grata’ [ANI: Mint: May 27, 2021]. Even as his ‘Fate’ appear to hang in the balance for ‘Extradition,’ he has experienced more calamities in the region, than he may have encountered in ‘India,’ his country of domicile.


As it affects the ‘Administrative Policy-Decisions’ respecting the removal of ‘Mehul Choksi’ from the ‘Commonwealth of Dominica,’ the ‘Courses of Action’ may have been better informed had ‘Immigration Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore discretely and gently quiz his ‘Antiguan and Barbudan’ counterpart, ‘Foreign and Immigration Minister, EP ‘Chet’ Greene.’ Perhaps the approach of openness, frankness and truthfulness’ may just have prevented that which has been seen regionally and internationally, as ‘The Choksi Mess-Up.’ Though this might be seen as purely coincidental, and not necessarily incidental to ‘Choksi’s Abduction’ from ‘Antigua/Barbuda to ‘Toucari Village’ in the Commonwealth of Dominica’ was said to be the former hometown of present ‘Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney QPM’ [RPFAB].


Subsequently forced to be forthright, and ensuring that no one was misinformed or misguided, in confirming such report, ‘Prime Minister Gaston Browne’ was quoted subsequently as saying; ‘…I got a message saying ‘Mehul Choksi’ has filed a complaint with the Antigua and Barbuda Police to the extent that he was abducted.’ Giving seized information and public assurance, he was further quoted as saying; ‘…It is a report that the Police have taken very seriously, and they are currently investigating the abduction’ [India Today: June 7, 2021]. Ironically, it was the Indian media that first reported on certain parts of the ‘Investigative Report.


In respect to the conduct of ‘Criminal Investigation’ into the ‘Mehul Choksi Abduction’ from ‘Antigua and Barbuda,’ an apparent leaked ‘Police Investigative Report’ has found its way onto the hands of the Editors of a foreign media entity. The report partially states; ‘…The plethora of real and circumstantial evidence makes it clear that a case of kidnapping, with broad collusion, among multiple conspirators exist’ [London-The Wire: ANR: May 21, 2022]. These damning revelations, together with the unfolding events surrounding his apparent forced removal from the jurisdiction of ‘Antigua and Barbuda,’ trigger no investigative head nor heartaches for ‘Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney QPM’ [Antigua and Barbuda].


The sun-drenched 170-square mile island-State of ‘Antigua (108) and Barbuda (62),’ has a population of some 100, 000 people. Culturally and socially, the citizens are ever welcoming, friendly, courteous, hospitable and law-abiding. The economic life of the nation, and ‘Revenue Generation’ have been challenging for many governing administrations including this nation. Invariably, some decisions have been influenced bad administrative policies. They have realized no meaningful ‘Economic Benefits’ to the nation and people.


When they don’t, the ‘Organization for Economic Cooperation Development ‘OECD,’ often stepped in with its international rules. Established and headquartered in ‘France’ states its rationale as ‘Corporate Governance.’ [September 30, 1961].  Thus, its principles focus upon; ‘Good Corporate Governance.’ This it said; ‘…Underpins market confidence, integrity and efficiency.’ Hence, it seeks to ‘…promote economic growth and financial stability’ [Bill Witherell: 2004]. Consequent upon the need to sustain some form of ‘Economic Growth,’ policy-makers creatively, yet optimistically and adventurously embarked upon an economic drive. Difficulties with cash flow saw the introduction of the ‘Economic Initiative,’ called the ‘Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP)’ [CIP: No: 2 of 2013].


Consequent upon developments in ‘Roseau,’ the delayed arrival of a ‘Indian Private Jet’ saved ‘Mehul Choksi’ from the apparent Treacherous Exploits’ of; (i) ‘…Antigua and Barbuda; (iii) …Commonwealth of Dominica; and (iii) …The Republic of India.’ From a professional investigative perspective, whoever ‘Masterminded’ the Plan’ for the ‘Abduction’ of ‘Indian-wanted fraud suspect ‘Mehul Choksi’ from ‘Antigua and Barbuda to the Commonwealth of Dominica,’ the plot appeared to have been thickened on its soil. Though executed on ‘Antiguan and Barbudan’ soil,’ little have been revealed by the Police, and by extension, officialdom.


