Man Who Chopped Football Coach To Death Sentenced To 40 Years


 Elton “Chalice” Charles was sentenced to 40 years behind bars today for the murder of former football coach, Urcil Martin.


Martin was chopped to death after he was attacked by Charles in his Parham home on May 4, 2015.


Charles used a cutlass to inflict several wounds about Martin’s body.

The men had previously been arguing over fruit.


The case was delayed for some time as officials tried to determine whether the defendant was mentally fit to stand trial.

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  1. What is happening to our court system. They do have the dead penalty to their disposal don’t they.
    The man pleaded guilty. He has no remorse and yet gets only 40 years. So he may be out after two thirds of his sentence is served. That is after 26/7 years. Judges are really not taking the victims in consideration when they sentence.

    • The death penalty is there, but it would be a waste of time for the Judge to pass that sentence as the Defendant’s attorney would appeal the sentence, and then he would be re-sentenced to anything other that a death sentence. In a nut-shell that’s the reason.

  2. “Every one that hates his brother is a murderer, and ye know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” [1 John 3:15]

    HATE = MURDER in our Creator’s eyes. We need to be careful too.

  3. Anyone who uses a Cutlass and Chop someone to death is a barbarian and should be put to Death.I cant understand why almost worldwide the Death Penalty is not been used anymore.Ridiculous.. How can they have soo much sympathy for these vicious Animals? What happen to the victims ,those kinda people is suppose to be taken off the Earth,they are the Devils Apostles and helps to contaminate other’s..

  4. If you have a dog lets say a pitbul and he attacks a child in your presence and as you stand there powerless seeing the dog ripping apart the little child. No matter how much you love the dog you will have to realize that he must be put to sleep. So it should be also with this animal. He was out of control and has no remorse. he therefore should be put to sleep. Anything less is just waiting for another accident like this to happen and than what will we say.

  5. And you actually sit in court and said this man is cold this man is dangerous and have no remorse , and act like you are sympathetic and give 40 yrs, he took him for a lifetime ,he didn’t deserve this crucial death and as a matter of fact the killer doesn’t deserve to live.

  6. Forty (40) years in sentence in jail is thirty (30) years jail time according to the law in Antigua and Barbuda. If he don’t died in prison, He will be back out in the community in 30 years. With not a good rehabilitation program in the prison, I’m wondering what state of mine he be will when released?

  7. I find it funny that someone took a life and that’s wrong. Why should any man be allow to take anyone’s life. The system have no right to take anyone’s life. Most people asking for death penalty are murderers in the own mind. The person giving death penalty is a murderer, the person carrying out the death penalty is a murderer.
    This obviously was a trouble young man, if you knew him you would know he was borderline crazy. We have to get people the help they need before tragedy happens period.

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