McKinnons Residents Rally Up Support To Stop Construction Of A Commercial Warehouse


Gothel and Joycelin Williams, residents of Mckinnons, have started a petition to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to stop the construction of a commercial warehouse beside their home.

The Williams, who have resided at said property for twenty (20) years, witnessed on the 20th December, 2019, the erection of a massive steel frame less than one (1) foot away from their fence on the western side of their property.

According to the home owners, they have attempted to speak with the persons at the site who are Chinese, in an effort to get the name of the owner, but they claim not to be able to speak or understand English.

They also made complains to the Development Control Authority (DCA), and have spoken with several officers including Mr. Fredrick Southwell, Mr Cochrane and Mr Jarvis, but was told that persons can build whatever they wish to on their land, as there are no restrictive covenants in that area, and they had received DCA’s approval.

They complained about the potential devaluation of their property and others in the immediate environs, as having a warehouse in a largely residential community, will not only attract rodents, but will obscure our view, negatively impact air circulation and the aesthetics of community.

Additionally, the wall structure has blocked the natural drainage of water and the Williams claim they have been experiencing flooding on their property after heavy rain.

Gothel and Joycelin Williams are calling on the public to support their petition for a stop order to be placed on this project and removal of this structure in the residential community of McKinnons, St John’s.


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  1. I truly hope and pray that the homeowners that are affected by this don’t ease up on this. You want to tell me that the CHIEF TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNER can’t do anything because there’s no covenants on the land?

    I’ve never heard such BS in my life. What the hell are our tax dollars paying you for? You have the mandate to set the standard in URBAN PLANNING in the STATE. I’m doing my best to not refer to you and your department as dunce elements!

    Do your dam Job!!!

    If the warehouse structure is not within the setback distance, how are your hands tied? It is plain that the law was not followed, so step in and do what you are paid to do!

    I’m very sure that had this structure had been erected next door under these circumstances to any home of ANY DCA OFFICER, we would not be reading in the paper that the reason for the DCA not doing anything is due to the fact that there’s no covenants on the land.

    You really must feel that people here stupid like that answer you are giving!!!

    Again you argue that DCA gave approval… the set back was not observed, so is it safe to say then that you permitted an illegal structure?

    You, Mr. Southwell, if you refuse to do your job, should be fired!

    I honestly don’t want to believe that you are a stupid person, but I’m begging you hard to stop behaving like a dunce element and do your Job PROPERLY!

    • Guy my reading of another article is the issue with setbacks is the William’s house did not meet the setback requirement.

      “Antonino however, doesn’t believe that the building has encroached on the couple’s property, reasoning that only a licenced surveyor can make that assessment.

      He noted that when they first measured the distance on the Goathel-Williams’ property, it was only 2.5ft away from the boundary lines and not the 20 front, 10 rear and 10 side outlined in the building code, which suggests that neither of the properties are within the legal distance.” see CA defends construction of warehouse near residential homes, Article Published: February 6, 2020 OMG

      • Because everybody must do wrong. Then why do we have a town and country planner? mistake made over 20 years ago must be repeated now?

  2. This is utter nonsense. Restrictive covenants or not the area is residential. Would we be allowed to do this in China ?
    My support is 100% for the homeowners

    • Its residential? You ignoring the supermarket and warehouse there (eg first choice)? The hotels there? The farm there? WIOC so close that at times you can smell the gas? The construction company there? Recall there even used to be a pig farm. Guy the place has been mixed use for decades

      • Tenman, have you actually been to see the warehouse (I have)? Besides your avoiding the issue technicalities you really need to get some compassion for your fellow Antiguans. I can guarantee you that Mr. and Mrs. Williams (and I don’t know them) did not work hard to afford the land and house for their retirement to have a 25’ high by 200’ wide warehouse jamming up on their property causing them to lose their view, airflow and suffer from flooding! YOU would not want that either! These are their golden years and they categorically do not deserve to have this eyesore warehouse crammed right next to them. My support is with the homeowners.

        • Not surprised, all one needs to say is Chinese and you are on hand to fight what you would label the yellow devil. Unlike you, I see the Chinese also as my fellowman. One does not buy property without covenants and then expect it to be treated as if there is one. I do spend a lot of time in said area, and its well known its a mixed use area. Think you will admit that if the homeowner was Chinese and the biz was local, your stance would be in favor of the biz. Let me end by quoting another part of the OMG article:

          “There is no background stating there was a covenant on the land and we can’t hold somebody ransom if there is no covenant stating what can be built there,” he (DCA) told OBSERVER media.

          Having been furnished with the parcel and plot number for the property directly affected by the construction, OBSERVER confirmed with the Land Registry Department that there is in fact no covenant for that area in McKinnons.

          It means the site is not restricted to residential use and the DCA, given that developers follow the guidelines of the Antigua and Barbuda Building Code, cannot deny a commercial developer permission to build in the zone.”

          • Hi Cornel. Since you like to dig up things, relevant and irrelevant, how have you not yet found the SIRMZP, page 75 in particular?

          • You have me at a disadvantage since I have no idea who you are. Me Ah Wonder, On page 75 there is a disclaimer which makes clear the map displayed is only for informational purposes and may not be legally binding. It points out you will need to consult the primary source. Have you done so? Let me again quote the OMG article “According to the DCA’s Deputy Town & Country Planner, Clement Antonio, the department was aware of what was going to be built on the property and so it made “considerations” and carried out the necessary “research” before approval.” Guy stop fighting wind mills. This yah done

          • That’s very magnanimous of you, tenman, to think of the Chinese as your “fellowmen” because, and trust me on this one, they do not think of you (being black) as their fellowman! I still would suggest you go to the warehouse site and try your best to visualize how you would feel if you owned the Williams’ home. I am willing to take a guess and say that Mr. and Mrs. Williams may not have been that savvy with the possible consequences of no zoning when they purchased the property. They are an older couple (which you will be one day) and do not deserve to be treated like they do not count just because they don’t happen to be two “yellow devils” from the ghettoes of China!!

          • @Jeb..I am young.. ER and I didn’t even know/study this no zoning thing so thank you for that. Its a good thing to get it out there tho…I sure don’t want to get old ahem ..ER and find out I picked the wrong place too late. Me , I can go sleep in Noisy environments like its nothing due to circumstances I had to experience when young, but this affects not just that..imagine the view..the breeze cut off..depending on what type of warehouse..rats etc..the rain flow Cause that happened to my parents. People opened a business next door..BUILT up the land way over theirs..water overflow and killed all my dads plants /fruit trees/(orchids which costs a lot)..He went to Ombudsman..everywhere.. no help

            They then tried to do a car wash adjacent to parents window

  3. The Art Of War is shadowed by the Art Of Deception…

    Auntee Roachie say dat, Jumbee dream she, an tell she dat, drug store a go get cheaper wholesale medicine, lakkah opioids, fentanyl and dem kinda subben, dat hab nearga a fly High, high, lakkah dem name Duncy Bat!….
    Hmmmmmnnnn….warehouse or manufacturing plant!

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