Medical Student Caught Stealing Groceries Twice


A 22-year-old medical student reportedly stole close to $300’s worth of goods from Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy.


According to reports, a security guard caught the alleged shoplifter concealing the groceries in a shopping bag, which he had placed in a cart while in the supermarket.


The security guard reportedly confronted the Canadian man after he exited the store and escorted him to the supervisor’s office.


Supermarket Owner, Robert Barret reportedly told police this is the second time the student was seen stealing from his supermarket.


Barret is said to have given the man a break on the first occasion.

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  1. I guess the second time it’s no excuse. I know student’s live is hard but going stealing only makes things worse. Might have to do some prison time and then be deported. And that is the end of your carrier as a doctor. That is why we have to talk to our children when they go overseas to study and face all sorts of hardship. I’ve been there. Had to beg food sometimes.

  2. Hmmmmm second time!!! Hope he gets a 2 months stay at Hotel 1735 and make sure he gets a unforgettable experience.

  3. Only black people are deed as thieves. Times are hard yes, therefore buy what you can afford. Don’t have back and neck pocket and try to buy lobster or salmon. Well seasoned and fried back and neck is better than KFC.

  4. wow! Must be nice being a “Canadian”

    I wonder if a “Local” would have gotten a “second chance” from Mr. Barret

  5. I am sorry that this has happened to your business Mr. Barret. You’re a kind man to have given the student a break on the first incident and I guess that he didn’t learn.

  6. Seems everyone in Antigua is hungry.In my opinion one would only steal food.Because of a lack in affordability to purchase said food and or hunger.I would be quick to forgave one who steals food to eat and support family.I would never forgave anyone who steals from the peoples purse.

    • Hey, maybe he’s stealing food because he’s buying other priority things that are harder to steal. while i’m about to generalize here; most Med Students aren’t starving!! he should face the full extent of the law. Stealing food is like stealing ourt of Mr. Barrett’s purse. sorry!

      • @Michele:
        The full extent of the Law,you say.What Law?If he was a Politician in Antigua and Barbuda stealing from the peoples purses.What would you have said then?Not a darn word would be heard from you.As for Barrett,no one can steal from him.Have you seen the prices in his Supermarkets,lately.Tell me and only me.Who is stealing from whom?

        • Thank you! People need to wake up and stop vilifying the poor and struggling. The true criminals are the wealthy who created this system where they can steal millions without accountability while the poor man who steals bread gets severely punished. While many med students may come from well off families, obviously there are going to be a good number who are from struggling families too.

          Extreme wealth is the biggest crime. If you paid someone $2,000.00 per hour times 40 hours per week, then times that by 52 weeks per year, then times THAT amount by the 2019 years since Jesus was born and you get $8,399,040,000, and there are 30 people in America alone who have that amount of money! There is no way anyone can justify that to me!

  7. If hes from overseas, he safe like politician bank account. If he from round ya, well he sarl. Money people not going to jail. A young dark skin man just get 2 months for a $400 theft at a restaurant, lets eat some popcorn and see what the Medical Student gets. I guess the MEDICAL STUDENT doesn’t have a name ? Oh sorry, name calling is just for poor dark skin people.

    • The different is he was stealing food. However, larceny is larceny but you tend to feel for a student stealing food to eat over a person stealing cash, and obviously not attending school.

      I remember in college with girls stripping, even one girl told me she sells sex trying to complete college. I can not honestly say I have never considered stealing or selling myself or drugs but there are other people who think that is the only way to achieve their goal of becoming an attorney, doctor, scientist, psychologist and my point is, education should be free or tremendously cheap. The person who would find the cure for many deadly diseases can not even afford to go to school and be in the lab.

  8. Seem to ,e that the young man is an habitual thief. Caught two times? Note…The key word, “caught”.
    But he may have done this more than 20 more times at different stores and got through with it easily. This is why he feel comfortable doing it.

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