Marshall says she remains committed to SMS despite stepping aside as candidate


Dear Comrades

I come to you after much reflection and after further consultation with my close family and loved ones. In 2007 I was proud to answer the call to serve and stand as your selected candidate in the then upcoming General Elections of 2009. Though not initially successful, I was able to answer your call to serve as caretaker for the constituency leading up to the General Elections of 2014 in which we held the seat and again in 2018. I am proud to have been selected by you and honoured by the trust and faith you and most residents placed in me over the years. Indeed, I am heartened by your unwavering commitment to me even having lost the last general elections in 2023.

However, we live in a Parliamentary Democracy where the majority speaks. I must recognize the clear message sent to me at the last polls. I know you believe in me and are aware of the challenges I have faced over the recent years. Despite this I remain satisfied that under the Antigua Labour Party stewardship, the constituency has grown, and the people of the constituency have greatly benefited. I am sure that history, in time, will confirm this.

However, today I have significantly different personal circumstances than when I first answered the call to serve the good people of St. Mary’s South. Today, with a young family I consider the time has come for me to step aside and allow others to carry forth the fight to improve living standards and maintain educational and employment opportunities that will allow the good people within St. Mary’s South to grow.

It is for this reason that I now step-down from the caretaker position that I have served in and accordingly I will not contest the up coming By Election. However, I will support and render all possible assistance to any person you select and hope by taking this step now you are afforded a reasonable opportunity to make an appropriate selection of another who is willing and ready to serve.

I remain committed to the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, the people of St. Mary’s South and most of all the people of Antigua and Barbuda as a whole. It is my intention to continue to give service in any other way that my Party and my People may see fit.

Yours Comradeship

Samantha N. Marshall

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  1. Wow. Bow out gracefully Lady Sam you have given much, life is short. Enjoy your family make the best of it. Thanks for your unwavering support and service to the nation.

  2. Much Respect Sammo.. I really like you, but you were up against an uphill task.. the issue is not you, but your current leader who doesn’t know how to hush. The tide has turned against him in a big way, in his personna as leader, and it will be tough for you. I am sure you deliberated well on this matter. You are still young. Under another leader or with you as leader, at a later date, the tide might be more favorable. But for now gwaan raise you pickney!!!

  3. Ok. That says it all!
    So, You were only hoping to get victory and deceive the constituents for another term, via the court case filed by Cashworth Aaron.

  4. I would like to commend you for being able to make such kind of decision. Not saying I support it or not but happy to see you are able to make these kinds of decisions.

    I do believe as an expert in strategies, it is a brilliant strategy that is beneficial to reinvent yourself, be missed and return with full force and win, even the next general election.

    I believd the decision is brilliant for you and your party–in the future.

    Sad to have read this but yet I feel so proud at the same time. You are able to make this strategic decision.

    Brilliant whoever advised you on this.

  5. Best thing you have ever done. Move out of the way and stop blocking the people’s progress. You were warned that your political career will end as you will be sent into retirement by Kelvin ‘Shuggy’ Simon
    It’s all about Shuggy Shuggy Shuggy

  6. GB: Sammie I think it’s best for you to come out of the election we need a man to run against shug , need someone who is more vibrant.

    SM: (crying 😢)I done so much for the party and you are going to kick me out as a candidate like you did Mr.Michael. That’s unfair!

    GB: life is unfair! What I said always goes you either comply or you won’t be on board for nothing, we need a body building to get some attraction, at this moment the party is not that attractive , we have some rice pudding eaters which are seriously huuuuge, some are gone and a few remaining.

    SM: what will my role be in this cult my lord

    GB: I will create a portfolio for you that you could earn more money, put you on a few boards. Just be patient when we get the money from that boat things will be brighter. I am for empowering my people around me in the party and not the people in the country.

    SM : you will do that for me

    GB: I know I am a notorious liar but you have my word.

