MARIA BROWNE: Current PM and Cabinet is best to navigate country through pandemic


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  1. You can not determine someone’s competence, and ability from the way the person express their thoughts and intent through words. I sometimes make not get to express myself in a manner I wish I did to convey competency and understanding.

    I think great people exist on the Island to lead, I will say some are currently leading but there are others who are needed but will not be able to contribute in the manner the country/people need because you must have some connection or relationship that will be the reason you are given that opportunity to do the best job that country can have.

    I do feel sad this is the process, no matter which party, this is not an attack on one but I guess you can say it is a warning to all that we need to put people in that merits it, than can do the best and right job for the All, the country.

    Also, there should be independent thinkers, so there are innovations from competing thoughts but respectfully.

    I see Antigua as a country that could have been one of the wealthiest in the world where citizens could have had at least 1 week to a month of free wages during the pandemic shut downs from the pandemic but it did not happen.

    It is not just the current government to blame but all previous administration.

    It is a beautiful country, we should have billions in Ec dollars saved in accounts by government.

    I know everyone thinks they can do the job but not all. However, there are some who truly could take the people to a better now and future.

    I want to see healthy internal conflicts within political parries. This happens when there are healthy competitions and then healthy and wise compromise.

    I want to see actions taken to create a government account main goal is to disperse funds to citizen during economic crisis.

    I want to see small Business loans being available for citizens.

    I want to see a significant increase in exporting of fruits, vegetables and local alcohol.

    I want rules on hotels signing agreements to buy local as much as is reasonable possible and if there are no reasonable excuse for not buying as much as possible locally, the local hotel forfeit funds within some escrow or other similar accounts. The amount deposited by these hotels or business can be dependent on their size or revenue. As time passes and they buy locally, the funds required to be deposited, decreases. As the partner to buy locally now exist.

    Local farmers sign up with the agriculture department stating how much items they are growing and should be available. That department then communicate with hotels and restaurants on what quantity they anticipate they will need for each product.

    Mandatory for hotels to have 10 to 25% of their menu to be local foods, drinks, entertainment etcetera. Fines or forfeiture for violations of this reasonable culture preservation and culture export.

    Government in a high percentage of requesting for investors or investment must first seek such money from locals with guarantee of at least the amount borrowed from locals returned, plus inflation at worse case scenario but normally good case scenario with interest also.

    If a government official invest in something that just made no sense, is determined to be not prudent base on the facts, that official should be personally liable to pay back the government’s/people’s money.

    There should be the selling a local government bonds with no risk, the government must guarantee principal will be returned at minimum and offer doubling of that return if folks keep the money for some specific amount of time. For instance for one year, binds can not be cashed, after that it can be. After one year, you get the principal and 9 months of interest and if you keep you bond for 2 years, you get the full 24 months of interest. You keep it for 10 years, you are guaranteed the money with double or whatever incentive the government wants to give.

    It is great to get foreign investment but can be greater to get local investment to share that success with the locals directly with a successful investment.

    Policing, we need some young and innovative folks at the helm. Believe it kr not, Antigua is no longer this completely backward, ignorant and poor little island. People understand things now and there is a larger amount of diverse visitors now in Antigua.

    I frankly must say that in my reasonable assessment of the forces, they are not where they should be. It is not their fault and this is not meant to degrade but it is a stating of facts. The resources actually exist and the strategies exist to I practically zero the crime rate in Antigua. Give me one month to 1 year with the police force and I will implement so many community friendly Policing tactics and crime prevention tactics that will result in substantial reduction of major and minor crimes. Also, there will be a more loving and cooperating view from the public of the forces.

    One more thing of the many ideas I have, there are locals with a lot of cash who truly wants to put more cash in the country but faces incompetent bank staff and outdated financial rules. They are also ready to invest if guarantee of a minimum of getting back their investment. I do not find this to be any problem for the local government to live by this guarantee rule. I see more benefits than any risk for the local people/government.

    It is time we include the people in the investment, in the profit, in the running of the country and treating them no more as poor incompetent citizens but important investors. They honestly deserve it. I believe so.

    The other thing, when you contact a minister for assistance, their first response or any response from them to a citizen should never be a steering of that citizen to spend money but for the government official to help as much as they can legally help and to direct citizens to local government departments and agents whose responsible for such area at issue.

    At no time implying or steering a citizen to hiring or spending money should be the first or main or be a part of any comment from a minister to any local or citizen or even visitors that are having certain types of issues that any true country should have an agency or agent in charge of regulating or enforcing rules and advocating for the people.

    • Is that you Harold? You sure wrote one long long thing here. Obviously it’s going to be 17 to zero, and you will have lots of time to enjoy your retirement. You aging out you know! Look in the mirrow. We want to see Charles Taylor or Single Pringle at the helm as Leader of the new UPP.

      • Is that you Gaston! Satan co-worker ! Your wickedness will follow you! You take bread out a naga mouth. You send tear gas after people picney.
        You think God sleeping? Satan waiting for you.

      • @seCUNTa X … is that you Gaston??? Bout 17 none Aryou directly lub advantage round ya. Hope u wake up out your drunken stupor or seek help for the madness in your hear that escapes your mouth. Enough is enough of these HEARTLESS rogues and vagabonds who are raping Antigua in every sector. The wicked shall prosper but only for a while…

  2. Lol if I ever saw a coerced statement this it .
    Clearly a why 🙆you not saying nothing .
    The Moustache did say recently that they have to speak.
    Follow the Fuhrer marching orders

  3. Obviously, this is one outstanding lady. She the WOMAN of the hour. Some day she might well be our Prime Minister. We are blessed.

    • CErmie what ever you’re smoking that’s some good stuff.
      Had businesses meeting awhile ago with her and walked away not very impressed.
      Doesn’t seem to be her calling.

      • Hey “Believe It”… She wasn’t very impressed with YOU either, and that’s your own fault. Think about it! Business (?) sure doesn’t seem to be “your calling”. Chuups.

        • @ Conrad the Idiot : Lol sorry to hurt your feelings . I thought you could only see red but you’re pointing out a typo error which I immediately saw but was in a hurry and couldn’t retract . I have a huge business to run unlike you old farts that stay on here all day
          waiting to jump at anything not Gaston
          The statement remains the same I was not the only one that traveled to Antigua solely for the purpose of the meeting Lol let me put it another way for your little brain WE WERE NOT IMPRESSED and doesn’t seem to be her calling .

    • CErmle you have to be absolutely joking. If it was All Fools Day I would think you are trying to fool us all with your comment.

        • @ CHARLES TABOR
          Where is UPP Spokesman IAN ( MAGIC ) HUGHES ? CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER. These are the type of person UPP attract. According to ERIC ( THE RED ) the results of the 2023 election will be be as follows..

          ABLP. 17 SEATS

          UPP. 00 SEAT

  4. Well said. Well done Minister Browne.
    Who laughs last laughs best. You are going to get the most votes again come 2023.👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Election is really in the air, when they trot out the biggest ghost worker to spew her nonsense. Everyone keep asking a was she do and the people in rural east were saying nobody see she since the election.

    Recently you surface to give out food, from school meals.

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