Mary John does better job than police finding missing girls — D Gisele Isaac


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  1. Mary John does a better job than the Police in finding missing girls. That is not a loose statement at all. It is a fact. What became of that case of the 2 Policemen. That took a young woman down by Five Islands area and raped her. Is that swept under the rug. Like many others in Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. Maybe she does a better job because she used to be a purveyor so that she knows the ins and outs and the people she used to procure for? Just perhaps, eh?

  3. Wash arse in a Basin: That is all you could contribute to this issue. Attacking the woman Mary John for doing a very good job. At least she goes beyond the norm and find those young women being trafficked in Antigua as sex slaves by older men. For most part the girls are under aged. Where the hell are the Police? Too busy in my opinion deeply involved in the hanky panky,themselves.

    • Hanky panky like allegedly taking money from a supermarket that just burned down? And then being represented by your party’s lawyer extraordinaire Chaku Waku? How he as a big UPP supporter could let his pension slip down the drain is so sad.

    • “She goes beyond the norm” is correct. There, you have hit the nail on the head! Michael Jackson (MJ) goes to places others can’t because MJ used to do the things that are spoken about. Michael was and is a rotten person. One day, the bucket bottom will drop out.

      At the very heart of your response is your belief that the police is not doing their work. When they do, people tend to revert to conspiracy theories. Herein lies the problem: when the police performs people say that there must me some conspiracy afoot. When they don’t, it’s another conspiracy theory.

      Michael Jackson (MJ) once performed in red, but because MJ couldn’t sing libellous lyrics on stage MJ decided to jump, rant, and rave. It’s Carnival, baby! Speaking loud does not translate to facts. MJ is rotten and it’s only a matter of time before MJ meets the rubicon.

  4. And what has y’all do called “women group” done for these run away young girls. Not ah s###. Woman wheel and come again y’all just looking cheap political points

      • Did I say anything about Gaston Brown. Obsessed much? Likka gyal min dey ah runway before Gaston Browne and dem go runaway after Gaston Browne. Wtf y’all so called ‘women group’ do gor these young girls not ah s###. Just looking for cheap political points.

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