Meet the 2024 Labour Queen Pageant Contestants


Labour Queen 2024: 9 Contestants Set to Compete on Saturday, May 4th, at The People’s Place, ABLP HQ, Transformed into a Majestic Sea of Red!


Shermain Eustache is a Caribbean woman of strength, beauty, and intelligence, who embodies two cultures and is rooted in her cultural identity. She was an avid member of the cultural, church, and youth groups in her community in Dominica. She also has a passion for pageantry, having performed exceptionally in previous pageants and capturing the Miss Mayfest crown in 2016.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Dominica and losing everything, Shermain was forced to relocate to Antigua in search of safety and a better life. Her appreciation for cultural diversity made it easy to integrate into the multicultural sphere in Antigua. She hosted the Dia Learning Academy Virtual launch and volunteered at the Dia Learning Academy Summer Camp.

Shermain intends to advance her career as an entrepreneur by completing her studies in Business Management at the University of the West Indies.


On the 8 of December 2001, a rare gem was born! Ms Deneka Dublin or Minnie (a nickname given to her by her peers) embodies the essence of a queen. As a team player and lover of the arts, she has always been involved in wholesome activities which have molded her into the well-rounded young woman she is today. During her tenure at the All Saints Secondary School, she was a star cheerleader and proudly represented her school in football, netball, and track and field. Deneka is known to be an introvert but that quickly changed after she joined the Elite Dance company 10 years ago. In 2019 she was selected to represent Antigua and Barbuda at CARIFESTA and can always be seen on local stages performing for many Soca artists or at a resort.

This future entrepreneur hopes to become a well-known name in the field of cosmetology and in her spare time she can be found sipping a glass of Rosé, dancing, or having a social day with her friends.


Nineteen-year-old Shanakay McDonald is a motivated, highly driven, and ambitious young lady. She is a proud graduate of the Princess Margaret School, with aspirations to become a licensed nurse practitioner. Shanakay has been a dancer at the Verity Dance Company for 8 years and wishes to continue and express her love and emotions through dance.

She also has a special love for modeling and caught her stride in modeling through the Dream Catcher Modeling Agency which evolved into Myst Modelling Management. This has led her to entertain the crowds at Carnival, the Jumby Bay Islands, Rum Runners, and Mill Reef Club. Shanakay’s determination and motivation make her willing to take on any challenge, any given task, and take every opportunity to reach higher heights. She lives by the quote, “YOU WIN OR YOU LEARN.”


24 year old Kenesha James is a committed, dedicated, and calm young black woman with a varied personality including ambition, kindness, and consideration. A proud graduate of the All Saints Secondary School and the Advanced Level Department of Antigua State College, Kenesha is now a full-time student at the University of the West Indies, where she channels her love of people into pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management.

An avid swimmer with a love for the open ocean, Kenesha is currently training to earn her professional swimmer’s Life Saving Certification to help and save others in need of this important skill. Kenesha is also a proud Model of the Dream Catcher Modeling Agency where modeling is one of her top priorities. Having entered and performed successfully in previous pageants, Kenesha has an immense passion and love for pageantry.

In the future, Kenesha hopes to travel the globe as a professional flight attendant. Her life motto? “Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you

do your fears.” “Success is no accident.”


The perfect blend of intellect, poise, and a fashionista. Nevaeh is not only passionate about beauty, but she also loves football and tennis. Her favorite aspect of any game is winning which demonstrates not only her competitive nature, but also her capacity for involvement in anything she undertakes.

Nevaeh is an explorer who loves to travel and make memories as she navigates the world. She excelled academically at the Clare Hall Secondary School with English and Biology being her favorite subjects. With her eyes fixed on becoming a hotel manager, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the University of the West Indies. Always being a lover of pageants, this is her first step on stage, filled with confidence. She is ready to step onto the pageant stage Nevaeh is grateful to her father every day for raising her in the manner that he has and owes all of her achievements to him. Nevaeh, brings with her the spirit of a traveler and the eye of a photographer, paying attention to every detail, the style of a fashionista, and the intellect of a scholar.


Nechel James is a strong, determined, committed, and goal-oriented woman of Labour, who has a longstanding love for the arts and pageantry. During Nechel’s tenure at the Clare Hall Secondary School, she was an extrovert with a nurturing spirit. She has a strong inclination for helping those in need and assisting family and friends, especially younger children with school work or general studies. This is the driving force that fuels her passion to become an educator.

The journey to the stage for Labour Queen 2024, is a feather in my cap of accomplishments as I continuously “Strive For Excellence!


Dominique Trotman is a dynamic, visionary powerhouse, radiating passion and creativity in every endeavor. As a graphic designer and the mind behind Domino Effect, her work mesmerizes with its flair and captivating edge. From adorning local businesses with her exceptional graphics to creating remarkable clothing as a passionate seamstress, Dominique’s talents know no bounds.

A distinguished alumna of Clarehall Secondary School, Dominique graduated with prestigious honors and clinched a National CSEC award for her exceptional accomplishments. Undaunted by challenges, she triumphed once more with Honors from the Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Technology in 2021.

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Dominique embarks on a transformative journey in the art of hairdressing at the Antigua and Barbuda Institute for Continuing Education. A fearless adventurer at heart, she revels in outdoor escapades, cherishes precious moments with loved ones, and champions the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world.

A trailblazer in the Antiguan creative realm, Dominique envisions expanding her company and gracing the pages of Vogue with her artistry. Fueled by unwavering determination and a belief in limitless possibilities, she credits her success to the guidance of the Almighty, for whom all things are achievable.


Meet the vibrant Aliyah Wayne; a 19-year-old force of nature, with a heart as big as her dreams!

Aliyah’s love for singing started as a young child and blossomed at the Antigua Girls’ High School, where she was exposed to performing in front of live audiences. This has led her to even bigger stages, such as the 2019 Queen of Carnival competition as a guest artist, and most recently, a guest artist at Soothe.

Aliyah is envisioning her future as a speech pathologist, eager to make a difference in the lives of others. After discovering her passion for behavior analysis, Aliyah has decided to pursue a degree in speech therapy, with the intention to establish her own clinic. This is a testament that her sights are not just set on chasing crowns; she is chasing her passion to empower and uplift while helping others find their voice. Aliyah also aspires to be a role model for young women, showing them that through self-confidence, dedication and most importantly, determination, anything is possible.

Get ready to be wowed by Aliyah’s vocal prowess and her unwavering commitment to making the world a better place, one melody at a time!


Eddenya Aska, a 19-year-old advocate for youth, women, and LGBTQ+ rights, possesses a

fervent passion for content creation and personal development.

She is a proud graduate of both the Antigua Girls High School and the Antigua State College. Her dedication to social change and the pursuit of high standards and excellence is evident through her active involvement across various platforms. From the Honey Bee Theatre to the Antigua Girls High School (AGHS) and Antigua State College (ASC) Debate Club, AGHS Poetry Club, ASC Drama and Sports Club, and the University of the West Indies Five Islands Club Events Committee, where she served as a Media Specialist, Eddenya consistently demonstrates her commitment to these causes.

Eager to broaden her horizons, Eddenya emerged victorious in a competitive bid to serve as the Resident British Commissioner for a day, and she now serves as an intern at the Resident British Commission. She aspires to leverage this valuable experience to propel herself forward. Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance at the University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus, Eddenya aims to utilize her education to make significant contributions to the development of Antigua and Barbuda. Eddenya balances her academic pursuits while also fulfilling her role as the Public Relations Officer of the UWI Five Islands Guild of Students.

In her everyday actions and interactions, Eddenya embodies her favorite quote, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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