Maria to make her presence felt in motorcade for Rural East Constituency this Saturday



Last night the Rural East Constituency Branch met.

One of the decisions coming out of their meeting last night is that they’re going to hold  a motorcade  in the constituency on Saturday in the afternoon.

They exactly exact time has not been agreed they want to ensure that the presence of the the Rural East parliamentary representative is felt right.

So they will lead a small motorcade throughout the constituency led by the parliamentary representative Maria who who will lead the parade.

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  1. Mariaaaaa….nobody cares ……a motorcade for what?

    To make yourself feel good whats the purpose of a wasted motorcade you giving ppl gas money .

    Your uncle died what did you do …NOTHING.
    did you address the nationor even your constituency NO.


  2. But you are a bitter idiot. If nobody cares why are you addressing it.
    She’s addressing the sad event now. The branch is having motorcade. What’s wrong with that?
    And ‘ ungrateful gal’ ??? Really??
    You are aware that the gentleman died 1 week ago right?? Why cant people have a period of mourning idiot??
    But you can keep the sensible suggestions coming. Smh

    • She’s addressing it now …..she is always told what to do she should have made a statement when it was released he died …. the gentleman is SIR LESTER … you paid looser

  3. A motorcade. Just what all of us unemployed, struggling people need right now. SMDH!! This is not for the people, but to stroke her and her husband’s egos. Even they can tell that they are out of favour with the people. Damage control??? Nothing will wipe away that gassing of your own people.

  4. Yyou guys are bunch of lLiars and Losers, what the branches is having has nothing to do with Maria but our wonderful States man Sir Lestee Bird

  5. So after her husband made her walk the plank on rumshop radio regarding infidelity, the biggest ghost worker in antigua will be having a motorcade?. What a joke.

  6. MARIA IS A SAD LIKKE PUPPET ……look at her eyes you can see sadness …. she doesn’t exudes joy or genuine happiness… we should get a motorcade to remove her from the constituency.

    • 😂 you’re the sad one trying to pass it off on the wonderful lady. What do you have to show for your time on earth other than sitting behind a computer and be negative

  7. Wait!!!! You can have motorcade with tons of people but people can’t gather in peace to picket without getting gassed and shot with rubber bullets.???? Likkle girl…please don’t let your father (oops…husband) corrupt and speak for you. You’re a grown woman capable of speaking and thinking for yourself and your children. And according to him you’re already a multimillionaire at you’re little young age.

  8. Given that she studied in high school ,did well at cxc was accepted at AUA medical school and went on to earn a law degree I doubt that she is anyone’s puppet.
    A statement was optional. How she chooses to honour him is her prerogative not yours.
    What is a waste is the time it took you to answer my comment.

  9. Having a husband and wife representing two different constituencies should never be allowed in politics. We know she get bang up all the time if she doesn’t Gaston’s will. Now world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne is now controlling two constituencies.

    We the people need to put an end to this dictatorship. What next, world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne will get his son to run in another constituency?

    It’s time the family of Nigel Christian gets justice for the abduction, kidnapping and execution style murder of their loved one. No one including ministers of govt is above the law. Nigel Christian was murdered to cover up the underhanded dealings by govt members using “forged” signatures. The civilian, one of us was killed doing his duties and helping to stop the creative enrichment schemes plaguing our nation.

    The same goes to the kidnappers, abductors and human traffickers HT of Mehul Choksi. Again govt ministers are involved with this. Get all of them and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

    Hammer Pump needs to be investigated. World dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne’s former go man to do all his dirty work. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hammer Pump end up dead by “mysterious” means.

  10. Why should she exude joy or genuine happiness.
    If I were her I would keep that at home.
    Some of the disparaging remarks that have been made have hit below the belt. Really uncalled for.
    That she stepped up and entered politics with its nasty, vitriolic, hateful ,vindictive and lying methods is a wonder. She should be commended.
    Instead of all politicians seek to raise the level of campaigning and thereby instilling some kind of political maturity in its citizens, they instead play to the lowest form of political battle. Name calling, innuendos and outright lies. There is a thing called karma. Be careful.
    Endeavour to meet her by the way. Then you will realize what are her strengths……and why she won’t lose.

    • @ A Friend . I’ve met her and what I see is youthfulness, and someone who does not stand out like a leader someone who’s not aware of the significance of moments .
      Someone who was put there for a reason other than.
      Everyone has their strength and weaknesses

  11. @ Observer and it’s also a waste of time you took to reply to him.
    You doubt because of her education she’s anyone’s puppet ? You’re easily swayed and a bigger fool than you’re letting us on to believe .
    I have just as much education as her but would never make an asinine statement like that .
    I guess that happens when you can only see red.

  12. @ Observer education doesnt make character nor does it equate qualities. Ppl who lead with their education qualifications always lack personality & character…..Ion care how many degrees one has NOONE date DEGREE’S… ITS HOW YOU ARE AS A HUMAN.

    Your such a dumbarse!!! …trying to show her education instead of her qualities and her political acheivements what has she done for RUSL EAST……….. besides buying VOTES…. what?

    Go ask her constituents about her less than desirable performance since taking office better yet when last have they seen her ….SHES JUS BEING CONSTANTLY USED …..MARIA doesnt appeal to ppl as a woman who has her own mind and a backbone…. shes more seen as an errant grown child constantly being disciplined…… can buy things and clearly it has bought YOU.

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