Media Statement by Cabinet on Covid Booster Vaccines by Frontline Workers


Media Statement by Cabinet on Covid Booster Vaccines by Frontline Workers

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  1. Yes, “all countries” are crying about it…except South Africa, where it was discovered, so much so that they’re dropping most of their protocols including quarantine and contact tracing. Where do these people get their info…CNN? Even the Whitehouse is admitting Omicron is less severe.

    • Where do you get your info from? You really need to read more than headlines from your social media feeds to understand what’s really being said. Your post is misleading.

      “South Africa’s government, buoyed by encouraging data showing that infections from the omicron variant aren’t as severe, has dropped quarantine restrictions FOR ALL BUT SYMPTOMATIC PEOPLE.”

      “That includes allowing people who have tested positive but show no symptoms to gather with others, SO LONG AS THEY WEAR A MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCE. A top health official explained that since the variant spreads so quickly, there are likely many infected people socializing with others and it no longer made sense to quarantine only those who have tested themselves.”

      “The move was yet another step toward a slow acceptance that many countries around the world will likely need to find a way to live with COVID-19, rather than avoid it. The new measures follow recommendations from a committee of experts who called for FOCUSING ON VACINATIONS RATHER THAN CONTACT TRACING AND QUARANTINING.”

      Under the new guidance, people who test positive but are asymptomatic will no longer need to quarantine. People showing mild symptoms like fever, cough and loss of taste or smell ARE STILL REQUIRED TO ISAOLATE FOR EIGHT DAYS.

  2. Come on people get your boosters don’t worry if the omicron variant is less severe and the vax don’t work well just take it, we the government care for you once vaxed, we don’t care if you are starving to death, pensioners don’t get paid, list workers all we are concerned is that you get vaxed through this medical biological war fare

  3. Meanwhile: Boris Johnson pleads with people to get boosters because 90% of people in ICU are only fully vaccinated. 😂

    • Meanwhile…maybe you should read more than just the headlines form your social media feeds…

      Up to 90% of Covid patients in ICU are unboosted, says Boris Johnson. He added: “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re eight times more likely to get into hospital altogether. Research from the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) found that at the start of last month about three out of five patients in London’s intensive care units (ICU) had not received a jab, a figure that it said was rising.

  4. Robert Koch Institute report released yesterday states that 95.58% of #Omicron cases in Germany are fully vaxxed (28% of those had a booster), 4.42% are unvaxxed.
    Just gonna leave this here.

    Where is the MSM on this?

    • And where exactly did you find this info? From your post it appears to be from Twitter.
      Please post a link, thanks. Or do you only repost tweets without reading the report yourself?

          • Why don’t you touch all of the word that are printed the color red. The first one is REPORT.

            Your life is clearly lacking purpose!

          • Why are you fighting so hard to keep the agenda going? The reality, the experimental so called vaccines are just that experiments, and are not doing what vaccines are suppose to do. Israel is now rolling out its forth booster. By the of the year there could be a sixth.

        • “Why don’t you touch all of the word that are printed the color red” (don’t worry I figured out what you were trying to say). I did, DID YOU? And you read it, is that what you’re telling me? So, you’re fluent in German as well as being a “critical thinker”? 🤣😆😂 Well sunshine, if you read your precious “National Pulse” article AND the RKI report you should know by now that they don’t match! So you have confirmed that you only read bogus articles and don’t cross check them with the facts…good work👍.

          And your life’s purpose is ?

          • Um den anderen zu folgen und dich zu ignorieren. Dir geht es eindeutig nicht gut


        • Promise? And leave the rest of the island alone while your at it. Still haven’t read the article have you genius?

          #Wankstein – Roll yourself another one…

  5. This comes as no surprise to any critical thinkers; 2022 was always going to be the year when GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS were going to push even harder to try and get everyone vaccinated (including the dreaded booster shot), and it’s not because they care about the publics health, but to HIDE the ever INCREASING EVIDENCE of the adverse effects that’s coming out in the public domain of these dangerous vaccines.

    To back this all up, Dr Sucharit informs us that the Covid-19 vaccines will EVENTUALLY lead to Auto-Immune attacks on our vital organs.

    Dr Geert Vanden Bossche tells us: ” … That mass Covid inoculations have already compromised our innate immune system …”

    And in further news across the pond in the UK, the average wait, currently, to see a cardiologist is 35 weeks, and this is due to increasing heart problems with the adverse effects from the vaccines.

    Congratulations to those who are STILL standing firm … but be AWARE that the global governments will be coming up with even more DEVILISH plans for all of us – including the vaccinated – in 2022.


  6. And also why have they not warned us about this new deadly virus in China as they are so close to China and also this bird flu in Israel that is killing thousands of birds and can jump to humans. It’s very strange how it is so urgent to get people to take these boosters.

  7. The truth at this time is labelled as conspiracy theorist for the ones that cannot decipher between two different information they allow everybody to think for them than thinking for themselves

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