Manager to be sentenced for stealing from Cashwiz


A former manager of local pawn shop, Cashwiz admitted to stealing more than half a million dollars in cash and jewelry from the establishment.

Marcel Lapierre Armande pleaded guilty to Larceny by a clerk or servant when the charge was read to him in the High Court yesterday.

Armande staged a robbery at the Woods Mall establishment on January 11, 2014.

He told his wife and later police that masked men attacked him as he was making his way into the shop.

When police arrived on the scene, the defendant was seen outside with a wound to his head, which he claimed was inflicted by the attackers.

In a failed attempt to cover his tracks, Armande removed the tapes of the store’s CCTV cameras and told police the gunmen had taken them.

Investigators later viewed CCTV footage given to them by the management of Woods Plaza and realized the defendant had concocted the robbery story.

The cash and jewelry that were discovered missing from the store amounted to close to $668,000.

The defendant had reportedly given some of the jewelry to his landlord for safekeeping.

It is unclear how much of the stolen items were recovered.

Armande, who is currently on bail, will be sentenced for the crime later this month.

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  1. Lets see if he is as lucky as Petra. Sad when you cannot trust the manager. And if it were a local black Antiguan they would say that is why they hire expats for these positions. Anyway I believe the same lawyer who defended Petra here again pleading for mercy to the court.

    • LOL! IF you think Petra lucky, what of MONYA DYER and her husband? They get to keep the food from COSTCO IN CONNECTICUT. Petra didn’t get any food from her lender. It pays to be a police officer in Antigua, better yet if you married and even super lucky if you from Willikies. People were even alleging that it was the COP who paid the bail for them.

      • Waitttttt how is this even relevant??? You sleep and wake up with monya and she husband pan ya mind??? Did the incident even happen here?? Do you have the details of what happened? Do we have a Costco here??? I suggest you stop hiding behind this profile and deal with whatever issues you have with this couple seems personal to me…

      • Monya Dyer muss tek way ya ya always ah talk bout da woman and she husband. she mussa lock up ya family what mek ya always ah call up da gyal name.

        • Lol. That one really hit home. The Costco is in CT. Check it out online. Willikies people know the truth. Lol. Pay for all your groceries even at Epicurean and Chase.

  2. Trying to be slick huh? Any relation to Louisa Joan Prenna Woolard? She’s the lady who is accused of milking PAAWS while serving as its Treasurer.

    Where is this dirtbag from? IS his wife “standing by her man” or is she doing like Ayoushe?

  3. I hope the system is not biased in this case. Young black fellas can get time for a spliff so a white thief of nearly three quarters of a million dollars should feel the squeeze. Football coach my foot.

  4. wow. Read three comments citing three different names and matters having NOTHING to do with THIS specific instance (little to nothing said of this case). I suppose something is to be said for ‘freedom of speech’, though I’m not quite sure what it should be on this occasion..

  5. But the banks will give these people so easy all they have to do is show up with a white face lol funny

  6. 😂😂😂😂 the comments.

    I beg y’all don’t get catch in y’all skulduggery or perversions or whatever ill your demons sanction.

    People please evaluate yourselves. Be very careful with your thoughts. Do a cleansing…. because everyday the bucket go a well, you’ll not know when the bottom will fall out. #WatchYourselves

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