Mechanical Issues Reportedly Strand Over 120 American Airlines Passengers in Antigua

VC Bird International airport

Over 120 passengers flying with American Airlines to New York were stranded due to mechanical issues with the Boeing aircraft. Despite boarding, they had to disembark, and the airline provided accommodations at various resorts in Antigua.

Mechanical problems persisted, leaving passengers uncertain about their departure.

One passenger was concerned about a family emergency, while another faced work-related issues.

Although appreciative of the accommodations and meals, travelers expressed frustration over the uncertainty and urgency of their situations.

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  1. Was I the one that was accommodated in the safety of a hotel building landward instead a skyward with mechanical issue with a plane I would be thankful, are you wishing to sign your former beard?

  2. What can the government do? If you think the government should intercede, you are being unreasonable? AA is a private company and should deal with this issue.

  3. You people put politics in everything even when it has nothing to with it. Instead of improving and making suggestions criticism is the first to jump at the government instead of making ways they can improve. People are just blind and quick to blame politics woooooow

  4. @Shameful Government…🦉you’re a #wise_owl. You got them 😆😆!

    It’s a low down dirty shame; but, I think you’re speaking of the #Shadow_Government. You like to phuck with people(s) lack of comprehension😆😆!

    By the way folks no government name was mentioned.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  5. So you’ll wanted to fly in a plane that has mechanical issues…… you’ll complain for everything wouldn’t it have been better that it was grounded with this issues than midflight.

  6. Either ppl are jus bored, jus wanna talk about one topic or a genuine mistake occurred
    First I think someone saw LIAT instead of AA. Second it could be that the person posted under the wrong article altogether. Eitherway some ppl take aim at govt even if the topic is unrelated and some people need to get a hobby.

  7. Aircraft need unexpected maintenance at times. This isn’t exclusive to American Airlines. Carriers such as Jetblue also experience frequent delays returning to the point of origin due to maintenance issues. This event is more likely to happen as American has 3x more movements per individual flight on a daily basis to the island than any other international carrier. Do better next time!


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