Masks Will Remain Mandatory to Access Healthcare Facilities



Cabinet held a discussion about Covid and its diminishing impact on the Antigua and Barbuda nation.

All persons entering into healthcare facilities will be required to continue wearing masks, such that Doctors’ Offices, hospitals, private and public clinics, homes for the elderly, and other healthcare facilities will still be mandated to wear masks and to practice the other protocols that remain in effect.

The Cabinet was responding to a request by the Medical Association to retain the tried and tested method of reducing infections.

The Cabinet maintains that it can achieve 70% vaccination rate in Antigua and Barbuda since the state is now at 62%; it is accepted that the target can be reached by June 30—the date which The World Health Organization (WHO) has selected to provide states with special incentives if they meet that vaccination target.

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  1. These idiots in government are so out of touch with their vaccination target rubbish. You have to wonder if Bill Gates or someone else is paying them to use Antiguans as guinea pigs. Have they not heard of Omicron (for which the jabs don’t work) or of the Pfizer trial papers (the jabs are dangerous to lethal)?

  2. They chose not to force the doctors and nurses to take the injection. If they continue to do just as well as everyone else, despite not taking the vax, it will make them look stupid. This way, at least they can attribute the results to masks

  3. Whatever the perceived politricks of this are…
    Well done to the medical association in getting masks mandated in all healthcare facilities.

    By their very nature, less strong, less resilient people use these facilities alongside more robust people.
    Masks do reduce transmission % if worn by all, and this decision will allow our clinics, community nurses, elder homes, hospital, dentists, physios, hospice etc. to be able to care for all & hopefully remain open.

    Just check what’s happening in various ‘freedom’ countries right now – hospitals & clinics have scaled back their ability to focus on the long waiting lists because so many people are arriving asymptomatic or ‘thought it would go’ covid positive.
    They’ve gone back to strict one person only visiting for limited time.
    That’s the big one for me. I know too many people who suffered emotionally and physically in care, hospitals & clinics last year, and two died alone.
    The family & friends sorrow, frustration & anger is never forgotten.

    We have a choice now, and medical association have stepped up.
    Let us not be mean, but respectful of others in healthcare settings and wear a mask without protest.
    Thank you.

  4. WHO to provide Special incentives if 70% are vaccinated by June. What are those special incentives? Who is going to benefit ?

  5. Stop Taking the Vaccine.. Because JAH made our Bodies to fight all ailments… The Natural Way is the Best Way… Stop Making these people experiment on us… 70% my A@%… Did the PM Even Take A Vaccine… smh

    • Unfortunately these materialist, scientific types often don’t believe in God. They believe that they can make people better then God already made us. What Huberous !

  6. …and, please don’t leave your #Specs, glasses, face-shields at home, since, the #Eyes can allow the viruses to enter your body as well. I wonder what, the #NASOLACRIMAL APPARATUS(this sounds like a #Criminal Apparatus) have to say, about being left out of this COVID-19 foray.

    …Now, a begging you please, please, Papi
    …could you come in and blow the de Conch Shell fu we!
    …’cause, as you can see
    …there’s too much damned controversy
    …while, some are still shouting #conspiracy
    …while, the virus filled tears are draining constantly
    …through the #puncta and #canaliculi
    …which makes up the NASOLACRIMAL crime family
    …could end up in your belly
    …or, even take you to de Cemetery!

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