Media Personality Freed of Statutory Rape Charge


A media personality who was accused of unlawful sexual intercourse with an underage girl was freed of all charges in the High Court today.

Prosecutors said they would not offer evidence against the accused since the girl’s birth certificate revealed she was 16-years-old at the time of the alleged offence.

The man’s lawyer said he had raised this point during committal proceedings in the Magistrates court but failed to convince the Magistrate that the complainant was of the legal age of sexual consent.

The man was facing charges of sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 16 and serious indecency.

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    Do not be misled or deceived ANR.

    This would have been addressed when an attorney would have raised it at the
    committal stage.

    From an investigative perspective, when such serious allegations are made,
    to ascertain the age of the victim/virtual complainant, the first order of
    business is obtaining a Birth Certificate from the ‘…Registry of Births and Deaths.’

    For the purposes of these proceedings, it is called ‘…Documentary ‘…Evidence’ and
    tendered as an exhibit.

    It may have been impossible for (i) …the investigator; (ii) …vetting officer; and
    (iii) …Head of CID.

    It may also have been impossible for the ‘…Committing Magistrate and Director
    of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to have completely missed or omitted this important
    document and committed and indicted the accused.

    Matters of this nature might be prudently clarIfied with the DPP who represents
    the public interest and presents the evidence on behalf of the Crown.

    • I am not a legal mind-but couldn’t she have given the investigation team the impression that the incident occurred at an earlier time that it actually did? Do not get me wrong,because i do not know the details,but from what i know of this particular incidence there seem to be a pattern of soliciting on the young Woman’s behalf.. When the evidence circulated on Social media i can recall there been some different views by the public as to when the recordings were actually made.. The particular incidence that landed him in the hands of the law may have actually happened while she was at the legal age.

    • @ I -Why not tell parents to train their Daughters to love ,value and respect themselves? Some of these young girls are only young in their years but are way beyond themselves in all other ways..I am totally against any adult male seducing a minor,but what happens when a 16 year old go around parading as an adult -which is very easy to do,some actually mislead men into thinking they are older..These young girls need to start respecting themselves..,soliciting older Men for material gain,then try to blackmail them after is an awful thing to do to anyone..

  2. Let this be a lesson to old perverts – Keep your wrinkle bud in your pants!! And some mothers need to stop pimpin out there young daughters for financial gain.

  3. These grown men need to leave them young teenagers girls alone and go look their age. What can make a grown man sleep with a young teenager?
    The investigators and prosecutors should have done property research into the girl actual age. That is what the birth certificate registry are there for.

  4. The system is always rigged to make certain that politicians and their top supporters get off scotch free when they do things. It is why I cannot support the CCJ. Just recently a well known Night Club owner at Jelly Dong was freed because the police did not close off her file. She had always said that the case would be thrown out.

    • @justice is selective u probably the smartest on here if people dont see the corruption then they are blind ….the police had directives probably to write the wrong age…..the system is corrupt

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