Massiah: Our economy is on the precipice of collapse


Dna’s 2020 Independence Address

A Clarion Call For An Urgent National Reset  


The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) joins with citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda as we celebrate our 39th anniversary of political independence.


This year’s Independence theme, “One Purpose, One Vision, One Nation”, could not be further from the realities facing our people at this time. Oneness signifies collective action, unity, collaboration, consultation, mutual respect, equity, fairness, and justice which are all preconditions for the good governance agenda. Sadly, the divisiveness which permeates every facet of our country, coupled with the government’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, have laid bare the glaring disparities between the haves and the have-nots. The unprecedented levels of unemployment, underemployment, poverty, mental decline, distress, foreclosures, vehicle repossessions, fiscal mismanagement and government-sanctioned environmental degradation have thrust our country into a downward spiral never experienced in our history! Our economy is at the precipice of collapse evidenced by government’s failure to meet its basic responsibilities and obligations to the people – primarily pensioners, public servants, the vulnerable, and local creditors. The touted “economic powerhouse” has crumbled like a deck of cards!


Shamefully, the government’s lack of empathy for the hardships facing the most vulnerable and our small and medium sized businesses is evidenced by its unresponsiveness in failing to give any form of meaningful relief and its refusal to reconsider its position. These uncompromising and unilateral decisions represent the government’s high handed, uncaring approach and failed agenda and all point to the urgent need for a national reset of our social and economic development priorities which the people must demand! The touted “economic powerhouse” is nothing but an illusion!


So, what has been government’s priorities in these perilous times? Like an addict frantic for another fix, the Gaston Browne Administration is desperate for foreign exchange and continues to pedal and sell our passport at bargain basement prices like a cheap commodity for dubious  purposes. Similarly, the government’s give-away of lands in Barbuda to so-called foreign investors without the involvement of the people continues unabated. Regrettable, there has been no real consideration for a multidimensional and sustainable development plan. Instead, the Government is distracted by the equally offensive decision to confer a knighthood on a Cabinet member who is most remembered for the infamous Rolls Royce scandal and now, for his numerous failures associated with the management of the coronavirus notably the deliberate lack of testing among the population designed to keep the numbers artificially low.


Notwithstanding the government’s blame game surrounding the community spread of the coronavirus, we salute all of our frontline workers whose unbridled commitment to our nation and people – as they confront daily this invisible enemy – is apparent by their selfless dedication to duty. You are indeed the unsung heroes and heroines in these perilous times.  Equally important, we implore our citizens, residents, and visitors to adhere to the globally established protocols regarding safety, sanitation and social/physical distancing designed to protect ourselves and others. In working together, we will combat the coronavirus and emerge victorious!


Today, as we reflect on our 39th year of independence, let us be honest about this government’s recurrent shortcomings – from its failure to provide a sustainable supply of electricity and water, the refusal to deliver comprehensive Constitutional reform,  the failure to construct a modern prison to enhance the justice system, the absence of a roadmap for the touted re-building of Barbuda three (3) years after being devastated by hurricane Irma, the rampant corruption, the historic and deliberate disregard for good governance principles to the failure to strategically reform our primary and secondary educational curriculum to meet our national development aspirations and to provide proper health care to those in need.


Only a new, dynamic and conscientious political party can deliver lasting change to all the people of Antigua and Barbuda. We say confidently that the DNA is that party and that hope is on the horizon! We pledge to deliver our motto, “Prosperity For All”, and to offer the People of Antigua and Barbuda the opportunity to experience transformational leadership.  Together we will continue to update our VISION 2040!


Our people must sound the clarion call for an urgent national reset of our priorities which will chart a new destiny for our re-development. To achieve this requires that we elect a government comprised of honest, patriotic, unblemished, selfless God-fearing women and men whose commitment to country is unshakeable and incorruptible!  The DNA is that government in waiting!


Citizens and residents, we urge you to keep the faith, to pray for our Leaders, ourselves and our country, and to remain faithful patriots.

May God continue to bless Antigua and Barbuda!

Happy 39th Independence!

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  1. Wow! Good to see Joanne has emerged from HIBERNATION.

    When did the DNA hold its convention to ratify you as leader? Will the DNA be contesting all 17 seats come next general election? Who is the Deputy Leader and Chairman of the party? Is Malaka Parker still a member?

    • @Truth Be Told. Deputy Leader eh? Now that you mention it, who is the deputy leader of ABLP??? Since you are concerned about DNA, you should be able to tell us.

  2. Wait DNA still alive. Didn’t almost all the members jump ship and return to either Labor or UPP. Someone must have forgotten to give Joanne the memo😂😂😂😂

  3. Re: #Clarion Call.

    From: #Ras Smood
    To: Miss Massish @DNA.
    cc: #All Opposition Party’s.

    Date: 2nd November, COVID-19.

