Massive Jewellery Heist


While it could be said that in the twinkle of an eye, it was the frightening sight of gun that had a frantic house helper running for cover.

Reliable informed sources revealed that over the last weekend, shortly after a husband and couple left their Crosbies home, two bandits, male and an accomplice female showed up.

They reportedly told the lone female house- helper that the householders had asked them to come to collect ‘something.’

The startled female reportedly sought to inquire why that was so, when the male brandished a concealed gun.

She reportedly ran into a bed room where she locked the door and called the 999 Emergency Hotline number.

By the time a delayed police presence was felt, the bandit had relieved the absent owners of jewelry of gold, diamond and silver necklaces, rings and ear-rings, bands and anklets, said to have worth well over EC$500, 000′ before fleeing the scene.

The items were not only said to have financial value, but also sentimental value. Most were said to have been generationally handed-down as a family practice.

The police were said to have intensified their efforts to recover and apprehend the jewellery thieves. No jewellery has been so far recovered and no arrests have been made.

They have alerted home-owners to be on the lookout for people combing neighborhoods seeking to buy jewellery whole or broken pieces and to exercise extreme caution.

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  1. I would have a closer look on that house keeper, sorry but that’s where my instincts is taking me, that house keeper has more to tell

  2. Why are homeowners keeping half a million dollars worth of jewellery at home? If you’re going to investigate the cleaner you better make damn sure you investigate the homeowners and their insurance coverage.

  3. ANR whose house? Before anyone point a finger at the housekeeper you must first know who had 500k worth of jewelry.

    Was their any proof for the jewelry value?

    Does the housekeeper have a game?

  4. Bullshit i smell lies…….

    Did she run into the BDroom AFTER SHE GAVE THEM ALL THE JEWELRY



  5. Hmmmm hope we don’t have another ‘Carslie Bay’ sitution again where the woman takes the fall the the man is nowhere to be found.
    P.S. Mr Comissioner of Police what is the latest update on the wearbouts of ‘Thug Life’

  6. This heist was way too easy
    how they know where exactly these jewelries were? 🤔

    Housekeeper, “one time👮 ” gon pree you for the rest of your life

  7. On Wall Street we try to uncover cases of insider trading as it results in information asymmetry.

  8. Why a “Delayed police presence” when Longford’s Police Station is so close by???
    Oh I forgot it’s not marijuana they were called to cease!!

  9. Winston ur so right no mask was mentioned meaning she can identify she ran lock herself in room gun man aint kick down door knew where jewelry was took it and left

  10. Don’t safe deposit boxes exist in A&B? What kind of idiot keeps that much jewelry in their house and lets it be known? Chups.

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