Mans Gets $6000 Fine For Drug Possession And Other Offenses


Daiquan Jackson has been fined $6000 for possession and intent to sell 218.45 grams of cannabis as well as resisting arrest.

The 23-year-old Point resident received the verdict at the St John’s Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday and has until September 30 to pay the money in full or spend one year in jail.

Jackson, who was wanted in connection with another incident, was arrested on July 27 in Heritage Quay by officers patrolling the area.

However, he reportedly resisted arrest and when the officer tried to restrain him, the defendant allegedly punched the officer, causing him to lose his grip.

The defendant was eventually subdued and taken into custody where a search carried out on his person revealed six large transparent plastic bags containing the controlled drug, cannabis.

He was then cautioned and charged with battery, resisting arrest, possession of cannabis and being concerned with supplying the drug.

He admitted to beating the constable, having the drugs in his possession, and intending to sell said drugs.

However, upon explaining his side of the story, Jackson was reprimanded for the charge of battery, the other offenses attracted a fine.



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