Market Street business burglarized and nearly $85k in cash taken; empty safe discovered on Meat Market premises


About $85,000 allegedly has been stolen from a business place in St. John’s.

REAL News understands that a clothing store located on Market Street was broken into sometime between 5:30 p.m. on August 22 and 9 a.m. the following day, and a safe containing the money was taken.

The intruders allegedly used an implement to pick the lock of a glass door in order to enter the building.

Having entered the store, the perpetrators reportedly removed the safe – containing EC$60,000 and US$9,000.00 in cash, as well as a FirstCaribbean International Bank cheque book – from the manager’s office.

The safe and cheque book were subsequently found on the premises of the Meat Market and, reportedly, a pre-signed cheque had been removed from the book. Reports are that a hard object had been used to pry open the safe

The Police are conducting investigations into the matter.

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  1. So why not list the name of the establishment so other business places can be on the look out for these cheques, in the event one of the scum tries to write his name on it to get it change for cash

  2. Why? Why in the face of so many robberies taking place would anyo e leave cash on their premises? Utilize the services your banks offer such as night deposits. This has to be so hard. In addition have businesses burlar-proofed.

  3. Clothing Store…..On Market Street……No one would ever think a clothing store would have a safe inside containing nearly $100K unless u have some inside intel…..5:30PM on busy Market Street very bold move……9:00AM the next day?????? Houdini

  4. In my opinion,it was an inside job.How would an outsider know the amount of greens in that safe?The Po-Po should be able to solve this one very quickly. Why did that business keep so much cash on hand? There are Banks with money bags for night deposits. Two persons should go to the Bank to deposit those funds to avoid robberies. Why this business did not have cameras and or an alarm system. Come on business people,this is 2022,not 1922.You the business owners and some of your management level employees should have access to those cameras and alarm systems on your phones. Any breaches of the premises should be seen on your phones in real times and Police notified.Invest your monies into your businesses to save you monies into the long runs.

    • U cyah trust nobody too follow u go bank tok deposit no money same way dem can set u up too get rob only God and your license firearm if u have 1 u can trust

    • Exactly my point why all that money in a business place and bold enough to rob on a time like that

      Whuch clearly state is the glass door the robbery take place smh that a inside job

  5. I smell a rat. What kind of business place would buying that one have locks that someone can pick with a sharp instrument? Also what kind of safe that someone can pick up and walk with? And most of all which business man is so smart to leave all that smackeroos in a portable safe overnight?
    Give me an asperin. I’m not buying that one.

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