Matthew Chides UPP’s Plan for Education


Matthew Chides UPP’s Plan for Education.

ABLP candidate for St John’s Rural South and  Minister of Education Daryll Matthew has chided the UPP’s plans for Education.

Matthew, while speaking at ABLP’s Rally in St Georges last night attacked the plans point by point stating his ABLP government “Done Do That”.

The plans as laid out in UPP’s Manifesto received heavy criticism from The Minister.

He stated these plans which have already been realized by his government show that the UPP has no real vision and is limited in its vision of education.

The energized supporters listened keenly as Matthew presented the ABLP’s plans for Education.

In his presentation, he alluded to a funding agreement to be signed next Tuesday, January 16th for $220 million EC dollars.

The funds will be used to build out the infrastructure of the University of West Indies Five Islands Campus. This investment is seen as a very important achievement in his tenure.

He later explained that this investment is the key to taking access to a university education to a Next Level.

Matthew also announced receiving funding for four Early childhood centers to be built in Bolans, St Pauls, Potters, Golden Grove, and Five Islands.

Watch video for more on Matthew’s presentation:

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    BPM. . . ZERO SEAT



  2. Yawn!

    Yet another ABLP cog.

    UPP Releases Their Manifesto First.

    ABLP Copy Pasted Plans from virtually Every Section – Education, Immigration, Tourism.

    Now this failure claims “we had it coming all along”

    That is the desperate election playbook of the Out-of-ideas Gasless Gaston Brown.

    Well you’re wasting your time.

    No body is dumb enough to believe anything ANY ABLP rep has to say anymore.


    • Oh the manifesto that was put together by Bruce Goodwin single-handedly. And by the way the DNA claims he copied everything word for word out of their policy document. Nothing strange here. That is why Lovell cannot show any workings of the policies and projects they plan to implement. And when you ask him where the money will come from to fund all of it he says we have enough revenue. Yet he claims the economy is bad. Total contradiction.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE many times the nonsense you talk blow my mind. Bruce Goodwin recently left the DNA so please tell when he wrote our manifesto. You would be better off just keeping your mouth shut and say nothing.

      • This idiot! Education is in a mess. We are not even ranked in the top ten in the region. He throws out 75 million dollars stupidly telling people that the Ebooks were expired. How dumb is that? No electronic device comes with an expiration date. Has he ever implemented anything of worth? Our students are 2 years behind due to the covid and the debacle here. Has he or anyone in Education implemented anything to rectify this? Please. Another irrelevant looking relevance. This article belongs at Cooks. Just like the infamous Ebooks

  3. Everything upp mentioned in that Comic Relief document LABOUR PARTY GOVERNMENT ALREADY DONE OR DOING!!!! 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  4. Red is dead 💀
    Remember citizens of Antigua
    Gaston only care about enriching himself.

    Before you vote is your life better off today than 10 years ago.

    Do you have a leader that listens and respect you as a human being.

    Have any of your family members friends have been displaced or out of your job because of a vaccine mandate. (Now is the time to put those politicians who had put your family members or friends out of a job for months) Remember the hardship, the bad treatment don’t forget it is pay back time.

    The $500 or %1000 you get now will finish

    Have any of your friends family members been tear gas for standing up for your rights?

    Has your leader name been called up with some corrupt investors.

    Did your leader lied about investors, 500 homes in 500 days, water in 14days.

    Did your leader bankrupt the social security?

    Have your leader put the country in serious debts?

    Have you leader been competing against every business entity we have here?

    Is your leader a dictator?

    Under this leadership have there been a high percentage of suicide the country ever seen?

    Have any law enforcement officer died, shot because of a leader said his signature has been forged.

    Have crime increased under this administration?

    Do your leader love yes man or prefer independent thinkers?

    Are you comfortable with the minimum wage increase to 80cents .

    Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda
    Let us not suffer with labour any longer but replace them like how they displace us through this plandemic, the money they received was never used on us.

    Do you like a leader that is abusive if he wants to tump his former member in his face I can only image what he do at home when his partner don’t agree with him

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