Massiah slams ABLP on water crisis, says more RO plants will not solve the real problem


The leader of the Democratic National Alliance Joanne Massiah last night poured cold water on plans to install more reverse osmosis plants in the country without first addressing the core of the water problem.

Massiah was speaking at the launch of her party’s election campaign at the JS Complex.

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  1. As you are the MASSIAH tell us what is in your power to solve it if RO cant and rain not coming!

  2. just imagine Dem that making noise about water had 10 years to do something about it and they did nothing … shame… they bought a generator and that generator did not last the 10 years they stayed in office.. shame..

  3. Listen I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room….APUA WATER DIVISION!!

    !) Where are the managers??!!! They can put down 1000 RO plants but if the infrastructure isn’t there to get it to the population WE WILL STILL NOT GET WATER!!!!

    2) Why are they not addressing the sabotaging that is going on at APUA??? How is it possible that an area hasn’t gotten water for over a week despite calling in and making reports?

    • Tipsy? Still not as bad as the EXCESSIVE RUM DRINKER or the person that used the GUN to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY R.I.P

      Where is the GUN that SHERFIELD BOWEN used to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY? Was sherfield MARRIED at the time when he used the GUN to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY?

        • IMF didn’t “ease up” off Antigua. When ABLP took office in 2014, PM Gaston Browne had to pay them.

          We dare not make the mistake of electing the Limpy Joe King Lyadd who sunk this country into the IMF latrine.

  4. I appreciate her points, and I totally agree that the system should be fixed as a matter of priority to minimise waste. Based on the numbers presented, though, should probably still add another plant or two since unlikely to ever retain 100% of the water produced, and also population of locals and visitors might increase over time.

  5. Instead of harping on the same problems that’s been around since the 70s (maybe before that, but I wasn’t born then), maybe she should tell us what her plans for the economy are!!


    • SO if ABLP knew we had a water problem why did they harp on it in 2014? That was their central campaign and its gotten worse under them!

  6. The key word here is “Accountability”. Whenever something goes wrong, we blame the politician. We never hold the people accountable that are paid to do the job. Not one APUA Worker, be it manager, supervisor or line staff, will ever be held accountable for non-performance. It simply will never happen. And we like it like this. And if the politician starts micro-managing, we scream victimization. There is a song that says, ‘if the Top slack, the middle and bottom drop down”. You must start with holding the Board and Management accountable, they then in turn will hold the lower line staff accountable. But if everyone keeps earning their wages as normal and no one gets fired, then things will remain the same. You need to send a stern signal. First to the Board, then to management. Sack the manager for not managing the company and sack the board for not directing management. When an election comes the people will sack the politicians if they are not pleased. So why wait for that? And why take all the blame? Do what needs to be done. Hard decisions are not easy to take. Been there, done that. Worked for a company involved in restructuring of companies. And when we take over everyone is fired forthwith.

    • NEBUCHADNEZZAR needs to go!!!! even tho he is a UPP man, Sir Robin likes him for some reason. Peter Benjamin was miles ahead of NEBUCHADNEZZAR in managing apua. NEBUCHADNEZZAR is just about a “spent force” like his ACLM leader.

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