MEGATRON sends strong message to APUA managers

Stan "Megatron" Richards

Social media personality Stan ‘Megatron’ Richards says his suspension from APUA is unjustified and what he does on his personal time is his business.

Richards has also stated what he thinks is the source of the water woes in Antigua. Listen to him here:





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  1. PETE
    Stupidity is, when someone talks and doesn’t know what they are say.
    Now go say what you wrote ,while looking in the mirror

  2. Megatron I agree with you 100 percent. What you do on your personal time is your business . But you should have removed their uniform.

  3. MEGATRON You were wearing the Government uniform. How STUPID can you be…you are an AWFUL Person. Hope you go on the BREADLINE. Hope UPP will give you a job. Harold will find you a job at COOKS DUMP.

    • @ PETE: This man MEGATRON is a National of Antigua and Barbuda. You would want to see him on the breadline. Is it because he does not agree with the Gaston Browne’s philosophy? Too many of you on this portal are like empty vessels. You would make the most noises and say absolutely nothing. That man has a right to speak. I have listened to him and he seems to be an independently minded thinking person. Unlike many of you Labor Party/Gaston Browne supporters. If you people only had a brain.

  4. What are Gaston Browne’s hours of work? He was on Observer FB Page last Friday at around 1pm trying to heckle Franz about not finishing PM school. That’s why we’re going to fire Gaston Browne for making mischief on the people’s time. Using the WiFi that we the people pay for!


      Hon. Gaston Browne does whatever He wants. Look into your own UPP. That is the reason for the following..

      ABLP 17 SEATS

      UPP 00 SEAT.

    • The TRUTH is that LOVELL IS A LIAR AND A LOSER! Jamal Pringle and Richard Lewis can’t wait for him to be kicked to the curb by Melford.

  5. Time for backstabbing Gaston Browne to be voted out.

    He needs to be decapitated figuratively speaking.

    Gaston back stabbed me and if he can do that to me, he can more than do the same to the rest of us. He and I were tight.

  6. You people in Antigua it’s seems like the brain cells don’t work anymore. This guy work for the government so after he’s finished working on his personal time he has to watch what he’s saying and doing? So what about the people in government who’s getting paid by the people who’s using our money to do absolutely nothing but waste time. The pm is doing what talking about this man and others all day every day calling people all kind of nasty names and who’s holding this man responsible for his actions? This man talks about cutting off this man head and the idiot the lowlife followers who is singing begging lying for their supper has no issues with his statements? Now who gives the pm a free pass to belittle people and it’s ok. Look at some of you old fart like like the devil himself supporting the evil and talking about he right. Instead of getting two hundred dollars for your vote some of you should try and get at least a elementary school education. Some of your faces look like the dirt you walk on. The pm need to represent his country and set an example the man uniform means nothing when he’s not on the clock. Maybe some of you old clowns should teach your children the uniform they’re wearing they should try and represent themselves as children and not call girls. Maybe some of you should worry about where you work and how you have no customer service or one ounce of training for the job and have zero qualifications so you have to play the part to keep your job. You want evil for people who is not on the red side hope when things go down hill hope the same people who said send him to cooks will not end up there. Worry about the COUNTRY and NOT colors. Get some education knowledge is power don’t be a follower be a leader where will your children be in five years?


      This goes for every single human being ever to walk the face of this earth. So let us not get distracted by hypocrites or when people fail us. At the end of the day, it is EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF on Judgement Day.

      “ And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the BOOK OF LIFE: and the dead were JUDGED out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” `Revelation 20:12

  7. Stan Richards is a lying hypocrite. In each video his timelines change and adds to his nonsense. I wonder when he will talk about the indecent language that he let on a manager (christian Stan). The same money that he says will be valueless in the streets is what this whole thing is about? SMH.
    He certainly has his fans who don’t question his nonsense or are just too afraid to. He knows everything and is always right and if you dare to stand up to him you are enemy #1. That’s why no one wants him on their job site. Just ask the people that he has worked with. They give him some work to do at home and keep him far from their other work because of his obnoxious behaviour.

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