Man sustains life threatening injuries after crash on All Saints Road

Man reportedly thrown from vehicle in All Saints Road Crash 
A man was reportedly thrown from a vehicle following a crash on All Saints Road on Tuesday night.
According to reports, firefighters also had to use the jaw-of-life to free a woman from the vehicle.
The man was said to have sustained serious injuries

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  1. Was another vehicle involved?
    Was this car speeding?

    Unfortunately I have had scary situations on that road to include greatly speeding vehicles overtaking on blind corners & blind hills
    Also being so close I cannot see their headlights in my rearview mirror.

    Always best to pull over and let the speedsters go ahead of you if you hope to get home in one piece.

    • There is no question of speed in an accident where anyone is thrown from the vehicle. The fastest road on the island is 40mph, and from memory all saints road is 20mph for the majority.
      Getting physically ejected from a vehicle at 40mph, even with no seatbelt is very difficult to achieve in an adult, and a child would usually be contained by the windshield.

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