    Lienohell: you made a good decision Sammie our master knows what’s best, all you have to do is always say yes to his desires not yours. He is the brain and heart behind this party, our job is just to say yes regardless of how you feel. Just say yes to our master

  7. I’m proud of Samantha for listening to the people and bowing out. This is how politicians should behave.

  8. Glad u have finally realized the people do not want you! Thought u realized that after the election results! Now I understand ALP is trying to turn the by-election into a body building contest but it won’t work Gaston, the people want Shuggy Shuggy Shuggy…. Now go back to the drawing board.

  9. Samantha if for one sec I believe YOU made this call but I know you ddnt ….

    Gaston realizes you can’t win no matter how hard he and all the ministers helping you recampaigning …. Sorry sis you are politically done and have been for some time… with ALL the monies you dished out it wasn’t enough….

    You should have made this decision in January but you let Gaston hyped you for for his glory and being a team player you did it ……

    Honestly I think you were constantly sidelined for his wife and Gaston push n positioning for the 1st female pm when she clearly ain’t ready and isn’t needed..

    You had to constantly take hits in the name of team player AINT nothing lost dear on you….
    The picture looks good still for you.

  10. Son of a gun! Tek dat. The same how you mistreated curtain staff in Agriculture come back to whip your ass. KARMA is a bitch.
    Now go find hard work fu do and stop make easy tax payers money to form the fool and do nothing.
    Look after your family, so you say but other people families are suffering because of decisions you made and took to cabinet. Smh God nar sleep.

  11. One thing about the ABLP. They are both strategic and creative. They will use a UPP operative to run against the UPP candidate. Calculated and deliberate move intended to win at any cost. Use your own brothers and sisters to plan your demise. I am sure there was a cost to this move and the brother took the bait. Traitors are all over…..even in politics. Might be a very long shot but it’s a good tactical and political move. No one knows your secrets and moves more than your friends.

  12. Lard!! You min jus pan Wadadli Cats all day Sunday warming up your constituents! Something no right! Something no smell right! Wha dat? A farewell cruise!

    A wha GASTONE do you????? Ar we warn fu know. A he push you out? Me can’t tek fu you words about family story!

    Something wrang!!

  13. Eye candy time but this one also have brain. Poor Shuggy people close to him not only running from him, but now have joined the better team. SAM, all the best

    • Your credibility done, mash-up, finished @ tenman.

      Remember, before monkey buy trousers, he affi know where fi put he tail …

  14. @propaganda tenman.. bwoi me tell you aready dat you lost all credibility on one is listening to you, just like they stop listening to Samantha.

    Go find another career, cause you are not good at spinning..people seeing straight through your bullshit.

    • @Islan.. speak about yourself because no one mentioning you anywhere. Anyway boss the knife already pushed in Shuggy and he did not see it coming

      • @tenman. When I speak, I speak from humble wisdom, not to get likes by saying the most outrageous crazy thing I can come up with, like you.

        If you want likes, go on YouTube or Twitter or one of those propaganda sites.. this is Antigua news, and us good Antiguans wants the best for our country, you on the other hand come across like the house Nigga that works in Gatson Browne pantry.

        Go sit your arse down some where dude..

  15. I don’t know your personality but msSamNickyMarshall, what I know is you are no fool. So my question to ministers is how did you think that you would stand a chance? I was waiting for the nominations cause based on how the party operates, I knew it would not be you. Didn’t know though that there would be a turncoat but mrSimon did say he too, at one time was being offered a place on the party’s ticket. I am truly saddened for you and I know that despite the facade, you are hurting deeply on the inside.

  16. This has the idiot Dawg written all over it. Maybe a poll by the Bajan Winkup proved that Samantha was a heavy looser. Too late Gaston Browne. UPP outmanouvered you, you narcissistic, power-hungry failure, so now you are desperate. You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, and your time is up. The clock is ticking. The by-election is the beginning of your end.

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