Massiah and Goodwin make 12; 5 remaining candidates in doubt?


With Nomination Day only 4 days away, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) last evening formally announced their latest candidates to contest the March 21 polls.

They DNA Leader Joanne Massiah and Bruce Goodwin.

Massiah was a foregone conclusion as the incumbent in the All Saints East and St. Luke constituency against challengers Senator Colin James (ABLP) and Jamal Pringle (UPP).

Goodwin is a former Ambassador to Cuba and also served as Deputy Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC).

He will contest against the incumbent Melford Nicholas and UPP leader Senator Harold Lovell.

With Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s announcement of a snap pressed the opposition parties to sure up their candidates and campaign strategy in light of a short campaign period.

DNA’s Deputy leader and candidate for Rural West Anthony Stuart said of the “thief in the night” elections that, “the Prime Minister saw that the DNA was growing rapidly in a matter of just 10 months and he’s fearful that had he waited the full term that the DNA would have won the elections.”

Unprecedented in the nation’s history, general elections will be held only 3 years, 9 months, 9 days into the term of a sitting administration.

“This is a haphazard way to conduct an election. Where’s the crisis and why the rush?” asked Stuart.

The deputy leader assured that the remaining five candidates have already given their commitment to the party to contest the elections.

“There is no guarantee in politics,” Stuart explained.

And the five prospective candidates work both in the public and private sectors. They are in the process of ensuring that they will not lose the benefits derived from their years of service.

The candidates, for fear of victimization, prefer not to present themselves to the public until that process is complete.

Asked what the DNA would do should the remaining five candidates for St Peter, St. Mary’s North and South, St. Phillip South and Barbuda not be able to present themselves come Nomination Day deadline 6pm he said, “we prefer to go forward with the 12 people of great character that we have at this time.”

“The people are understanding of the abnormal situation that exists with the Prime Minister calling elections so early,” and despite this setback, “we are confident that still have the numbers to form the next government.”

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  1. Glad to see Bruce Goodwin actually stepping up to the plate and putting his money where his mouth is. Unlike Joan Underwood who keeps making an arse and hypocrite of herself. She claim say she was going to whip Max Fernandez, then back down saying she got a job offer. How can that job offer be more important than serving and contributing to the development of her own country?? So much for her calling herself the PATRIOT. Just like to criticize and fulla fart!!

    What about Malaka Parker now?

      • I agree she’s an ass and a hypocrite. Just full of talk. What about making the same sacrifice for country that she’s asking us to do. What a joke! Good riddance anyway.

  2. Lol. Brucie in the race. You charting another flight to bring in the Cuban students to vote for you this time? Well this election turning into a real comedy show. Lard me belly😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Congrats to all the candidates for DNA just remember the world was not build in one day. Just keep the fight going forward .You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Who laugh last laugh the best. Don’t ever give up.

  4. Well wadda we have here?? The ambassador who declared there are plenty ” paupers and beggars in Jamaica and Guyana” I hope there are not many Jamaican and Guyanese paupers in the constituency where he will be running. Will be humble himself, ask for their forgiveness and demand that they vote for him now??

    Btw is he for real or he just wants to get back at Lovell??

  5. what he said was the truth and they are all over,but we can’t continue to open our doors to all a day everyone that adds no value to the society and just pull it down ,y would some left Jamaica and come and sell cd’s on the street corner what are they adding to this country, check the first murder for the year and a couple last year who committed or was charged for them yes u got it right Jamaica. …..and we have poor people all over he was just making a point .heard a Jamaica security officer turn prison officer say he love alp because he got his passport so easy under them so he voting for them he was not concerned about any of the Antiguans plight high gas prices food and high electricity bills nothing else mattered so we as Antiguans must suffer in our own country because of small minded people like that….the alp is a disgrace to this country hope most of there ministers gets investigated for wrong doing but wait they coming to get you

    • Most foreigners voting ALP because they got their passport under that administration and they have no issue with making that clear. What kinda reason is that? Lol ah swear DE ignorance increase ya now!

  6. He’s just a waste of time that’s why upp get rid of him.a say so much mad things about jamaican.i want to know how is he going to approach these people to convince them to vote for Goodwin studies in Jamaica but he’s one of them don’t care.and know things that u say from u mouth can come and arm u.i think Joan lose he way when she put this man to run.desperate

  7. The DNA should sit this election out. They not ready. If this guy is the best they can do just sit out and plan for the 2023 elections.

  8. Bruce Goodwin plan on using any “inside info” from his UPP days to kick Lovell further into the ground? It’s up to him to help “turkle fierce” ride off into the sunset after being crowned “Worst Finance minister” ever. Bruce Goodwin better do right.

    • Boss, you lie the worse, worster, and worstest finance minister a Gaston wid he 400 million deficit in budget after 1 billion in CIP. Now wasing money on billboard. Antigua curse under labor.

      • Who took this country to the IMF?
        Who purchased the Wadadli Power Cant?
        Who built the Can’t Park?

        • Who wasted the ONE billion of CIP money- Gaston
          Who presented budget with a deficit of 400 million- Gaston
          Who borrow, borrow, borrow money- left right and center- Gaston
          Who funnel money to NAMCO – WITHOUT ACCOUNTS-Gaston
          Remind me again how much Hurst said the Wadadli Power plant is now worth?

  9. Bruce and Joanne where is y’all manifesto? When is the campaign launch? U running out of time. ABLP & UPP don’t launch I want to see what you guys have to offer?

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