Man Suffers Broken Leg After Being Hit By Pickup


A man suffered a broken leg after being hit by a pickup truck in Gray’s Farm moments ago.

The man was walking along the main road in the community when he was hit.

A video shows the man on the road apparently in severe pain.

The driver of the truck remained on the scene while police officers were called to begin their investigations.

The man was later taken to the hospital for treatment.




    Never rush to judgment.

    Unfortunately, this appears an often ignored ‘…Guiding Principle,’ of some people and some ‘…Traffic accidents investigators.

    Though some accidents are avoidable, some are inevitable.

    There are those who believe that accidents ‘…will not occur.’

    This is an illusion- a harbored myth.

    There is no denying that;

    (a) …Congested traffic;

    (b) …Narrow road ways; and

    (c) …Manner of driving and walking’ are just some of the critical factors.

    Every road user, be it ‘…driver or pedestrian’ has a legitimate use of the public roads.

    Drivers have an especially ‘…extended duty of care in driving to avoid accidents’ with both vehicles and pedestrians.

    Pedestrians on the other hand, not only owe to themselves a ‘…duty of care when using the roadways,’ but also a ‘…personal responsibility to protect themselves at all times.’

    Even when sleeping on a bed, one owe it to himself/herself (including their babies), not to roll or drop off on the floor.

    It is never about ‘…sleeping properly,’ but about ‘…positioning oneself properly’ to avoid the floor.

    No different to ‘…Driving and Walking’ on the public highway. Therefore, ‘…Drive Carefully – Walk Carefully.’

    Merry Christmas to ‘…all drivers and pedestrians and all people.

  2. That picture tells a horrible story.

    Man hit by vehicle lying on road.

    One policeman’s back turn to injured victim.

    Next policeman appears to be taking notes from injured man.

    No apparent assistance given to life.

    Police first responder, went to crime scene no first aid kit to prolong life until help arrives.

    What say you Mr Pompey?


      No excuse for responders to say they were awaiting ‘…Emergency Medical Personnel.’ Victim could pass out right before their eyes.

      First and foremost was to assist the accident victim into their vehicle and rush him to the hospital.

      Simply, briefly and frankly put, ‘…Lack of professional and/or First Aid training’ or woefully forgetful of their primary duty to ‘…Protect life.’

      When the injured would have been given medical attention and stabilized, they shall ‘…continue investigation and conduct interviews.’

      Let this not happen to you Mel.

      Always walk carefully on the ‘…side facing oncoming traffic.’

      You will most certainly see when ‘…drivers are coming for your feet.’

      Cannot see when they are coming for your back. Do not cross the road at an angle either.

      Takes longer to cross and quicker to be knocked down on or off the road.

  3. Well well, It needed to be said! Thank you..

    Every single day I notice people walking on the opposite side of oncoming dangerous! Another annoying thing is people walking big and bold out in the street and you have to try drive around them when there is a SIDEWALK on either side!

    You even have people with kids , on the side not facing traffic and the child is on the side of the car etc…RIDICULOUS

    People overtaking you on the left (Friars Hill Road)…People indicating to go Left or right but go straight…and on that topic…

    …NO INDICATING (more people doing that now then ever) so annoying!

    When you want to pull out but you think the person is going straight then last minute they turn WITHOUT INDICATING or if you are lucky, they indicate on the corner and you miss a chance to come out and get stuck waiting for the cars coming down the road who don’t like to give you a chance to come out! RIDICULOUS!

    Sometimes you are behind the person and you don’t know where they are turning..and the person on the opposite side is not indicating either!

    Crossing the street…lord you stop and give the person a chance to cross (There are no crossing lines) and they take their sweet time. When I used to walk and someone would allow me to cross, I ran across the road once making sure the vehicles on opposite side has also stopped

  4. Another day I cruised to a stop to allow a driver to come out from a side road and the car on opposite side stopped too to allow the car out and a lady behind me (On her phone) got upset and started cursing me and honking her horn! like really? They want people to give them a chance but you must not give anyone a chance…selfish. I just looked out the window and said fly over if you can

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