Man Who Ran From Police Slapped With Ten Charges, Bailed


The man caught on camera resisting arrest, Okean Lightfoot, appeared before the court on Thursday and was granted bail.

The matter was heard at the St. John’s Magistrate court where Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh granted bail at a sum of $2000 with a cash deposit of $1000.

Lightfoot pleaded not guilty to ten charges ranging from resisting arrest and escaping lawful custody to several accounts of battery on police officers.

According to reports, police tried to apprehend Lightfoot for an alleged traffic offense at which point he resisted arrest and tried to evade the police.

His brother, Kevoy Lightfoot, is facing charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and use of indecent language arising from the same incident to which he has pleaded not guilty.

His bail was set to $1000 with a cash deposit of $500.

The Lightfoot brothers are scheduled to return to court on January 25, 2020.

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  1. Antigua will continue to be faced with ever-increasing crime as long as we continue to allow bad influencers to migrate from Jamaica and Haiti into Antigua. CARICOM immigration rules are destroying Antigua at its core. It’s time time real.

    • Antigua has not been Antigua for years. It seems like other countries culture have wipe it culture out. For example, all the ragga dance hall music playing around St. John’s especially during carnival and Christmas season. Growing up in Antigua, you could hear the culture music like calypso and fokes songs playing through St. John’s streets and on ABS Radio Station and another Radio Station out of Montserrat. Antigua need it culture back to survive.

  2. Sometimes the police are not always right with how they deal police matters…. Professionalim is lacking! However, my advice is, if a police decide to approach / apprehend you, especially if it concerns the law, you should cooperate…… if you think you are right, the courts are always there to give you justice

  3. From the video I saw making it rounds… I guy only resisting arrest and escaping lawful custody. I guess the other charges didn’t make the video like beating on the police officers.
    However, the young man should have cooperate with the law officers and fight his innocent through the court.

  4. Antigua is the best place in the Caribbean. Antiguan’s are saint’s we don’t go nowhere and commit crimes. We are all law abiding people where ever we go we humble ourselves. GIVE ME AN ASPIRIN.!!!!we often speak about racism but to our other Caribbean bothers and sisters not even the most racist state in America comes close. Take away all the foreigners out of antigua lets see how much Antiguan’s by birth leave, lets see how many Antiguan’s own a business,lets see how many Antiguan’s own their own home.

  5. So they so what happened to charges of attempted murder when he almost ran over the Officer who was issuing the ticket? What happened to the Making use of indecent language and insulting language charges before he almost ran over the said Officer. These things people who never know because other people tend to only video tape an incident in the heat of it but never there to video when the whole thing started. Some of us have the law on our side but choose to oblige to bystander ignorant cheers. A lot of things are seen and happening but only a few people choose to lament negatively about. If you know you are innocent in a situation you find yourself in with who suppose to be Law Officers get yourself a lawyer who will fight you case in Court the to make yourself a public spectacle.

  6. **onlooker** you need to learn the difference between RACISM and DISCRIMINATION. Seems like as an Antiguan speaks openly about foreigners and the BAD INFLUENCE THEY ARE yall non nationals out your skin. We aren’t use to some of the shit you see/hear/read about these days. I hate coming into the city on weekends, why? Because it becomes a mini Jamaica where obscene dance hall music is blazing from speakers while people dance across the street blocking traffic and all sorts of nonsense. The gun crimes, we’ve never had one offs yes but putting guns to people’s children head in an attempt at robbery OH HELL NO NOT ANTIGUA BUT WE KNOW WHERE THAT COME FROM RIGHT? There are so many of your type my dear *onlooker* living among us here in Antigua that HATE us for speaking what God loves (truth) about the filth and BAD HABITS non- nationals bring to our beautiful shores that I often ask “so why are you still here, why don’t you go back home” but alas the answer is simply that all of you use Antigua as a sort of springboard. Yes, stay here as long as the law requires, work and fly below the radar get our passport and gone to the lands of milk and honey. So leave us when we speak about the TRASH non-nationals bring here because it is TRUE. I once had a Syrian say Antiguans not smart to do some of the crimes we see happening, is outside people showing them these things and I said hmmmm

  7. *****Yes Onlooker I came for you***** I am in agreement with your comment. The Jamaica culture has a very bad influence in Antigua and especially on the younger native born population. If the Jamaicans are offended because we discriminates against their bad influence, then why don’t they bring us here in Antigua the goodness of their culture…something positive if there is such, or just leave.

  8. All who come for Onlooker….what because I don’t agree with the “Discrimination” of our Caribbean Brothers and Sisters am a non national? Fyi am not a citizen by time am a citizen by birth. Yes, other people come and make mischief here but that dont mean that we antiguans dont do the same but guess what its only makes headlines when a non national do the crime. We antiguans so wanna be like the great America that we forget that tourist come here for a difference and not to see high rise buildings, same food that they buy for less than 5usd for selling for 20usd. They come to experience the Caribbean culture. For years roadside vending has been happeing in Antigua. My grandmother use to sell on market street right nxt to the bank amongst others and they made good sale. Put everybody in market she couldnt even make a proper dollar she eventually stop and sell from the village. As it is now it basically needs to be controlled. Issue a few permits and have it being monitored that is all. In everything have control that’s all. I’ve travelled throughout the Caribbean and experience their culture as a tourist and to be quite honest antigua tourism product needs more to be desired. We so wanna be like the americans we forgot how to be Caribbean.


  9. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind! Every action has a consequence into perpetuity. The magistrate may sit at her high window without any sympathy for how hard it is to do policing. Many people seem not to understand that without the police they would not be able to live in peace. The police only arrest people if they absolutely have to because an arrest is so much work and people are natuarlly lazy. So if police are making an effort to arrest be assured that it is not for fun.

  10. I 100% agree with you….Yes onlooker I came for you… Only them must speak their minds… We can’t speak in our own country.

  11. As an Antiguan I tend to see us blaming non-nationals for everything that goes wrong in country as if we Antiguans don’t commit crime take accountability and stop making it look as if non-national is destroying our country. We are a very xenophobic country we hate non-nationals in our country but we don’t mind migrating to their countries and using their culture for our benefit, we need to stop it because when we go abroad to some of these countries they are not hostile to us even after how we treat them here smh

    • *****Samantha Smith**** Yes, born native Antiguans and Barbudans commit crimes which is facts. Whenever someone leaves their country and migrated to another country please leave their culture behind and adopt the culture of their new found country. We found Jamaicans especially take their culture and criminals behavior wherever they go. Antiguans live abroad and they don’t take their culture with them they adopted the culture of the country they’re in. I am not hearing or seeing Antiguans living overseas taking up part of a city streets blasting calypso music and disrespecting the native of that country. Antiguans migrated committed less crimes overseas compares to crimes committed here in Antigua by non-nationals.

  12. Well we all go back to jamaica n every other foreigners syrian domonican,guyannes,spanish,chinese….take our music to n culture.. wen no foreigners cum to spend in uno small country no tourism no money….then uno look on one a nother…ooh n every food made outside antigua cuz uno eating sasuages,cornmeal n check d label made in where?

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