Breaking: Mehul Choksi coming back to Antigua for medical treatment


Update by Nature Isle News:

The high court has approved a consent Order by the defense team and the State’s lawyer for Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi to travel to Antigua to seek medical attention from a specialized neurologist in Antigua.

He is to deposit EC $10,000.00 cash bail to secure his bail. His matter in the magistrate’s court has been stayed until his return to Dominica.

Earlier Report:

A High Court judge moments ago offered bail to Indian Fugitive Mehul Choksi.

The Dominica High Court took into consideration concerns surrounding Choki’s health.

He has been warded at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital while awaiting an outcome in his illegal entry case.

Choksi alleges he was abducted and taken to Dominica as part of an elaborate scheme to extradite him back to India where is he facing fraud charges.

More to come on his bail reporting conditions.


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  1. The Doctor cannot travel to Dominica? What kinda silly decision is that?
    Is this the mop up phase of operation currypot?

    • Why? he has your passport so accept your citizen. We do not have equipment. Is his doc going to take the machines on a plane? You Gaston apologists mot easy. Hold your problem

    • At least there getting 10k out of it Dominica is a real banana republic how could other countries really take you serious.

  2. He is coming back for medical treatment. This is the joke of the year so far. There is no case against him in Dominica. They need to go a bury their heads into the sands of time. He should get the heck out of Dominica and don’t go back. File a Lawsuit against the Government of Dominica. For holding him under a false disguise of illegal entry.File it from Antigua and let it end up in the Privy Council.

  3. A you go pay for the doctor to travel where in the world u a hear doctor a travel to ones country to perform medical practices, wa he go do ship all his advance medical equipment too. swear yall can be so dunce at times

    • @Smh
      Doctors travel to Antigua on a monthly basis from Trinidad to conduct medical services at Sir Lester’s Hospital.

      Dr Thwaites travels often to provide his services.
      Dr. Edwards travels to St kitts regularly to provide services
      Dr Joey John does the same thing.
      Dr Singh same thing.

      You must be a red .minion ….

    • @Smh
      His liberty is taken away, therefore it is the responsibility of Dominica government to give him medical services.

      Now under normal circumstances Dominicans goes to Barbados or Trinidad for medical services, it would make more sense if he was denied bail and pursue medical services in Trinidad or Barbados.

      Consider the fact that Antigua is part of the investigation and all that has been said publicly, Antigua should have been avoided for medical services.

    • It would be interesting if serpent can get an interview, but the dog might go to court to block it

  4. It’s shameful to know that some people are ready to sell their souls to the devil, for a tiny share of stolen dollars. Guess this is why, we get these viruses, assassinations, hurricanes and what not.. to make all of us suffer.

  5. Dominica is just getting rid of this problem called Choksi. Once he is here he becomes Antigua’s problem again. The operation was messed up and now nobody wants to hold the hot potato. This is all so shameful.

    • “Amazing”, he is no son of this soil. He’s a son of the soil of India, and they want him home. Don’t let him disembark here.

  6. Let’s get real folks. Do I smell a scam, one that makes by big stink? Phew. Don’t let that fat boy off the plane. It seems he might (?) be playing us. They have all the doctors he needs in India. Turn him over to them. With all his antics, he’s making us look fooly or something. Go home to India. Nobody here wants him. Even the opposition should demand that this guy should be kicked out of Antigua. We could be and should be all united on this one. UPP, DNA, ABLP should be one on this issue. Time to move on.

  7. MELCHESIDEC despite what you may think it is the correct decision. Yes, Choksi will eventually face the law in India, but how this scenario unfolded Choksi should not have been treated the way he was in Dominica. The evidence is pellucidly clear that Choksi did not voluntarily enter Dominica illegally. If Choksi entered Dominica illegally, what of the captain of the yacht and the other crew members. The whole thing was a big farce. I am really saddened to see how it unfolded legally. It was a slap in the face of our judicial process. Despite what Gaston, Tenman and all the others have said, Choksi is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. He is rightly returned to Antigua to face the law here re his extradition case. The governments of Antigua and Dominica in collusion with India was trying to get Choksi back to India through the back door.