    Please present programs, and other meaningful projects, to the #Nation whilst you’re in #Opposition, and bring them to fruition. The People are tired, of the empty rhetoric.
    I, have no doubt, that you do perform certain civic duties, probably, on a volunteering basis for photo opps, and the likes. I get it, it’s a part, of the Action Plan in politics; however, Our Nation will never, ever be what you are hoping for, as in charting “a new for our re-development,” unless, unless, unless those in Opposition chart a new course, one which is not powered by #EmptyRhetoric. This is my CLARION CALL, to you.

  4. Well said. If you had just humbled yourself front the beginning, we will be in a better place. People of Antigua and Barbuda we have been shut down by our oppressors, cannot demonstrate as we can but do not underestimate our silent. Whether the election is 2021, 2022 or 2023, this government will be removed. As watch all the betrayers, tried desperately to get things together we will watch the hands of God dismantle this government one by one.

    We the youths Mr. Prime Ministers wants to raise the standard and raise it boldly answer now to duties call. Our lands have been taken from us by you and your cronies. Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself this question on this 39th year of independence. Have you been good to your country and its people?

    • You said you are a youth so i excuse you- You clearly lack Wisdom.. Keep dreaming that the Government will be removed in 2023-but try to remember one critical part of the Dream-because it must have been 2003 you dreamt about and not 2023..

  5. DNA we need “chansformational” politics. Let this be your last speech luke this.

    Fresh new thinking requires a HOW speech.

    Identifying what is known and coloring then with fancy words does not advance us.

    Speak the HOW show the way, make the difference. Make it your business to always show the way forward. It’s the only way.

  6. Sadly these Naysayers Politrickians and thier blind followers don’t understand the difference between an Independence speech and a Political Diatribes…

  7. I might have graded you a bit harshly in my first assessment. Upon review however I’ll give you a passing grade mainly because of your diction and clarity and your skilful usage and manipulation of the “Queen’s English” albeit with a few Trinidadian pronunciations. Unfortunately you failed on Content – just a dishonest regurgitation of the same old issues without suggestions of your own towards remediation. There is hardly any country on this planet whose economy has not been sent in a tail spin because of Covid-19. Solutions have varied from simply printing more money for handouts, to providing unaffordable handouts to unemployed state dependents only to end up facing bankruptcy and political meltdown, to providing opportunities for unemployed state dependents to tap into their creative and entrepreneurial selves. In other words, your address offered no hope, no solace, no remedy. You have failed to rise above the typical Antiguan habit of giving hasty, emotive criticisms without engaging first a sober thought process. In the final analysis, I’d rather LISTEN to you repeating the same dull pontifcations on my beloved country’s future than any mouthpiece from the other opposition camp. You sound nice.

  8. This is not an Independence message, it is an empty political campaign that is fat with criticism but oh so poor with solution.
    Miss Massiah, did you even take the time to congratulate the nurse that was awarded or did you find it more interesting to kick at the Minister.
    We all know the problems, what are the solutions you are offering…DNA…DO NOTHING ALWAYS.

  9. JOANNE where is your slate of CANDIDATES for 2023 ? You cannot pull 16 CANDIDATES to run and you want to run ANTIGUA and BARBUDA ??? When is the CONVENTION ? You are just full of FAT CHAT. At last you raise your head with NEGATIVES. JOANNE and TABOR cut from the same cloth. No solutions just negatives.

  10. This “address” is sorely disappointing. I remember Ms. Massiah emphatically stating that the UPP was playing from the same old handbook. I commended her for taking the stance regarding picketing Heritage Quay in the midst of cruise ship visitors (unliks the UNfaithful Nationals).

    Hence, I’m surprised to read the contents of the above address and see the same old rhetoric at play.

    I expect more from you because you have shown real CHUTZPAH in walking away from that snake-in-the-grass who badplayed you for leadership of the UPP.

    Perhaps this was a misstep. I’ll stay tuned for more from you Ms. Massiah

  11. Listened intently to her and concluded she is signaling to the ruling admin that she is hungry hence want’s them to send work her way in order to keep her busy. Her talk is driven by idleness..

  12. So it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end :
    Judas sold out Jesus,
    We were sold in to slavery
    Our lands have been sold out
    Whats the purpose of independence with all the sell out?
    Twist it, turn it how you want history repeat itself

  13. This is disgraceful coming from someone who is supposed to be an intellect..You would be better off keeping your silence..This is soo distant from the truth..Shameful.

  14. According the Economic Liarhouse, Antigua finances are doing extremely well.

    COVID saying otherwise though.

  15. Ms DNA after reading all the comments a few things jumped out.
    1 You have support.
    2 The support is seeking a new direction.
    3 The support knows all is not well.
    4 If you listen and take notes and action results you will do well.
    5 Get your house in order before you reappear.

  16. @melchesidec
    “After reading all the comments” you conclude first and foremost that Massiah has support!!!??? What a liar you’ve proved yourself to be!!! It stands to reason then that your suggestions which follow that initial conclusion is pure poppy cock! Sray with the opposition forces. Your skills can be put to good use there in their continued efforts to deceive and destabilize.

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