Man who raped five-year-old niece jailed for five years, three months


Five years and three months in Her Majesty’s Prison – that was the penalty given to a 21-year-old man who raped his five-year-old niece.

The sentence was handed down yesterday by Justice Colin Williams who used 15 years as the starting point for a crime that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, or 30 years in this context.

The youngster, who previously pleaded guilty to the charge of incest, is said to have raped the minor on at least two occasions on December 28 2019.

According to the little girl’s brother, on the night in question he and his uncle were playing football in Ovals and returned home after 9pm.

The then 11-year-old boy was sent to purchase something, and when he returned he saw his then 18-year-old uncle in the bedroom where his sister and mother slept and observed him pulling up both his and the child’s pants.

The young boy noticed that his uncle’s penis was erect, and he questioned what had taken place.

The accused laughed.

The boy then went to sleep, but during the night, he woke up to find his uncle penetrating the young child.

He even saw the accused cleaning the child before dressing her and himself.

The young boy immediately woke his mother and told her what he’d witnessed, who, when she checked her young daughter, found evidence of the cleaning.

The mother further cleaned the victim, and sent both of her children back to sleep, while she messaged the girl’s father to inform him about the incident.

The mother reported the matter to the police the next morning, and when questioned, the five-year-old told the police that her uncle regularly assaulted her in such a way.

She also stated that the accused threatened to kill her mother if she told anyone about what he’d been doing to her.

The defendant was taken into custody, and when questioned by the police, he denied the allegations and said that he only used to masturbate over her, and touch her with his penis.

When asked why he did this, he responded that, he “was horny and wanted sex”.

The court heard yesterday that the victim is traumatised by the ordeal and wants to wear boys’ clothes because she is worried about being raped again.

The judge, however, began sentencing the young man by stating that he does not consider him to have been an adult at the time of the incident because he is “not the sharpest tool in the shed”.

In addition, the judge counted the paedophile’s previous good character and remorse as mitigating factors.

And after also subtracting the usual third for a guilty plea, the man was given less than six years, while time served will also be taken into account.

This was despite placing the offence in the most serious category.

The judge’s final remark was, “this is a sad case for the victim, and sad as well for the defendant”. By Latrishka Thomas/NEWSCO, OBSERVER



  1. @Me I second that. Wtf is that bout 5 years. Send him away for 15-20years. That poor baby. His whole adult life should be spent in prison. He’s a pedophile!

  2. Am living in the wrong part of the world 🌍 his dick should be cut off and stuff down his throat and then his head given to some bore hogs 😡😡😡5 years my a** 😡😡😡

  3. Really 5 years for a child Innocence and a life of trauma give me a break the law in this country is so messed up. If a man get busted with drugs I am sure he may get more years than this. Tupssss

    • Oh yes cuz the laws here is fucked. A man get busted for drug bust gets 15 and 20 years but a rapist or murder gets a small amount of years behind bars it’s ridiculous.

  4. PLEASE SAVE THEM OH LORD!!! There is NO JUSTICE from the Judge and from those who create the law. HAVE MERCY on your CHILDREN oh Lord.

  5. 🤢🤮😭😭😭I am crying for my country. This is heart breaking. What sort of message is this judgment sending. This is why some people are tempted to take matters in their own hand and suffer the consequences after….SMH

  6. “The judge, however, began sentencing the young man by stating that he does not consider him to have been an adult at the time of the incident because he is “not the sharpest tool in the shed”.

    That effing judge is OBVIOUSLY not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    What kind of statement is that?

    The complainant is 5! He was 18!très the hell he’s not an adult?

    What kind of rass sentence is that?

    When are we going to start protecting the vulnerable in this country?

    Utter bs!

    That judge needs to be thrown off the bench, for obviously he does not see what’s taking place around here

  7. How can this me fear. That’s a baby is did that to and 5 years is nun. I am sicken by what th judge had to say.

  8. Did everyone miss the part that said the little girl now wants to wear boys clothes? This is how they grow up saying they were BORN gay.

    • I sure didn’t miss that. The child is messed up now. Hopefully time will heal her, and she’ll come around and grow up ok, but JUST THAT LINE ALONE when the judge became aware of it should have struck him, and go on to impose a sentence that sends a strong message to other offenders, or potential offenders.

      And note, this case just me be one of the FEW reported to the authorities. PLENTY no get reported.

      Utter BS!