    • How can an OECS state’s citizen illegally enter another OECS state? I’m just curious as to the logic there. Maybe a lawyer can clarify?

      • Antigua First being an OECS citizen does not mean you cannot enter another OECS country illegally. For example, you cannot enter another OECS country (or any country for that matter) unless you enter through a legally recognized port of entry. If you enter outside of a legally recognized port of entry you have entered the country illegally.

        • Thanks for the explanation. My other question now is, why would the defendant need to travel to Antigua for medical care? Doesn’t Dominica have good doctors? It all seems rather strange that a man was allegedly kidnapped and brought to Dominica and rather than just be returned to Antigua where he holds citizenship, they are wasting government resources on a court case. I could be wrong, but it seems he hasn’t committed a crime in either country. As far as I’m concerned he needs to come back to Antigua and then the government needs to tell him to him face that they are legally revoking his citizenship if that is possible. If not, they need to butt out until he has committed a crime here. Again, I’m not a lawyer, so I’m just giving my honest opinion. This nonsense could have been resolved here. It is being made to seem that they can’t kick him out, so the next best thing is to make him look bad.

    • Tabor are u member of the court… and writing this kind of nonsense….boss stop trying so hard to be favored for attorney General… boss man than can never happen

      • CURIOUS you have to be specific and tell me what is the nonsense (legal or otherwise) that I am talking. Do that and let us engage in a discussion.

  8. Mr. PM all the big mouth you have for the pickey head native Antiguans and Barbudans, let me see how bad man the Top Dawg you be now. Choksi will be back on Antigua soil in your hands. Extradition him back to India as soon as he touch Antigua soil!!! Let Dominica see how things run from this end. You’re the Dan now and the ball is in your playing field. Play ball Mr. PM!!!

  9. Stupid question but why are you all up in arms over “a fugitive from the law”? This back and forth ranting has these people laughing at us here in the Caribbean, not just Antigua & Barbuda and Dominica, think about it! When will you all open your eyes to what’s truly going on around you? If not guilty of the crime accused why run, why fight extradition, why give up your birthright? Come on people, wake the hell up! Time is running out on us all and so many of you are still blindly following the blind!

  10. For all the Gaston ass kissing dingleberry lipped surfs on this forum, India does not recognise dual citizenship.

    Regardless of your opinion, the law is the law. Not even world dictator traitor tyrant liar crime boss Gaston Browne can circumvent that although he miserably failed by human trafficking means to send him to India.

    Due to the actions of world dictator traitor tyrant liar crime boss Gaston Browne, Roosevelt (the other asshole) and the other Indian nationals, we are in the international spotlight. I wonder if all those who voted for the asshole Gaston Browne along with his ass kissing dingleberry lipped surfs are happy with all this.

    Bring all those criminals to justice for the murder of Nigel Christian. No one not even govt ministers are above the law. The customs officer was doing his job and found out all who are involved in the “forged” ABLB signature creative enrichment scheme.

  11. Perhaps you didn’t notice that the India Embassy already declared that fat boy IS still a citizen of India.

  12. Avatar photo Some of you can huff some of you can puff and you can call him fat boy but his most important name is ÀNTIGUA CITIZEN .

    @ Kristi the Indian Embassy is the word of God ? They can declare anything they want to but that’s why everything will be settled in a court of law.
    When got citizenship , and they took his money he was like a knight in shining armor .

    • @ some of you

      Don’t bother wasting time with Kristi, she is one of Gaston’s ass kissers.

  13. @Charles Tabor

    Please take off your UPP hat and put on your legal cloak and address my points above.

    Is this development that you are supporting another collusion between Dominica and Antigua, but because it is favorable to you, there is no problem with this collusion.

    There must be diplomatic talks to ensure that he can come to Antigua under the circumstances.

    Tabor put on your legal cloak and take off your blue blinders.

