Man who killed Syrian restaurant owner to be sentenced next Monday


The man who shot and killed 38-year-old Syrian Mazem Daher in 2016 will be sentenced next week.


The first part of the sentencing hearing for murder convict, Corey Mills began in the High Court before Justice Ann-Marie Smith on Monday.


Justice Smith is expected to deliver a written judgement in the case next week Monday.


Mills admitted he shot Daher at his restaurant on Old Parham Road when he and Ian Daniel carried out a robbery at the establishment on April 23, 2016.


Mills pleaded guilty to murder in November of 2018.


His co-accused Daniel pleaded to the less serious charge of manslaughter and will be sentenced after he undergoes psychiatric evaluation, which was requested by his lawyer.



  1. Death by hanging should be his sentence. These killers need to be stopped. No room at 1735 for more killers. Sorry, but justice requires a life for a life. Last week they just executed 3 more killers in the USA.

  2. Sorry. Chuck. Sentencing of these two thugs will be determined in keeping with our justice system NOT that of the US…… or Syria.

  3. Anon while that is true, it needs to be changed premeditated robbery with a weapon indicates that you intend to do bodily harm and even death to deprive people of their hard earned belonging. Should carry a sentence of Death. Just my thoughts.

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