Marshall distributes hot meals to senior citizens


Minister Samantha Marshall: This year has been a problematic one especially for those most vulnerable within our families, circle of friends and acquaintances, and even within our wider communities.

Particularly for our senior citizens, it’s important that those who laid the foundation of life for us today have access to the necessary support and remain connected with loved ones.

Yesterday, I was humbled to distribute 82+ hot, delicious meals to senior citizens in St Mary’s South as part of a holiday meals initiative. Hopefully, this gesture brought a measure cheer to their holidays.

I would like to thank Ms. O’garro from O’garro Catering in Urlings for providing the amazing meals and also my team for their coordination efforts. Let’s continue to care for and support those around us!

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  1. ALERT: The Silly Season is upon us. Politicians (and the wanna-be-politicians) are everywhere. Some are cleaning-up communities; some are feeding the less fortunate; some are handing out hams & turkeys; and soon, all will be offering free computer lessons. We know the script. We see it every 5 years. After elections, they’ll go back into hibernation – some never to be heard from again

  2. UPP has criticized ABLP in past for delivering HAM ,TURKEY and HOT MEALS .Now I have seen the UPP doing the same thing. According to Mr. Knight of the SNAKE PIT. UPP using the same hand book of the ABLP.
    According to BIG MOUTH Serpent of Obssrver. He is giving supper instead of Ham and Turkey.UPP and SERPENT bunch of HYPOCRITES. That is the reason why UPP will NOT win a seat next election.

    • People not stupid. They can see right through these stunts. It’s so infantile. If they want to help people, why not give it anonymously to the Salvation Army to give out and distribute. You and I know why they wouldn’t do anything like that, don’t we!!

  3. Pete, the reason why UPP has to step in because of the Labour Party. If they have allocated the millions of dollars they have gotten over the years for these times the UPP would not have step up in this time. The UPP has an heart for people whether it is blue, red or green they try to make Christmas better for some people. It is a time for giving. I hope you and the other bloggers has a place in your heart to take something for someone in need. Our heavenly father has everything in control. Anyone out there that can lend a helping hand to the needy, please assist. Stay focus UPP because Jehovah will deliver our country from this wicket , self-centered government.

    • YOUTH great comment. All the ALP bloggers fail to see that because things are so desperate in this country and so many people are hungry, that many more entities and individuals are coming forward to assist. Even FROM THE SIDELINE was kind enough to give his turkey to a less fortunate person. If the government did not squander the country’s resources during the good times the people would not be suffering as much. Yes, enough the UPP with very limited resources is trying its best to assist. The difference though is that this assistance is not like the cheap politics of the ALP as a barter for votes, this assistance is as a consequence of the dire circumstance that people are in.

    Tabor you pick up on anything which You deem is against the ABLP. Tabor you have been fighting a losing battle and you will continue to fight until the last day 2020 and beyond. For the life of me I cannot understand why You cannot see the wrongdoings within UPP. UPP criticized ABLP for HAM and TURKEY distribution and now the UPP is distributing HAM and TURKEY.Tabor cannot see the HYPOCRISY in this action ?????. Tabor take off the blind folders and advise the UPP properly. That is the reason why BEEF of POINTE FM ( REAL TALK ) refer to you as the HALF LAWYER. Tabor hope you smarten up in 2021. AWFUL.

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