Mehul Choksi captured in Dominica: reports


The Antigua Observer has reported that Indian-born fugitive Mehul Choksi is in the custody of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Dominica.


Choksi was reported missing on Sunday by a family member, sparking a manhunt for him.


Yesterday, local police said they were seeking help from local and regional law enforcement counterparts and had asked Interpol to issue a yellow notice list.


He was apprehended by lawmen in Dominica last night, following the issuance of yellow notice alert. Police in Dominica are making arrangements to hand him over to Antigua police.


Choksi received Antigua and Barbuda citizenship in 2017 but is wanted in his home country for his alleged involvement in a US multi-billion-dollar bank fraud.

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  1. What crimes did he commit in Antigua? He was in Antigua as a Citizen of that Country. Has that Citizenship been revoke? Perhaps he would be fighting extradition back to Antigua from Dominica. That is within his right. Cannot wait to see the full out come of this matter of Choksi. Selling of our Passport is dangerous. Remember that man who killed himself in Thailand. He was involve in the Dark Web. When the Thai Police went to his place to arrest him,he committed suicide. He was a Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda by the CIP. Is the CIU really doing due diligence on potential Citizens.Or are they saying just pay the fees and come.

    • I agree with your comment. He has given us too much headache in Antigua and scandals around the world. Make he walks fast to India.

    • @Kristi, I agreed with your comment. He has caused so many problems with the extradition especially giving our country a bad name around the world. He needs to walk or run fast back to India. Antigua and Barbuda have become a safe haven for too many criminals. The little dot on the world map that many big countries didn’t recognize and still some do not. However, as these criminals keep coming here every nation, island, or country in this world will know us.

      • Your nation May be a small dot on the map. But with citizen like you who take pride in your nation and want to preserve its image , it’s a very large impact the small dot is having

  2. Unbelievable.
    Did he swim?!
    How come the man wasn’t stopped at airport, private runway, ports?
    Who aided his ‘escape’?
    No hope of answers to these questions.

    • @Really
      I doubt it was an airport arrival.
      The disappearance centered around the Jolly Harbor area according the the articles. So, boat/yacht could be in play here. Could be a seashore arrival to Dominica.
      If he is a resident of Jolly Harbor, he by now would have made good connections with boaters.
      Who helped him?
      Which boater got pain off?
      Did his family know about this and lied to the police about his “sudden” disappearance?

    • He must have went down to Dominica on the vegetables boat. Back in the days people would used these vegetables vessels (boats) to escaped. I believe it is still happening.

    • Wow… How did he get to DA? Did he have accomplies? This should thoroughly be investigated? Someone took him there unless he swim. Charge’s should be made to answer for arriving in DA illegally. Pay for the crime and then deported back to wherever.

  3. Another international scandal the ALP has inflected upon us. Why are they sending him back to Antigua? There is an active red notice from India, so send him home.

  4. If he has that kind of money, he can get anyone to take him to Dominica, with a s are opened or not.

    • Rumors on the street suggest he may not have “that kind of money”, and likely never did. This guy has to face his fate in India. I hope he is held in 1735 the moment he steps foot on Antigua soil, until he is turned over to the India authorities. They are a democracy and he’ll get a fair trial. He has NOTHING to fear (if he is innocent, of course). If he’s guilty, God help him.

  5. I thought police were guarding him because of the extradition. Again, I could be wrong. They should have him sign in at the police station 3 times a day to help keep track of him.

  6. Choksi fled to Dominca because like most international criminals he should know that Dominca is the CRIMINAL HEAVEN of the Caribbean under the criminal enterprise of Skerrit posing as a government.

    The former Nigerian oil minister Madeuke who stole billions from Nigeria is the holder of a Dominican passport. Monfared the Iranian now serving jail for stealing billions from Iran was the holder of a Dominican passport, who lived in Dominca under the protection of the Dominican government and police before fleeing justice when his hiding place of Dominica was visited by international law enforcement agencies.

    The Dominican passport selling program actually targets criminals in need of multiple identities. Dominca has been transformed into the CRIMINAL HEAVEN OF THE CARIBBEAN.

  7. So we see what those politicians mash up our beautiful island a sell our passports to criminals so the rest of the world see us as criminals…

  8. The headlines is very sensational. Was Choksi captured? Is he wanted in Antigua and Barbuda? Did he commit a crime in Antigua to be a wanted man. If and or when Dominica send him back to Antigua.Are they going to arrest him. If so,for what. Leaving the island by swimming to Dominica.LOL

  9. Waiting to see if he is going to challenge his return to Antigua and Barbuda since he also holds Dominican citizenship. Could have been a tactical move on his part.

  10. And here we go with another scandal involving world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne. How much more proof you voters need?

    We know the characters on this forum who still support world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne. They must be getting some good under the table kickbacks from him.

  11. It appears Mr. Choksi was double-crossed, it is obvious he was taken via ship to Dominica, how he was able to board that ship and abscond to a neighboring island may possibly remain a mystery.

    Was he kidnapped and dumped in Dominica? An Indian news site stated he was found wandering on a beach and couldn’t produce the relevant documents to the authorities. Did he willfully travel to Dominica and his contact there reneged on their agreement? Whatever the scenario this highlighted the fact that our nation’s seaways are not as protected as we want to believe.

    • Samething in Dominica
      The Crime Ministers of the region are cooperating with each other creating a regional carbal
      The lawyers who finally saw him are saying he was beaten, tased, had swollen eyes and he claimed he was abducted and brought to Dominica on a boat then brought to Roseau by Coast Guard vessel
      We smell a stinking rat!

  12. Hi, I am from India. People in Carrabean Islands may not know much about this fugitive called Mehul Choksi..

    He is most wanted criminal who looted billions of Dollars of Indian people’s savings kept in several banks. He also cheated millions of people who invested in his companies & 1000s of employees.

    He is a big cheater & very intelligent crook. Involved in biggest banking scam in India & looted billions of dollars of poor people money kept in banks.

    Not a word he says can be trusted. He is very good story tellar with crocodile tears & very smart operator to find ways to escape from procecution. What’s all kinds of crimes he committed in India are available in Google search.. there are several chargesheets on him by Indian police in several states..

    Interestingly.. the basis on which Mehul Choksi got Antigua citizenship is itself based on false declaration that he didn’t have any criminal cases/ proceedings against him in India in 2017 when he applied for his Antigua citizenship.. But from 2014 itself there were almost 30-40 FIRs / criminal cases filed in various courts all over India against him by several people in India from all states.

    This info is very much supplied to all Government investigation agencies.

    He must have bribed his way into getting Antiguan citizen ship as he has lots & lots of the looted booty of dollars from Indian banks.

    So based on that It’s not difficult to get his citizenship cancelled by Anitgua as the Antiguan PM himself is ready to cancel his citizenship.

    Once his citizenship is cancelled He can be deported to India as he is most wanted criminal in India & also has Interpole look out notices issued on him..

    I don’t know why both Antiguan & Indian Government is not doing this.

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