Mehul Choksi has submitted 37 documents to prove that he is medically unfit to return


Fugitive Diamantaire Mehul Choksi has submitted 37 documents for cancellation of the Non Bailable warrant against him. The documents that he submitted to the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) Court via his lawyers Vijay Aggarwal and Rahul Aggarwal. The Enforcement Directorate has filed an application in the PMLA court to declare Mehul Choksi as Fugitive. As per provisions in the PMLA, a person is declared fugitive if he leaves the country to avoid criminal prosecution or being overseas and refuses to return.

The legal team that represents Mehul Choksi is trying to prove that he is willing to return. But not in a Medical Condition that can be deemed fit to Travel. He is currently in Antigua and Barbuda where all tests were conducted during a routine check-up which revealed a lot of health complications. His lawyers have submitted MRI reports of his Brain which indicates that he has a Clot in his Brain. He has also submitted X-Rays of his Spine and Knee which indicate that he is suffering from Osteoarthritis. All the diseases mentioned are linked to obesity.

Mehul Choksi had fled India in 2018 just before the Punjab National Bank scam was exposed. He is learnt to have acquired citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda in 2017 and has surrendered his Indian passport. It has just been a few days that Nirav Modi the Co-Accused and Nephew of Mehul Choksi was traced in London in the UK. Just after which on the request of the Indian Government UK has arrested and detained Nirav Modi. His extradition proceedings will begin shortly.

It came as a surprise to many that Nirav Modi was unable to get a Bail which is a normal procedure in such kind of cases. But experts have cited that since his arrest was all of a sudden, he must have been caught unawares. This must have not given him the time to secure the Bail amount or secure adequate legal representation. This sudden arrest of Nirav Modi must have alerted Mehul Choksi. Probably why he has submitted documents to show that he is willing to come but his health is preventing him to do so.

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  1. Real sad that he is that he is tooo ill to return, but have those ailments suddenly attacked him after he arrived here?
    Oh my! Wish him a speedy recovery.

    • Remember the air quality in India is quite shitty. Once he arrived in the Caribbean to clean and crisp air, his body rebelled since it was not used to good stuff.

  2. am sure anyone who read this news or false news is going to just laugh, shake them head and say only in antigua. why is our government protecting this guy.

    • There are legal procedures that must be met and he is using those, we do not know in good faith or bad but the evidence shows good faith medical reasons. if there was no medical reason, it would be so easy that he is misusing legal proceedings but obviously there are medical issues. I and i am sure, you, would use every legal procedure to avoid being sent to prison whether you are innocent (not guilty) or guilty.

  3. This guy should fly home to India in a specially equipped medical hospital plane. He has the funds to pay for it. He needs to go home. India is the largest democracy in the world, a nation committed to the rule of law. If he needs the medical care he’s saying, India is better equipped to give him what he needs. Have a pleasant journey.

  4. I wonder what will antigua be like in 15 to 20 yrs time. i hope it won’t be a combination of Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad. jah help our youths.

  5. He should encourage his doctor to make a public statement on his behalf.
    The credibility of his doctor is most important.

  6. When you have money you can do lots of things……. Ask Mr. King & Choksi. You can simply have these matter drag out in the courts for as long as you can pay, thereby saving your ass. Poor people would have already been whisked and shipped out in hand cuffs accompanied by Cops. What do we owe thus “make shift” citizen of Antigua of Indian origin that we can’t just ship him out and save the good name of Antigua and Barbuda. London has done their part and arrested his co-accused. Antigua is defiant!
    As for Mr King, I guess if Jack Warner can defy going to the US to stand trial, then so can he. This and more is irking the United States. Both men just delaying the inevitable. Money talks!

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