MARIA BROWNE: ‘I am a very spiritual person’


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  1. It’s wonderful to hear of her spirituality and her dedication to the Living Christ. We are blessed to have her in government and at the side of her husband, also a man of faith. They make us proud. God bless them both. Now let us hear something about Harold and his spirituality.

  2. So are goats. After school children revealed that there was goat in the garden, your husband made you walk the plank on rumshop radio, humiliating you in the process to deny the rumors.

    • Oh please. You all always know everything except you’ll own business.
      You met the intruder?? One big chups.
      You’ll so annoying. What you’ll wouldn’t say to get your friends elected.

  3. My goodness, aren’t we all baptized and confirmed in a church . Does going to a Church based school make one spiritual?
    Your husband has 5 children with 4 women and that makes him more spiritual than any other. It was best to say we are all sinners . You didn’t even try to quote a scripture and Philanthropy must me the word of the week .

  4. Wait! My ears must be deceiving me. Young gal meet old man. Old man marry young gal. The in between is a family affair!!!

  5. Jealousy and covetousness seems to be the order of the day from all those oppose Gaston Browne & his family……Sad!

    • Maybe you jealous and covetous but the rest of us are not. People are just mad and would like to see this man out of office because if he gets another term nothing will be left in Antigua and Barbuda for the black people. All he talks about is wealth and money. Just like a junky, can’t stop the drugs. His one time buddy will tell us how he got rich.

  6. She is a spiritual person,really? The last time I checked,a spiritual person loves self and others. Her husband treats her like a child instead of an adult. Maria,when you went on that radio station to speak about your fidelity. Were you a spiritual person then? When it was rumored that a goat was in someone’s garden. Where was your spirituality? I do not know you. However,I felt your pain that day in terms of embarrassment,on your husband’s radio station.

  7. Jealousy is not speaking the truth, to condemn greed and corruption is not jealous either. To defend wrong and you know one is going a stray is either you are fearful of that person or you like kissing 💋 buttocks.

  8. Maria IS a spiritutal woman. She is somewhat of a mystic. Heaven smiles upon her and the ancestors have their protective eye upon her, and the angelic host surrounds her. Be careful. Touch her not.

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