Then for reasons of ‘Deteriorating Health,’ the High Court of Justice, he was granted ‘Bail’ with certain conditionalities including a Cash component of EC$10. 000 way in excess of the EC$3, 000 statutorily provided and imposable only by the adjudicating ‘Magistrate [IPA: Section 36]. For a man said to possess ‘Mega Wealth,’ that sum may have been considered negligible. This allowed ‘Medical Leave,’ ironically to travel back to where he had been ‘Abducted’- Antigua and Barbuda [India Today: July 12, 2021].


From the vicious attacked and ‘Forceful Abduction’ [May 23, 2022], mainstream and social media imagery showed severe marks of violence. Medical evidence may show that he was ‘Grievously Assaulted.’ The battering; (i) ‘…Left him bloodied with bruised limb and blood-shot eyes.’ Then added to his discomfort, he was reportedly; (ii) ‘…Secretly confined to a Dominica Police Cell, wincing in excruciating pain.’ Then kept incommunicado and subsequently ‘hospitalized for some 51 days’ under armed Police guard [May 23, 2021-July 11, 2021]. These chronolize the ‘Harrowing Experiences’ of ‘Mehul Choksi.’


That which may raise issues for ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ are; ‘…Truthfulness; (b) …Integrity; (c) …Transparency; (d) …Secrecy; and (c) …Public Trust.’ Speaking to the vexed issue of ‘Forceful Abduction,’ in a video-taped ‘Response of Denial;’ he told an Indian news portal ‘…There is no information of forceful removal or indication or evidence of such.’ As very shrewd reporters often do in making responses by interviewees, failed the litmus test of ‘Credibility and Veracity,’ while he spoke, television imagery showed visible ‘Marks of Violence’ on the person of the ‘Abductee Mehul Choksi’ [India Today and WIO News: YouTube: May 30, 2021].  


Given his horrific and psychologically devastating experiences, ‘Mehul Choksi’ had found himself in a ‘Four-way struggle’ with; (i) ‘…Indian (ii) …International abductors; (iii) …Antiguan and Barbudan; and (iv) …Dominican authorities,’ shall have very much to be praying for. His country of domicile- India, has officially requested his ‘Extradition from Antigua and Barbuda in keeping with established law’ [ANU: Section 9: Extradition Act: No. 12 of 1993]. This was to be heard only within the judicial system. This allows for the ‘Principles of Natural Justice,’ as well as the ‘Judiciary’ shall be seen to be at work. ’Though not necessarily affected by the elements of nature, in some jurisdictions, these institutions have become more of a nightmare to citizens, even not slumbering. Given his adversities, calamities and dilemma, the relocation of the ‘Bolans Police Station’ to the confines of the ‘Jolly Harbor Village/Community, though a restaurant or an on the terrace dinner should be comfortably enjoyed, they shall be no reason to pay attention only to the service providers and the ‘Moon and Stars.’ They are high in the skies. They pose no physical danger, and are harmless. Residents should also be mindful of their surroundings. They too, must feel a relieved, but deepened sense of security’ [Website: CDAL: JHMV: May 16, 2022].  ***

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  1. What on Earth is this act of intellectual masturbation? A total waste of words if I ever did see one.

  2. I always say laws is only as good as the person enforcing it.
    With the magnitude of this there should be updates, resignations, investigations both local and international
    The tail of the snake doesn’t go where the head doesn’t want it to.
    Can we stop the song and dance.
    If this wasn’t done with the blessings of 3 Govts. there would’ve been arrest warrants, manhunts
    Antigua and Dominica shame on you.

    • Ras Smooth your writings always well recieved but right now your not sounding like the original Ras Smooth could this be an imposter 🤔

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  4. Mr. Pompey, while you excite yourself with this meandering, incoherent, verbose treatise, you forgot a simple rule of communication: know your audience.

    As I have said many times to you, write simply. For your benefit, less will be more.


  5. Writer,

    I would like to understand the Choksi case but I don’t want to read a long winded motion. I am not in court. It don’t make sense what you’re doing. We are neither judges or lawyers. Write so we can read please. Thank you.


      This was really not written for ‘ANIMALS.’

      They do not have ‘…HUMAN UNDERSTANDING.’

      You are not ‘…WE.’

      WE, are like:

      (i) …’Antigua news Room (ANR):

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