Mandatory Wearing Of Face Masks Will Soon Become Enforceable


The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment, in consultation with partners in the fight against the Covid-19 community spread, has been authorized to alert the Antigua and Barbuda public that all persons venturing into public spaces outside of their homes— including to gas stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, doctors’ offices, bakeries and all other essential services—will shortly be required to wear masks that cover their nostrils and their mouths.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has taken into account developments in other countries and the views of experts suggesting that the wearing of masks appear to reduce the level of infections, in conjunction with social distancing, the washing of hands, practicing proper cough etiquette and the other hygienic practices at home and elsewhere.

Eating healthy foods and exercising daily, even within limited spaces, are necessary means to staying well. Limiting Covid-19 community spread or “flattening the curve“ is the controlling reason for the State of Emergency and the Curfew.

There is a recognition that sufficient masks may not yet be available to meet the demand of every household; supplies of masks for all front-line workers are sufficiently stocked and are being distributed to these workers.

Every effort to ramp-up production on-island and to import as many additional masks as can be accessed overseas—given the global demand for the product—will be pursued before the mandatory use can be implemented.

Those who have masks, at this time, are encouraged to wear them, including cloth masks, handkerchiefs, bandanas, home-made masks. Protect yourself and others. Attached to this release, are WHO and PAHO approved instructional messages for the proper application and disposal of mask.

If you believe you are exhibiting symptoms of the virus or have been exposed to the virus, please contact the COVID-19 Hotline at 462-6843, email [email protected] or contact your private health provider via phone. Do not leave your house.

Do not take public transportation. Please continue to adhere to the state of emergency guidelines.

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  1. Is the government going to properly supply face masks? Do you plan on arresting or imposing a fine on people not wearing masks ?? Please stop making things harder for poor Antiguans.. you can suggest things but making everything mandatory and not providing proper guidance or not providing the equipments needed is not helping will only create more anxiety and panic .. face masks have been sold out for months now all over the world..where do you expect people to get masks??

  2. Exceptions to go outside for exercise is a must if the lockdown is extended. Getting fresh air and daily exercise is important to keep people healthy. To go to the supermarket and wait in line for hours with hundreds of other people poses a far bigger risk for spreading disease than to go for a solo walk, run or swim in the ocean, all of which is impractical in your home.

    • I totally agree we must be allowed to take one walk a day close to our homes within the designated hours we are allowed to move around for shopping… It’s not a healthy situation otherwise for many people, staying healthy and healing is getting the sun and fresh air everyday. No more than two ppl walking together should be set within the guidelines as well.

  3. It seems as though some persons get self gratification to oppose and criticize when something is done without looking at the issue in a constructive manner….. Of course everyone’s opinion should be respected. However, when something is done, before criticizing first weigh the pros & cons of such action……. Each person’s health is paramount…….The enforcing of the masks by the govt will no doubt benefit the young, the old, boy or girl…… Its better to be proactive rather than being reactive…

  4. First we heard that masks don’t work unless you have it. Then we heard that you have to have a “special” type of mask as all others are ineffective. Now we are to use simple fabric masks made out of literally anything. To go from one extreme to the other. Why do I feel like in the next couple weeks that we are going to be hearing another story? Next we are all to wear goggles as the masks won’t protect the virus from getting into our eyes.

    Then Trump says to use a malaria treatment drug that most studies have shown is non effective and the world starts stockpiling it. Then we hear rumor that he was paid to endorse it and probably has shares in the company who manufactures it. I throw my hands up in the air to be honest.

    It’s in the air, it’s on our skin, it’s on our clothes, it’s on our shoes. WHAT’S NEXT???

    We won’t know if you are coming or going next. Just saying…

  5. The bottom line is this:
    Is the MANDATORY wearing of masks enforceable under the law or merely a good idea or suggestion?

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