Man With Two Wives Convicted Of Bigamy


Norriston Henry was ordered to pay $7500 by the middle of next month or faces a year of hard labour in prison.


The 33-year-old man pleaded guilty to bigamy when he was brought before the court for marrying two women in this country.


Henry was 22-years-old when he married his first wife in 2008.


The marriage reportedly broke down two months later and efforts to patch things up saw the couple living together for a few more months.


His wife eventually left the country and asked for a divorce several times, but Henry rejected the requests.


Consequently, he was still legally married in 2016 when he proposed to a new love interest, whom he met the year before.


The next year, he lied to officials to secure a marriage license and tied the knot.


However, this marriage also began to unravel when his new wife heard rumours that she was not the only Mrs. Norriston Henry.


The man confessed he had been married before but claimed he had gotten a divorce.


When his first wife got news of the new marriage, she alerted police and Henry was arrested and charged.

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  1. I really do not think he should have been charged with a crime in this case. The intention of the law is to go after people that blatantly marry multiple people and have a relationship with them at the same time. This guy clearly was not together in a relationship with the first wife anymore (seems like they last saw each other nearly 10 years ago) when he married the second one.

    I think this is a case of the police, prosecutor and court being too aggressive in prosecution and in sentencing. This is a case where maybe only a small civil fine of like $100 was called for, but certainly not the threat of prison or a huge fine like $7,500. Arresting the guy over something ridiculous as this is really dumb.

    • The gentleman in this case clearly and knowingly committed fraud. He knew good and we’ll he was still married to the first wife. Why should he get a slap on the wrist? How do u thing his second wife feels knowing that their marriage is invalid? Get sense man.

    • I disagree. He had opportunities to get the divorce done but rejected his wife’s requests. Did he forget that he was married?

    • Remember the story started the first wife asked for divorce and he refused to sign it. He knownly married the second and lied. So the second marriage is not active according to our laws. Do you know if by chance he dead and leave his fortune it is first wife will be receiving.

  2. The law is what it is, and when the police are formally notified, they have no choice but to investigate.
    So the “bigamist” has been punished. a bit harshly given the circumstances, but ignore the law at your peril I guess

  3. What kinda caca “marriage truly sucks” is saying there? What kinda human being are you?

    First the dude was too young for marriage and after 10 years he should have set things straight and seek legal advice but he chose to be dishonest. Man too bad and always want to try with women emotions, then when women react they end up dead.

    As to the person that just took his words, they should be fired for being lazy and unethical. Why didn’t you investigate that said person first marriage? Did you get a payment? I’d charge you for being unprofessional too, many of you have jobs and Don’t have a clue how to do it.

    $7500 is nothing for 2 wives.

  4. Oh poor Henry,after 23 years of marriage catherine still can’t give you a male heir and clement refuses to grant you a divorce.Seriously we have inherited a repressive system from the colonial masters.To hell with the pope go ahead and marry again, die for something or live for nothing.#ToxicColonialLaws

  5. According to the article his first wife asked for a divorce several times, “but Henry rejected the requests … he lied to officials to secure a marriage license and tied the knot” so who is to blame?

  6. The article should have said the first wife allegedly asked him for a divorce several times. It is speculation. It very well could have been that he tried getting divorce from her and she refused as well. Her contacting the authorities was a malicious act and not one that someone who was happy to be away from someone would have committed. So I question the premise of her wanting a divorce. If it was a recent situation, and not saying he was right, I could understand, but after 10 years? The courts made an example of him. The fine was too hefty for the so called crime.

  7. What is the reason for marriage again?

    I know it has nothing to do with no Bible not Christianity.

    The state sanctions marriages and give divorce.

    For sure the state is not a Christian nor is it interested in any Bible.


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