Man To Face Judge In September Assizes For Raping A 12 Year Old Twice


A Villa man is set to face judge and jury in the High Court’s September assizes for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl.

The defendant, who is facing four sexual offence charges, is accused of having sex with the young girl without her consent on two occasions in 2019: at his home and in his car.

On July 13, the child reportedly visited her mother in Villa but her mother was at the accused’s home at the time, helping his wife to braid someone’s hair.

The complainant was playing videogames with her siblings and a relative of the accused’s wife in a room at the accused’s home.

When the accused returned home, the child attempted to leave but he apparently blocked her way and locked the door at which point she begged to leave.

The defendant demanded that she be quiet, then told her to lay down on the bed before allegedly forcefully having sex with her without protection. Afterwards, he reportedly threatened to strangle her if she told anyone.

A month later, while walking home in the rain, the girl was offered a ride by the defendant which she accepted.

He then allegedly took her to a road in front of her mother’s house, locked the doors and got in the backseat where he again forced himself upon her.

Then, on August 22, the accused is said to have called the child’s phone and her grandparents, who she lived with, overheard her. They inquired into the nature of the conversation and she told them about the entire ordeal.

A report was made, investigations carried out and the accused was arrested and charged about two weeks later.



  1. Let’s hope when he’s sentenced that they show his face. It’s a sickening behaviour, happening in the Caribbean to our young black girls, in all forms, from those at the top, to the bottom. For him, I bet it’s not the first time he did it to a young defense less child. Doesn’t this child has a father, uncle, older brother?? Didn’t the mother notice changes in her daughter’s body language? SMH

    • Them young mothers to careless with there girl child, they going to have start send them mothers to jail also.

      • @ Cynthia Lewis – Young has nothing to do with being a Good mother. I know many young mothers who are great examples and protectors of their children. Controlling, sick men are the real issue. Continue to protect our children! Bye!

  2. Yes, we want to see his face. If he’s convicted, besides a long sentence, he should be casturated, all legally, of course.

  3. Twelve years old!!! If this guy is guilty, this is a case of another pedophile. Pedophiles cannot be cured. He needs to be locked up in 1735 for the rest of his days.

  4. Where do these pigs come from? He should have gotten a good ass whipping long time ago. Lock him up for 50 years.

  5. I wondered if he too would only be sentenced to 12 months in prison.If he is found to be guilty.He should be castrated.Why those older men like little girls,children.

  6. Well the last man got 12 month for raping a 13 yr old. This child was 12 yrs so I guess he will get 11 months.

    Antigua does not value or protect our children

    • I am confused ,the little girl claimed he bared her from leaving the house and then he have sex with her.ok then why is it the second time he offer you a ride why the hell u go in his damn car. He is wrong for what he did punish him yes .but these little girls u have to blame them as well .i know i will be crucify on this media for what i say ,but its the truth .it happen before nah go back day nah talk to um again.simple.

  7. Our black men are behaving like our white massa when they used to forced the young black girls on the plantation estates in having sex with them. Our men need to stop destroying our young girls. They’re destroying them mentally, spiritually, and physically.

  8. If you only know how this lil girl behave,no one would talk,its wrong for him to have sex wit a underage girl,but this young lady always talking bout sex,how she dress n act will lead on lots of guys,kids need to act them age

    • Shake my head. Are you fkm? It does not matter how she dress, she could walk up and down naked as she was born no one has the right to touch her. What is wrong with you people? Grown ass duty men leave the little children alone you all are to f evil and wicked. A bunch of sick mf walking around this place. Nasty ass stinking pedophile. Show all the faces of these beasts people should know who they are. Rapists.

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