Meet Neil Gomes of Anointed Farm located in McKinnons


The Anointed Farm is located in McKinnons and is owned and operated by Neil Gomes. From a very young age, Neil was very interested in nature and plants.


This accelerated in secondary school when he was exposed to Agricultural Science.


 He was one of the stalwarts in the Agriscience program at the Ottos Comprehensive School and even had a backyard garden at home.


The farm is approximately ten (10) acres and for almost thirty (30) years, Farmer Gomes has been growing produce such as onions, pumpkins, seasoning peppers, cabbages, tomatoes, lettuce, and melons.


He has always been one of the top farmers in Antigua and Barbuda.


“I won farmer of the year award in 1997, I was judged the top farmer of Antigua & Barbuda, I’ve always been in the top ten farmers since I started,” Gomes said.


His work in agriculture has not been restricted to crop production but additionally, he has represented Antigua & Barbuda in regional meetings, conferences, and workshops and sat on several advisory committees.


Recently, he was the proud recipient of the FAO award presented to him by Minister Samantha Marshall for his sterling contribution to Agriculture.

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  1. Congrats and he did this with only 10 acres. If only Serpent would follow this example with his 26 acres of prime farm land left to rot while food prices are rising world wide and food security is in question.

    • It seem like the reptile (“SERPENT”) doesn’t know a damn thing about farming. Chuups.

  2. How all of you never see or know when serpent farm was producing, but because of political nastiness are you well know that he nar do nun, and the man clearly say because that he’s the managing director of NewsCo and now actively involved in politics, he leave the farm to rest.

    • he said that AFTER he was EXPOSED!!! Nasty, worthless good-for-nothing-farmer. A burning shame and disgrace to society.

  3. Wow! Now there is a real farmer who has actually PRODUCED on the acres of land.

    The UPP candidate Algernon Watts can learn soooooo much from this real farmer if he but humbles himself. Look at those watermelons 🍉

    (No sightings of old fridge, old stove, overgrown grass, debris, nasty garbage).

    Big up ya self Farmer Gomes.

  4. Boss, now that serpent inna politics da man decide fa ease off the farming
    Less competition for the locals
    If the man get back into farming y’all ga say *Serpant a already wan big politician, went he war compete with the likka locals inna farming*
    Ayy aryu nah even know wha aryu want

    • He nah decide fu ease arf a nutten. He is NASTY, WUTLISS and INCOMPETENT. Lub fu run up he mouth and know he backyard fullah mess.

      Imagine the aspiring Minister of Agriculture unable to upkeep a farm. Young people wish they could get even half of the 26 acres.

      Serpent is a HYPOCRITE!!!!

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