      This really gets under my skin. Both the convicted and the backward judge

    • Even if that were the case, people do not have to explain their trauma to you and I believe that some people were born gay.

  9. I am utterly disgusted. This innocent five year old has had to bear the brunt of several traumas. Firstly the trauma of rape. Ladies!! Imagine being penetrated by a man, yes, he was a man, at the age of five. Having it being repeatedly being done to her. Imagine being threatened with your mother’s murder – so that fear keeps you silent. Imagine having to retell that horror to total strangers again and again. The police, the CID officers, the rape unit, the doctor, the lawyer, the court. They are all strangers to her at first. Each time that innocent child relives the horror. Just imagine, when he is released, she will still be a child!! This little girl now fears her femininity. She only wants to dress in boys clothes for she thinks ‘that does not happen to her brother’. What are those thoughts doing to her pysche?
    Much praise to her older brother for going to his mother and to her parents for reporting this horror inflicted on their little girl.
    This judge should not be on the bench. Sorry, his reasoning is just too flawed. The young man did not, according to the reporting, initially plead guilty. How is he getting leniency for pleading guilty. In any case why is it that perpetrators of crimes are given softer sentences for pleading guilty? I do not understand our legal system. This just strikes me as wrong. As another finger being poked in the eye of the victim. More trauma.

  10. He get 5 years she get a lifetime of pain. He ruin her life, it’s sad.His name should be released so others can be aware!

  11. I know the entire family, extended family and family friends. This guys is not right in his mind. He looks deform and ugly. He cannot beat a 12 year old in a fight. He is a retard and all he does is watch sex stuff. He peeps on everyone who ever come into their house. I will not be surprised if he peeps at his mother too. His has done stuff to his sister when sleeping, the child mother.
    Did you hear what he told the judge in his defense- me min feel ORNY. If you set him free today he will do it again today if he get the chance.
    The question is what do you do with someone like that. He is a child in an adult body and fully sexually developed.

  12. If you ask me what they should do with him ? I would say to castrate him and set him free.

  13. @red kool aid im saying!!!!! What an injustice to the 5 year old child. If that was any of MY two daughters, god forbid, id castrate him and then sadomize him with a cricket stump then he’d know exactly how the child felt. Id prob take some of his phalanges so he’d think twice about touching another child if he survives.

    And the judge hmmmm smh how the heck is he not an adult or not the sharpest tool in the shed when he knew to threaten the childs mother so that she could keep her mouth shut. Just thinking sbout this sickens me to the core 5 yrs? Imagine what he’s going to do to the boy when he gets out if he threatened the mothers life

    Not only the victim must be traumatized but imagine the flash backs her brother probably have. Geesh does the judge understand that rapist could create another monster in soooooo many different ways?

  14. I’m sorry but I don’t believe in living with a whole bunch of people. We need to move away from this culture where children share rooms with adults and uncle lives with niece and all of that. It’s just a recipe for dysfunction. Children and adults need separate spaces. The mother also seems slow to have sent her children to sleep after such a horrific incident and then you message the child’s father? You didn’t even make a call? And if this had been happening before, weren’t you monitoring your child? Notice changes in her behaviour or washing her underwear and realized anything irregular? Big up to the brother though. You are brother of the year.

  15. So the persons who robbed the minister family got 13 years. And this guys robbed this child of her childhood and could extend into her adulthood and he got 5 years. Does the severity of the punishment depend on the person who is violated?

  16. If this is not clear evidence that the sentencing guidelines need to be overhauled, then may God help ANU.
    I still cannot process this. He repeatedly molested this innocent child and is still breathing free oxygen at the taxpayers expense?

  17. He shouldnt be able to see that child until she is an adult, preferable his age at the time of the incident.

  18. I know we don’t live in arab nations and we don’t want to be them,but 5 yrs for raping a 5yo? People get stone to death in some arab countries for stealing, are you kidding me? This just make my stomach turn up man. I know I said on this forum that ” Antigua has a lot to fix” but my goodness man, this is beyond me. White woman openly discriminating and men getting 5yrs for raping 5yo.. sheesh. Oh and the judge had the ordasity to take his lack of an education into consideration. Waw!!!. Yes Antigua needs help. And I’m only talking this about Antigua because I love the place people and enjoy my time when I come there.

  19. I guess it would be a different story if it was the judges five year old daughter/granddaughter!

    Absolutely disgraceful!!!

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