    • If you Gaston n Skerrit didnt try what they did we would not be here. He has an extradition case in Antiguan let him face his case and work from there. He is your citizen so hold your bag of troubles. He did not swim to Dominica on his own so a your arguments are irrelevant.

  14. Sudden nah right!!!!! This whole thing is just a bunch of hoopla. Thought if someone enters a country illegally they are deported to the country of citizenship especially if they have citizenship for the country of origin. Do know this man, however politicians have their hands in this saga BIG TIME. Not sure what went wrong but it appears this was a covert operation where something went haywire.

  15. These are the moments when you have to question the Judiciary. Never seen such a judgement before. He was not able to get bail under normal circumstances as he was considered a flight risk but is able to get bail to seek medical services. Which one could ask if the doctor cannot come to visit him in Dominica? As if they believe that he will return to Dominica anytime soon. This man does everything to evade being send back to India to face the music. They should block his access to any type of funds. Cause it is only his money that keeps him going.

    • If someone enters a country illegally, the country usually just deport them from whence the came. The circumstances surrounding his entry to Dominica is questionable. If the government of Dominica was convinced that he entered the country illegally, why have they not seek the extradition of the boat captain. He did not swim to Dominica.
      The Antiguan government took his money and gave him citizenship. He is Antigua’s problem. Send him back to Antigua and let them deal with it.

  16. MELCHESIDEC I have looked at your comment and it does not make much sense. For example, how could Choksi be denied bail and given medical attention in Barbados or Trinidad. As I said before the Judiciary in Dominica screwed up the matter (for whatever reason I do not know). Look at the circumstances of how Choksi so called enter Dominica illegally. The boat docked in Toucarie bay (and I know what I am talking about since I lived in Dominica for 14 years) which is not a port of entry. The boat is met by the Commissioner of Police and Choksi is taken off the boat and the captain of the boat and the others on board are allowed to go free. The evidence is so compelling that it is a travesty of the judicial system that Choksi was charged with illegal entry into Dominica. Choksi’s place is rightfully back here in Antigua and it is for the government of Antigua to deal with him and the extradition case that is in the court. The law is the law and justice should be done and seen to be done.

    • Are you aware that he can be accompanied with the security force to get the medical treatment required? Or Fly a specialist in to provide the service?
      Once someone’s liberty is taken away, his health becomes the responsibility of the state, no? Hence the reason people die in prison.

      And you and UPP are the same ones that complained about the murder at poor house. Tabor study your bar.

  17. Just information for the conversation. Some countries grant visas; however, these visas only give you legal entry on a commercial vessel or aircraft. Anytime you want to enter on a private vessel or craft you need to get permission before you travel. The pilot or captain of these vessels and aircrafts need to be knowledgeable of this or they can be held accountable for having brought in persons illegally.

  18. FROM THE SIDELINE so what is your point re the Choksi matter. Let us assume that the yacht that took Choksi was a private vessel, where are the other people that were on the yacht, in particular the two men who ended up staying at Fort Young Hotel in Roseau. In an case, whether you are a private vessel or commercial vessel you have to enter a country at a port of entry. Toucarie Bay on the north coast of Dominica is not a port of entry.

  19. It is sad that you claim to be a lawyer.
    I preface it by saying “Just information for the conversation”. I was not trying to make any point.

  20. FROM THE SIDELINE so if you are not trying to make a point, then what is the point in commenting. You are becoming more and more illogical and ridiculous. In the context of the Choksi matter nothing turned on your comment about needing a visa when you enter on a private craft or vessel. Your non-point is nonsensical. Whether you have a visa or not you can only enter any country in this world through a legal port of entry. It seems as if you just write things for writing sake. Ensure what you write make sense and relates to the issue being discussed. Whether you said information for conversation or not does not make what you said sensible or means that you are not trying to make a point. Yes, I claim to be a lawyer. What do you claim to be a financial wizard like Gaston. If you are so sure and confident about yourself, then why the hell don’t you stop using an alias and put your damn name like me. Please stop hiding behind your alias FROM THE SIDELINE. I hope you are not one of those ALP minions that comment under different aliases.

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