Massiah denies that her DNA is anti-UPP


Joanne Massiah, leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has tackled perceptions surrounding her party’s role in Antiguan politics and outlined its objectives moving forward.

Addressing the common notion that the DNA is primarily an anti-UPP entity, Massiah emphasized that the party’s purpose extends beyond merely undermining the efforts of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

She stated, “The raison d’être of the DNA has nothing to do with the UPP.”

Massiah underscored the party’s commitment to advocating for the best interests of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Critics have often accused the DNA of contributing to political fragmentation and impeding progress by siphoning support away from other parties.

Massiah acknowledged that some members had previous affiliations with both the UPP and the Antigua Labour Party (ALP), but she stressed that the DNA’s focus remains on addressing the needs of the populace rather than engaging in political gamesmanship.

“We are fighting for the hearts and minds of the people of Antigua and Barbuda,” Massiah asserted.

“We are fighting to have the people understand, accept, and believe that we can do better politically.”

She emphasized the party’s dedication to breaking away from traditional political practices, which she believes have not adequately served the nation’s developmental interests.

During an interview on TWIN ISLAND MEDIA last week, shed light on the DNA’s mission to shift the political landscape towards a more progressive and inclusive future.

Massiah reiterated the party’s commitment to fostering national development and social progress, emphasizing the importance of challenging entrenched political paradigms.

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  1. As much as you are now in denial, regarding the DNA’S impact in keeping Gaston Browne and the ABLP in power, you are now trying your utmost to back-track. Laughable!

    The facts are the facts Joanne, and trying to suck up and sugar coat the pary your party played in HELPING this damn awful government stay in power until 2028 is utterly reprehensible. Simple!


  2. You should feel commendable and accomplished they way you attacked and beat up on harold lovell..
    I heard you on zdk the way you went in on him before the election..
    I am sure you must be very pleased with yourself at your behavior!
    Seems to me like your are trying to clean things up after the fact. Sad!
    You come off as bitter and you act like a woman scorned!
    Upp don’t want you, so you formed your party which was a complete disaster..
    You’re done joanne, finito, finish!
    The people of antigua do not want you!
    Geeeez! Gosh! Gwaan go sit down!

  3. What does she mean “WE” in reference to DNA?

    There is no ‘we’. It’s just ‘she’. Is she a one person party? I don’t think that is allowed. Look at Go Green. He does the same thing too, but he is everything to everybody, and he does not bear anybody any malice.

    Massiah is a bitter woman. She had a chance to make something of herself in the UPP. But she got impatient and greedy, especially with Gaston Browne strategically whispering in her ear that she should be running the party and not Harold Lovell. He gave her a big contract on the Weatherill project and had her turning shovel in the ALP line-up.
    He was not a joke, a clown, that time?

    She will forever be known as the selfish, badminded politician who gave Antigua 5 more years of abysmal despair.

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